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  1. You notice that I complimented you and so did 2 other members and you didn’t pay the same respect back by acknowledging that by thanking. Not only that, but you made an account just to show off your build and then on top of that, you don’t thank the ones you are showing off to that compliment you. Smh.
  2. My bad. I have a problem not reading things thoroughly sometimes lol. Didn’t see that until now. But yeah. That is ingenious. So simple and effective. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thanks for the tip.
  3. What he said. And your gain is probably turned up too much and you aren’t getting enough juice. Which means, you are clipping because of incorrect preout voltage reading and incorrect frequency reading and don’t have enough battery reserve. Just alternator isn’t gonna do it. You need better batteries, more wire, and you need to buy a dd1 to get your gain correct and a cc1 to get your filters correct. And just to let you know, zv5’s get that hot coil smell easier and more often than any other subwoofers I’ve owned or heard. I love em though. I had owned one 15” zv5 and demoed a guys 6 zv5 18s i
  4. There was a dude on here that reconed some of them subwoofers from 10s to 12s not too long ago. @strangeduck
  5. And contrary to the rumors a while back, ssa didn’t and isn’t going out of business. I found the convo. Dude is the co-owner of sound solution audio. If he doesn’t answer this notification he is about to get on this forum, then call ssa at (443)345-1537, and if that doesn’t work, then google search the ssa website and email inquire. Yo, @Aaron Clinton
  6. Ssa should be able to help. One of them dudes is a forum member. Let me check my message thread. Hopefully I didn’t delete the convo. Hold up.
  7. https://fixmyspeaker.com/product-category/drop-in-recone-kits/
  8. That information isn’t accurate. I don’t use how to books to design enclosures. I learned from OGs and trial and error and experience. I do help the OPs. I message them. I’m not saying you are stupid. I’m just saying that you don’t know what you are talking about when it comes to subwoofer enclosures. I’m correct. That doesn’t mean I’m calling you stupid, nor are you stupid. Most college professors don’t know how to design a subwoofer enclosure. I’m not about to let you misguide people with false information. I’m gonna speak up. If I don’t speak up and let somebody misguide a noob then that wo
  9. First you recommend a big ass crappy sounding ratio for that subwoofer thinking it’s better. Now you think lower Q subwoofers are optimal in 4th order enclosures. Dude, wtf. Subwoofers with a “Q”ts around 0.5 or higher are optimal in 4th order enclosures. Now go Google some shit and tell this man how much port area he needs on that enclosure you recommended. I’m ready to see what kind of misguided information you Google and filter on here next lol! You are correct about one thing though, a 6th order enclosure would be better suited on the subwoofer anyways. But a 4th order enclosure would work
  10. Dude, you don’t know what you are talking about. Quit trying to help people with subwoofer enclosures when you aren’t qualified and don’t have the knowledge or know how to do so. On 4th order enclosures, bigger ratio narrows the bandwidth. Completely opposite of what you think you know. You have officially got on my nerves with your misguided posts. Just quit.
  11. That’s nice of you to want to help, but it actually isn’t a good thing to try and design an enclosure if you don’t correctly know how to, which would result in a likelihood of output failure. There’s no way a program can tell you some of the figures to build an optimal bandpass enclosure. Only experience and know how can solve said figures.
  12. Stop suggesting subbox.pro to people and don’t recommend cab to design an enclosure when somebody comes here for help. You are trying to push him into a bad enclosure program and away from this forum to obtain a subwoofer enclosure design. Let one of use handle this.
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