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  1. Not sure this is the correct section but ill give it a shot.. I have a 97 ford explorer 4.0 sohc. I have been looking everywhere for a way to get a larger harmonic balencer (its 1 piece pulley is not seperate) stock diameter is 6" and i would like at least a 7". The reason for this is i have 3 mechman alts 2 of which are universals that reccomend at least a 4:1 pulley ratio, smallest alternator pulley is 1.75 which is what i have been using however they fall short of the ratio and i would like more juice. Any ideas?
  2. im sure this has been asked before but i couldn't find my answer so here goes. i am going to purchase a 45ah lithium battery, and would like to know if you can have to much alternator for the battery. i have 3 320 amp mechmans under the hood and the battery is rated for 8500 watts at 300 amps of available current. is that to say i cant have more than that? i would assume the battery would be regulated to not accept more than its maximum charge rate. 2nd question is if i keep the xs power d3100 under the hood as my starter battery without isolating the 2 would that be harmful? i know that the lithium rests at a higher voltage than the xs power will and therefore the d3100 would pull down the lithium, however i thought it wasn't bad for the lithium to rest at (slightly)discharged state unlike agms which would make me think that it wouldn't matter besides that when starting my vehicle it would pull harder from the alts in order to recharge the lithium.(kind of goes back to the first question). system is between 12-14k rms. p.s sorry if this seems jumbled i am running on 2 hours of sleep.
  3. Ok so i have had an ongoing noise problem and have tried to solve and test in every possible way... i have a hiss i can hear through my tweeters (im sure id hear it through the mids to if they were as sensitive) it makes pops and changes hiss tone and all kind of goofy stuff mainly when i do anything else that uses power or ESPECIALLY if i move the headunit at all. it will do this with the car off and the rcas disconnected if the amps are on the noise is there, its not the amp for my tweeters because if i move the headunit it will make the mids amp pop n stuff to, it probably hisses quietly if i put my ear to it just havent checked... either way its not the amp. i lived with this issue for a long time cuz once i turn the volume up it doesnt increase the noise just the sound i should hear... so at high volumes its fine... oh yea and sometimes 1 tweeter will be out when i first get in my truck and once i turn it up itll click back on and work fine. reason i stopped living with it aside from being annoyed with it is because it started making my subs pop and instant protect my amp as soon as i turned on the headunit. ( i have 3 amps hifonics brx 2400 on 4 sundown 12's, a crescendo 550.2 on 4 8" pwx's , and a crescendo 800.4 on 2 ft1 super tweets on from front channels and 4 6x8 alpine coax on rear channels.) i went and bought a brand new headunit because i was starting to think it was that... its not and now here i am p.s it always makes noise when powered up and the only thing that changes the noise when i wiggle stuff is the headunit. UPDATE: ok so i guess it is the amp... my crescendo 800.4 hooked directly to a battery by itself just powered up with speakers hooked but no rcas and i still get hiss... and weird noise, so this amp is polluting my whole electrical system. hope i dont have to buy a new one... i feel like somethings just loose inside since it still works. UPDATE 2: its not my amp! i put the tweeters on the other crescendo and it does the same thing, i checked them 1 at a time they both do it so i dont think its the speakers wires, only thing i can think is there messed up and need new diaphrams? also is it even possible for the tweeters being messed up to cause all the problems i was having like noise when moving headunit or bass amp protect
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