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  1. You guys are way too generous. A few of you know whats up. To the rest of you, just know its important and im grateful. Ill drop in here from time to time. Steve, thanks for leaving the post up, I know its against the grain.

  2. Got it sold. You guys are too much. Making the big guy tear up, very much appreciated.
  3. Hey everyone, been ghost for a while. Been dealing with some substantial mental health issues. I don't expect or deserve anyone to give a shit, I know I've been a dick in the past, but I need funds for a plane ticket, and time is flying by. I am not asking for charity, but am asking for help moving this P99RS. It is still uninstalled, has been in its box in my closet. I am prepared to let it go for very cheap. Maybe you want it, maybe someone you know does. Please, if you are on the fence, or hesitant, due to my prior actions here, consider buying it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. -Ken
  4. No trades. But ill do 780 shipped. I need a plane ticket.
  5. Pre-built or not, open to options. I have my own list, but I would be re-missed if I didn't ask people who may know more than I . Already have an off the shelf special.
  6. $2k budget, who wants to make a parts list? Would like to have input from multiple people, just to see what's suggested. Not for any specific purpose.
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