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  1. I was unaware that you got a new alternator. That’s what’s up.
  2. I just read where he said he uninstalled his vehicle’s factory charging wire and didn’t bother reading the next response lol. I remember what you are talking about and trying to find it on one of Meade’s videos.
  3. So do them 2 things and your vehicle’s voltage is stabilized.
  4. That’s why. Install that wire back with that upgraded wire because removing the factory charging wire messes with said vehicle’s voltage.
  5. The guy (joe x) that asked the OP to tell him measurements can outbuild and design enclosures way better than the car audio fabrication guy. I can too. Not saying anything bad about the car audio fabrication guy. I’m not gonna be one of the guys that bashes him like I’ve seen in the past. He is smart. But I wouldn’t pay him for a subwoofer enclosure design. He isn’t one of the elite subwoofer enclosure builders and designers. So it wouldn’t be worth the money. Joe x posts enclosure designs with specs and diagrams for free. A cut sheet is then easily figured out at that point.
  6. I’ve read that the alternators on that vehicle and similar vehicles can charge up to around 14.5-14.7v with no problems.
  7. just want to know if you know that 2 4” aero ports is no where near equivalent in port area to 1 8” aero port? You probably already know that. I was just checking. Port area on that much rms and that size subwoofer enclosure is restricting the output of that subwoofer immensely and cooling isn’t as adequate as needed. Inverting that subwoofer until getting a custom subwoofer enclosure would help a bit on cooling.
  8. That’s nice. The only thing that I would change about it is the prefab enclosure. Joe x or I could help you with a nice subwoofer enclosure design. Other than that, it’s looking nice.
  9. Did you alter your alternator’s charging (positive) wire? Is the alternator flush on the bracket?
  10. So who can speak on my behalf? Who can do what I do? Who am I? That makes 49 reply’s and this is 50. Not what people counted on but count with me and check for errors. I am who I am and I dare somebody to tell me I’m not.
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