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  1. Finally found a picture of Gleek for you guys, lol No bullshit, I wouldn't let him do the work but nobody can diagnose a car's problems without tools better than him, lol
  2. Anybody who still runs them.................
  3. Also, that right there is what you get for going with a fly by night, lol
  4. I was just gonna post this, lol
  5. For an extra 10 I'm sure she'll swallow
  6. Yo son.......... Put that shit in 18+ in the right spot so I can avoid that shit, lol
  7. Did Uncle Phil belly flop in it? Lol, is it a leak or evaporating
  8. that was straight out of this video game, lol
  9. Is bola ok? That looks like his whip, lol
  10. Orzech, you took too long to post that, lol