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  1. Come to think about it, you need a tighter belt or switch that small JS alternator pulley and switch it which your stock alternators stock pulley.
  2. On a good alternator you could put 2 8ks and be straight lol, you don’t need that much lithium if you have a good alternator.
  3. You would be solid on voltage. Even on idle rpm. Delete that lead acid battery and bass on. Question. What type of lithium are you talking about?
  4. I ran fine tuning tests on that aak and even though dude was running it at half ohm, everything about that amp is functioning properly. Them amps are so good.
  5. Thanks. I just wanted to post dry cured pics. I’m pretty sure those other pics are dry pics, but not cured or maybe those other pics are wet pics, idk, dude text me those other pics before he gave them to me, but I took those pics when the paint cured.
  6. I’m gonna run that bass 15k until I get ready to run amp per coil and hopefully I have enough battery reserve. 390 JS alt and 80ah of LTOs. Thinking about 120ah of LTOs is where I need to be at. Fugh it send it.
  7. Bought a 3rd aak4k and gonna make my battery grounds immaculate. Gonna run that bass 15k until I get another aak. Smd is so clean and nice. Kudos.
  8. Look at the numbers compared to cone area and rms. That tells you them subwoofers and that enclosure are doing good. I wanna do 4 18” zcons. Then subwoofers do well on no walls and walls. Nice pressure like a bp enclosure but not a bandpass enclosure.
  9. Do 2 upgraded zcon 18s then. About $600 per subwoofer and zcons are nasty. dude does a 158.2.
  10. Do a 4 15 ssa zcon wall or resilient sounds platinums or crossfire c7s.
  11. You spent that dc like money and didn’t buy a dd1 to protect your investments. That’s where you messed up. That was suppose to be purchased before install. Or at least the one barevids on YouTube makes that would cost about $5 but only tunes gains on subwoofer amps. Then buy a cc1 to match filters. But having a distortion detector is a must. A basshead not having a distortion detector is like a prostitute not having condoms lol.
  12. After thinking about it. It would be better for you just to do a wall. Bassmunky is correct. I don’t want you running into a headache or problem because 2 18s in a 4th order enclosure in a sedan is a hard task and wouldn’t be musical because the sealed section would have to be smaller than anticipated but it would help the ported section, if big enough, increase output at higher frequencies. But the build would have to be tinkered with to find the correct sound. That build would be difficult even to a pro that builds and designs subwoofer enclosures. How many people have you seen or heard of doing 2 18s in a bp enclosure in a sedan? I haven’t. When it comes to 2 18s in a sedan, you see people wall it. I remember that’s what you wanted to do to begin with. I didn’t remember that until I read bassmunky’s post. Lol I am tripping. So just sell them subwoofers and buy some better subwoofers and build a wall with the port in an area that is not blocked. Are you set on zv6s or are you open to other subwoofers. What type of amp do you have?
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