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  1. Do two tests, positive on coil 1 +, negative on coil 1 -. Remember to be in ohms mode. Then repeat for coil 2, post numbers
  2. The asus I suggested has huge cooling vents that exchange all the heat out of the back. You can see them in images and the computer does stay quite cool. You can check reviews online and will see the same results.
  3. Look into ASUS, their g751 series are 17" if you want to go big but they also have a 15" series. For $2000 I would recommend the g751JT. It's about $1700 and has the second most powerful mobile video card (gtx970m), 16 GB of ram, 1080p screen, 256 GB SSD & a 1 TB disk drive. The ssd is for your operating system so it runs super fast and the 1tb is for games/storage. I have the g751JL which is one tier down and it is still fantastic. The highest tier one is a full 2300 dollars.
  4. Concussion's seriously suck. Whats even worse is when you bump your head 2 weeks into recovery and have to start all over.

    1. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      Stay away from bright lights. They will give you migraines.

  5. Hmmmmm...depending on her budget I might be able to convince her about a 8" sub, that's a different topic though. I'm hoping somebody has experience with some bassy coaxials, nothing earthshattering but better that stock hopefully.
  6. Hey so a friend at my school has a Durango and has blown three of her speakers. She asked me if I could help her out but she has limited budget so I was looking to hopefully just find some cheap bassheavy coaxials to put in the doors. They will be off of stock head unit power so I figured that bottoming out won't be a problem. Does anybody have any ideas, I was looking at the soundqubed coaxials since they have response down to 40hz and as SQ known for being a good for the budget brand. Any opinions are welcome.
  7. Updatteeeee Started painting with glossy black spray paint. F*** that, I tried for the life of me to get a good finish on a few pieces but all I got was streakiness. I gave up on spray paint. Her'es a pic of the horror. The pink for the port went much better, it took alot of layers but looks great and will look even better with some clear coat. I ended up buying a can of glossy black after sanding the peices smooth. The paint was honestly too thick and didn't properly "smooth out" so the bursh strokes are visible but its still a cool finish. I took some magic tape work to get the port. Going to try to finish the last coats of black tonight so i can throw on some clear and finally be done painting
  8. I believe a 4" should be good. While it is true that port area is actually based on excursion and frequency, using the dummy rule you should have I believe 7-8 sq.in of port with aeros. A 4" gives you ~8sq.in
  9. I figured if I was gonna spend money on things, I might have some fun with colors right?
  10. Forgot my 3$ chinese voltmeter, its +-.5% accuracy and has <200ms reacting time so I think it should be a great buy. Looking to get box painted over the weekend and have everything installed by this upcoming week
  11. I also got lots of stuff from skyhighcaraudio, ordered through droppinhzcaraudio. Droppinhz get's a fantastic review for FREE PRIORITY INSURED shipping and excellent support with fast responses. I have another order coming from straight from SHCA because I wanted a SHCA decal, lanyard and a custom order of their remote turn on wire, plus 10 1/0 lugs and heat shrink, should be here by tomorrow. The collection grows Massive fuse holder and 200A fuse 50ft of Pink SHCA 1/0 8 AWG lugs from Darvex Bolts to carry power into box. Going to go "bolt>lug>washer>MDF>washer>nut>lug>nut" Threaded inserts that I already put into front baffle (Mcmaster carr) Plus a baby clip on from droppinhzcaraudio and my growing sticker collection
  12. Hey lot's of progress. Box is done and ready for primering and painting. The box is going to be glossy black with the port in hot glossy pink. The whole theme is black and pink, except the dustcap and my headliner are soon to be carbon fiber. Before routering Ghetto half router with bit hanging out of chuck to reach all the way... Finished with a roundover and used a saw to cut corners out Lookin good
  13. So did you use resin on all of those excluding the first black one? The camera diminishes black paint quality but that white looks incredible. Are you using primer over the resin?
  14. So you don't believe that enough primer could prevent ends from soaking in paint? Also, would I roll on the high build primer and then sand it smooth a bit before painting?
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