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  1. PICTURES TO COME ONCE PHOTOBUCKET DECIDES TO WORK PROPERLY So i've had a couple builds on here, time for another lol Some lead-in explanation is needed as always. Started out with a dollar and a dream, bought an 08 Tahoe, pretty well loaded with hopes of a 4-18s c-pillar on 20k with 4 alternators. Leather, heated buckets front and rear, third row (obviously to be removed), the perfect canvas to create a beast system.
  2. Maybe i missed it but, where did you put the power and ground runs up into the cabin?
  3. wish i could see the shell build pics, they don't show up for me. The back looks killer though!!
  4. I never got to finish the build though, over built the shell which broke the suspension and the little 3.0 couldn't handle the shell weight, not including subs, amps or batteries. Had plenty of setups prior to the walkthrough and they all did great.
  5. This build make me miss my own ranger build again, shoulve never did the walk through cut on it lol You should definitely have the room to build a ported box without cutting the side plastics.
  6. Thanks guys! Bad news unfortunately, further building has been stopped for good. Went to gut it again and found a huge rot hole in the floor of the cargo area. Will take too much to repair since the fender, floor and wheel well have separated from each other. The cancer had spread quicker than expected and would need an entire right rear quarter to repair. The vehicle isn't worth the time effor or money since I'm trying to save for a new truck. I can never seem to finish my builds ?
  7. Get er done son! I'm living vicariously through you now since my explorer won't be seeing a wall anymore. Floor rotted through too much, not salvageable without major surgery and she's not worth it unfortunately
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