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  1. Thanks! Will do. Still interested in buying any that someone may have.
  2. Working subs only please. Cosmetic condition is not a big deal.
  3. That is correct. What info do you need, exactly? Don't want to post too much on a public forum...
  4. Zachary Staat, order # is 13954. And, I did pay for the third one. Edit* Also, I have already called. I found the phone number entertaining as well, haha!
  5. Alright. I know Stereo Integrity is related to Sundown, so I'm not sure what else to do here. Here's my situation. LAST Tuesday, I ordered an SI HT 18 D2 from Stereo Integrity. Then, on Wednesday, I ordered 2 more, since I meant to order 3 the first time. The 2 I ordered on Wednesday have arrived and are all fine and dandy. The one from Tuesday hasn't even shipped yet. I've been trying since Saurday to contact these guys about my order, since I really need the 3rd by the 24th. I can't do anything with 2 of these. So, I'm out my money, out a woofer, and out a bunch of time trying to get a hold of Stereo Integrity to inform them of their error. I'm not sure where else to go here, if someone has ANY way of getting me in touch with these guys PLEASE let me know.
  6. Anyone have one for sale?
  7. its the same shit as audiopipe. two audiopipe 1500's in one casing. lowest you can wire is 2 ohms because each amp sees 1 ohm. try running that at 1 ohm strapped (it says it can run that) and see what happens LOL edit: my ap1500 caught fire. and there are two of those in that case. edit 2: serious answer, it will do literally 2000rms at 2 ohms (each amp board inside sees 1 ohm) and probably blow up at 1 ohm. I just did some reading on these, and compared internals of the amps that I read about. It doesn't look the same as the AP, but I also read it's the same as an older unnamed TREO amp. Maybe I should just get one and clamp and see. Edit: Board looks like AP, but the components (caps etc) are different.
  8. http://www.xplicitaudio.com/pure-audio-pa-3000-1d/ Has anyone clamped one of these? Seems way too good to be true... But you never know, seems like it might be a new company. If you have used it, is it dirty? Guts look good...
  9. I'll PM. I'm pretty curious about this.
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