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  1. My guess is your Kinetik battery is bad. I had horrible experiences with two Kinetik batteries. Since then I only use XS Power.
  2. So your box is 6 inches to big in length. You will not be able to modify your trunk to fit the box in. I would suggest building a brand new box and keep the same cubic feet.
  3. 1 DC Power 370 HOA, 1 XS Power lithium 15K, 3 XS Power d3100's.
  4. I was planning on two runs of 4/0 awg wire inside the car to my trunk, but I am worried if they will fit under the carpet or paneling along my doors. My car is a 2013 Nissan Altima. I would prefer to run it inside the car rather than under the car. Any advice.
  5. What size Techflex fits snuggly around SHCA 2/0 wire? I know the wire is 0.75 inches in diameter. How snug or stretchy is the Techflex. Should I go with 0.5 or 0.75 inch diameter Techflex?
  6. I would personally run the DC 3.5K at 1 ohm. I would also add a second XS Power battery in the trunk for this setup.
  7. Two things determine your final ohm load: 1. The ohm rating of the speaker. 2. How you wire the speaker to your amp. You have to find out how many ohms your speaker is and depending on how the amp is wired to the speaker this will dictate your final ohm load.
  8. Car is 2013 Nissan Altima. Live in Columbus OH. HOA will be DC Power 320A (direct fit).
  9. Where is the best place to go for this? The local mechanic or the dealership? I am not an option.
  10. How many runs of OFC do you have from your HOA to battery bank?
  11. 12.8 one day after charging. They sit at 12.8 for months (in my house while waiting to install system).
  12. I have used various LOC's on several of my vehicles in the past. Never had an issue with them. I always insert the factory rear speaker wires in the trunk into the LOC. I than run the RCA's into my amp. This allows for a very short run of RCA's. Again, no issues every experienced.
  13. The correct statement would be "better for burping and spl runs, the same for daily setups."
  14. If it fits tightly in your 0 gauge amp terminal than you are good.
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