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  1. It's a very very clever idea Steve. Well done. Maybe instead of bolts some allen ones? Just for the looks?
  2. It all depends from the enclosure. To make a large enclosure it can go deeper can have have more volume. Smaller box produces tighter bass. Now as for the power you better have more power rather than being underpowered as you can kill the sub. By using ported boxes the hole secret is the tuning frequency. Lower = music , Higher = SPL. In all ways you must not take it on the edge..... I wrote down them as simple as I can.
  3. Usually hatchbacks are louder and especially small ones as they have limited space and sound like hell. SUVs also are loud but usually they have more space so you need more subs or more powerful subs. Sedans on the other hand also can be very loud but when subs facing inside the cabin and not on the back as it rattles a lot and when there is rattle you lose SPL. Now let's see why walled cars tend to be so loud. Imagine having a car with a cabin only 1.5 meters....it's almost the same thing as the wall is very close to the windshield and only some cms behind your head. What is produced is very close to the body and you feel it straight away.
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