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  1. 1 ohm so .5 each. Voltage is fine. Consistent loud ranger right here. And pics I still don't know how. Haha.
  2. I get around 7k with a bunch of box rise to each amp..
  3. Well over a year passed. Since I posted this... I run two B2 M1U amps strapped at a total of .5 ohms. 9 batteries 12v with one 270 amp alternator... Outlaw I do a 160.1 score so far and I'm sure there is more with more tuning.
  4. I used to run rockford fosgate t1 with a bdcp1500 amp and then two of those amps and one dd 3515 and then I went to b2 and 3 9515s
  5. I would too because I don't see pictures. Haha USACI scores grand junction a few months ago are posted on term lab. Old set up. 154.4 I believe was my last score. That was before this new setup. I just don't want photobucket on my phone or sign up to it. Sounds like a hassle. Oh yeah advanced 2 I think was my class so you can call whatever you want until you see proof.
  6. No fire still banging out 155s on music. No pictures no photobucket
  7. Yeah I haven't messed with it. I'm kinda over it. I'm throwing another 10k amp at it and strapping it so it will be .5 ohms. It will be a few month process but I'll keep Ya updated.
  8. Yeah it's a B2 M1u. Exactly what you said . Now they are thinking it is loading issues with my subs. Wrong enclosure or something like that.
  9. yup Still trying to figure out how to upload pics from a mac
  10. Yeah I'm going to pull all subs and check and make sure nothing is wrong with them and then I'll go from there
  11. Theta are telling me my input voltage from the deck to the amp needs to be low. Like .2 to .4v. They are also thinking a subwoofer problem too. Just tested with burps and SPL lab and it handles the outlaw burp but went to protect when I tried to do it sealed.
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