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  1. I'm throwing a single 8 in the hatch of my car tomorrow. Mine is only an SD-2 8 but it should still rock pretty decent. It'll be sealed and getting 625w RMS. Hoping it works out well.
  2. I love to see a sale...I'm getting ready to order my first deadener ever and a little discount would be awesome. Trying to decide between Damplifier and Stinger. A sale would certainly sway my choice
  3. No problem. I just wasn't sure. 3/4" isn't an issue and is cheap enough for a sheet. I just figured if I could save an extra tiny bit of space and weight I'd try. But 3/4" it is.
  4. Decided to give a single (for now) SD-2 8 a try in the hatch of my Subaru Crosstrek. I'll be feeding it 650ish watts at 2 ohm. Trying to keep the box as small as possible which is why I decided on this sub and the budget only allows one at the moment. Anyways...do I need 3/4" mdf for the box or will I be ok with 1/2"? I'm working on designing my first box so it's all new and a bit overwhelming even though this will be a super simple tiny box...probably wedge shaped so it'll fit against the back of the rear seat. But I have a question that will dictate how I build the box....what would the best firing angle be for my sub? Straight back, angled towards the back glass, straight up, ect...there is no rear deck or anything that will cover the cargo area of the car, at least when I'm driving and playing music. If anyone can help me some with this build, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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