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  1. Update: Removing the sundown subs because I want my trunk back. Im building a box for a memphis mojo I rebuilt with psi soft parts so I can remove the box if neccessary. I already started the box build. Ill post pics later.
  2. Hey I got 2 sundown x-12s . both dual 2 ohm. Was wondering if anyone is interested in them? Lightly used no cosmetic or mechanical defects.
  3. Because i wanted the ipad in the dash. But at the same time i wanted a double din to be able to play movies for road trips. So i installed the 7'' LCD Screen where the amber display used t o be and i can transfer the video to it with out doing a bypass because its actually a headrest monitor. This was my first newer car in a long time so I really wanted to do something that people who arent into car audio don't see everyday.
  4. i didn't. the rear rides about an inch lower than stock hieght. im planning to install eibach lowering springs all around and then put helper bags in the rear to even out the sag.
  5. original look taking off the old headlights new headlihghts on with the same 55w 8k hids
  6. got the headlamps in. some shca goods on the way. <a href="http://s1269.photobucket.com/user/whipaudio619/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20170208_231546_zpszrwmvlne.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1269.photobucket.com/albums/jj582/whipaudio619/Mobile%20Uploads/20170208_231546_zpszrwmvlne.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo 20170208_231546_zpszrwmvlne.jpg"></a>
  7. Actually right. I just checked . $622 https://www.amazon.com/CT-Sounds-4000-1-Competition-Amplifier/dp/B01MZ6SXUH/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486444953&sr=8-1&keywords=ct+sounds+4000
  8. Its been a while since i did anything significant on the ride. Starting back up again. Plans Upgrade x12s to x12 v.2 upgrade amp (idk which yet) rebuild box add 1 xs power d3100 upgrade power wire to 2/0 ofc shca change headlamps to black trim headlamps in the future i will drop the front about an inch with eibach springs and install some 20' rims already ordered the power wire and headlamps so should be posting updates soon.
  9. im limited on space. 2013 nissan maxima. running 2 x12s. i have a xs d3100 and i want to know if it would be okay to install it inside of the sub enclosure. the trunk is small. i have a 5ft ^3 box in there now and its taking up 95% of the trunk. in the rear of the trunk there is enough space to place the battery in the rear corner. the problem is if i put the battery there and then build the box it wont be able to be removed with out disassembling the box. the box already needs to be built inside of the trunk. im worried if it would be ok to have the battery inside the box? would this cause any electrical problems between the magnets of the subs and the battery? MY PLAN A build a new box with a corner pocket and place the battery in the corner so i dont use up airspace and remove battery through subwoofer mounting hole if necessary. Plan B install the battery in the spare tire wheel well and make an access panel in the floor of the box to install/ remove the battery. Im concerned with this plan the integrity of the box would be conpromised. I know thes subs have alot of force (already broke my current box) . so im also worried about the risk of having to rebuild the box again in the future. PLAN C build a box shaped like a trapezoid (definitely not the best shape for structural integrity) with a pocket in the rear to fit the battery. the trapezoid shape would be to make up for the airspace lost by making a pocket for the battery FAQ there is no space anywhere else in the car to place the battery the subs will fire forward and trunk sealed off using 2 6in aeroports amp will be a soundqubed 4500 for subs and memphis mc4.75 for highs i have a mechman 270a alt and an xs3400 under the hood with big 3 upgrade will be upgrading the power/ground to 2 runs of 2/0 shca ofc i will definitely need the 2nd battery unless someone tells me other wise
  10. you should probably start looking for 10s or 12s. I have a nissan maxima and i have 0 trunk spake with a 5 cubic ft net box for 2 12s in my trunk. im sure the only way youll have enough airspace for 15s i if you either buy shallow mount subs or wall off the trunk.
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