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  1. I have a spl cartel knob and love it
  2. of course they are going to say the problem "should" be fixed, what else are they supposed to say
  3. Order summary Shopping cart Product image Description Quantity Price 1 W-4500.1 Class D Monoblock 1 $599.95 Scroll for more items Cost summary Description Price Total USD $599.95 Subtotal $599.95 Shipping Free Updat
  4. dd1, up to 4/0 guage crimper, saws ,drills, clamps etc. for box building okc metro area 73008 405 889 3752
  5. Qty Code/SKU Product Name Price Total 1 DD-1 Distortion Detector DD-1 Do you want Johnathan Price to Sign your product? : NO SIGNATURE Down4SoundShop Sticker: WHITE $151.99 USD $151.99 USD Subtotal: $151.99 USD Shipping: $0.00 USD Grand Total: $151.99 USD
  6. have a NZXT paired with an i7-770k and i dont have ant complaints... been going strong for just over a year now
  7. yea i see your from Duncan. I'm in okc. everyone and their grandpa thinks its cool to have huge lift kit
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