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  1. I'm so confused.

    See? There are decent people out here that have good, honest answers, not sarcastic crap. Thanks.
  2. I'm so confused.

    You see, maybe someone has one of these subs, and a buddy has the other in an identical setup. you never know.
  3. I'm so confused.

    see, why can't y'all be like this guy? Thanks man
  4. I'm so confused.

    Basically by anyone saying one way or the other it would be brand bashing...even though there is plenty of that already. a better question would be..."I have x-dollars, what would you buy?" When you get in that territory, people are gonna say "you've got the money, get the more expensive sub. It'll be better" and that may not neccessarily be the case.
  5. I'm so confused.

    I don't know who the mods are on here, but surely someone understands this predicament my mind is in.
  6. I'm so confused.

    You're right, I don't get it. Where do I go to ask someone who's experienced the different subs in the same box on the same power? If you could just point me that way, I'll be off. Oh, wait, you can't. Cuz apparently nobody ever has. That's bs. Surely someone out there has experienced them, and could tell me which sub sounded better. This forum has come in handy a bunch of times, but if I can't ask my simple question, if nobody can do the same, then the forum does no good in that department.
  7. I'm so confused.

    Surely you understand what I mean though, right?
  8. I'm so confused.

    It's not telling me what I like, though, it's just saying, is this sub worth the extra money, or should I get this one cuz it costs less? thats all!
  9. I'm so confused.

    If I said "What are the benefits of the Kenwood KDC-152? What about the Dual XDM7615?" Would that be a versus thread and get locked?
  10. Alright. Don't get me wrong. I love this forum, it's so useful. But wtf. I can't even ask an honest-to-God question without it being shot down? I realize that people get pissy at people when someone puts down something the other person likes and makes it sound like its the worst piece of equipment made, but come on. Skar or Sundown, that's a pretty close matchup, and all I wanted to know was if the Sundown just cost more for the name. It's not like I said Pyle versus Sundown. What good does this forum do me if I can't ask my question? What good does it do anybody? Don't lock this please, at least for a while. I wanna be able to respond to your answers.
  11. So, I asked this once, and used the words "hot debate" and didn't realize those weren't acceptable. I was just asking a question. Mods, how about next time, you please think about locking a post before you lock it? I was just asking a question in my last post. Anywho, my question is (and was), which is the better sub for the money, the Skar MA-8 or Sundown SA-8? The Skar runs 400 watts rms, and costs $129. The Sundown runs 500 watts and is $150. From what I've seen, they're about the same as far as loudness and sound quality. Am I wrong? Is the Sundown better, or is the extra $20 just for the name? I will be running the Skar, as a christmas present, on a 500-watt Bazooka CSA300.1, because that's what I've got.
  12. Hey y'all! Here's the next hot debate! Skar MA-8 versus Sundown SA-8, which is better and why? They look almost identical, the Sundown has a 100-watt RMS rating lead on the Skar, but also has a $20 price lead. Is the extra $20 just for the name? What do y'all think? If it matters, I'm getting the Skar as a Christmas present. It'll be running on a 500-watt monoblock amp, cuz that's what I've got.
  13. NVX NSW104

    Awesome. Thanks a bunch! btw, I like Kicker products, but they're overrated ;D
  14. NVX NSW104

    How does the sub sound in person? Considering getting three of these to go behind the seat of my '71 Chevy pickup once I remove the fuel tank. What's the mounting depth on it? Do you think three of them would rattle that truck apart? lol thanks
  15. DB Drive PLT12D

    Jarrius, Thanks. I didn't know PSI made a recone kit for it. I'll have to look into that. Also, I only had it on a 500-watt Bazooka amp. TBH I'm a newb to car audio to a certain extent, does pushing a 1500-watt sub with a 500-watt amp make it clip?