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  1. So i currently run 4 sundown ev2 12's in 8.3 net cubes tuned at 32 on a hifonics brx 2400. i have been planning to sell my setup excluding the amp and get 2 sundown x 18v2's because i have a 2nd brx 2400 laying around that i fixed. so according to winisd (tuning kept the same) going from 4 12's on 2400 to 2 18's on 4800 would gain me 2-3 db, however for what it would cost me to switch to the 18's i could buy 4 more 12's and run 8 12's on 4800, in theory this would get me a 6 db gain vs 3 db gain for the same expense. my question is im using winisd to get these numbers so would this play out the same in the real world? ... HELP! (p.s no matter what it would be in the same vehicle so thats not a factor...97 ford explorer xlt)
  2. So this is kind of random but i was just thinking about random theoretical stuff i haven't seen lol.... so what would happen if you had like an suv with subs behind your back seats (or wall behind them) and built like a port in the window attached to the inside so when u roll it down it has more length to it being that most systems get deeper and louder with windows down or door open. Not like i have any plans of doing this or anything just kind of curious what the knowledgable audio gurus have to say
  3. Ssf goes to 20 the alpine didn't have one LPFwas set on about 80 for both but it's a clear difference
  4. So I had 2 sundown e12v2 sealed on an alpine mrv 1505 and 2 kicker comp sealed on a memphis pr 1.500 we'll the alpine amp stopped working recently but the low bass was strong with that setup . Now that it died I hooked all 4 subs to memphis and it's super clean and loud on high bass but low bass is gone, subsonic is all the way down . I know the power is less but the high bass almost seems louder
  5. 2 cubes per sub, but that was the v1 can't find for v2 what should the tuning be
  6. Ok so this will be the first box I have ever built and need some tips/help.. I have 4 sundown e12v2 and I want to build a box with subs up port back, its going in a 97 ford explorer on about 2000W rms. I have a box tuning calc to give me a cutsheet, im curious how big would be to big, what is the ideal net volume ?
  7. But will it be louder or at least as loud at all frequencys Tryin to get louder and a little lower to
  8. Hey I've been playing with systems a little bit now and was jus wondering... I have 2 kicker comps sealed and 2 sundown e12v2 I have 2 kickers and a sundown on 1 amp (z2x-1600) and other sundown on a Sony 600 watt (only seeing like 250 rms due to being 4 channel) I'm wondering if I put the sundowns in a ported box at 32hz would it be louder all around or would I lose some. I never owned a ported box my system has always been ghetto rigged a lot of people tell me it's Roy loud now but I would like more lol i
  9. Is there anyway to get a diagram to fix this i have an kenwood excellon x397 , also can i groundthe rca port outside to the headunit ground wire
  10. I haven't got a chance to check yet but do u mean the outside on the RCA plug or port also got new RCA cords haven't tried nothing yet but would that fix the problem if so
  11. I'm having problems with alternator noise a whine it got a lot quieter when I touch the metal on antenna plug to RCA port on heade unit I've checked my grounds idk what's happened it was workin me n some friends went camping then itStarted whinin maybe something came loose I thought but I seen nothing help appreciated
  12. OrdEred 2sundown e12 v2 dual 2ohm . Anyone know whats better on the v2's cant wait to get them in the mail!
  13. I am buying new subs thisweekend and mostlikeky getting 2 sundown e12 planning on later gettin 2 more i was wondering what you all here think of the subs , ive never really owned a ''real'' sub kicker being the closest.
  14. i have a theory, but i dont know wheather it is or isnt the case, ive had my ground wire taped together for a while and am thinkin maybe it came loose while it was playing for a second then connected again possibly creating a clipped signal and frying the sub or something, cuz the last one i blew well, it reads 4 ohms but its froze up . anyone know if thats a possibility? i know im not overpowering the subs the amp is 740wrms bridged. the kenwoods were 400 rms a piece
  15. trying to avoid getting a new amp if possible, i mean i just bought it a week ago, was slamming when i first had it, idk wth happen, gain was 1/4 and amp never got hot. edit: yea im leaning towards the kickers, but id still like to use this amp, any ideas on why this amp seems to be eating subs, i had 2 4 ohm kickers wired in series to 8 ohm then parralell with 4 ohm kenwood, its always the one in parralell that blows up.
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