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  1. Yup, from what I understand some type of 4tj or a series tuned 6th might be what you need. That way 100% of your output is coming out from that single port. If you just make a regular ported box and fire the port through it would sound like crap. You might get cancellation, but I’m no expert.
  2. Anyone have any advice? Is the port too big? I read that Skar recommends 24 inches squares for port area. But doing research with the sub on 1600 watts 46 square inches at 32hz is recommended. Just not sure how to build the port. Would making the port bigger than what the manufacturer recommends make it play loude/lower?
  3. I would like you guys to review my design. I never used any type of sketch program so, I only have the dimensions. I used Torres for the design 2.0 @ 32 hz with 1600 rms 14.5h x 32w x 18d port 13h x 3.5w at 57L physical port 47L port area 45.5, 22.66 port area/foot, 1:3.71 port ratio .15 sub displacement with double baffle and 3 common port panels cut sheet: top/bottom 32 x 18 Front panel 27.75 x 23 extra baffle 26.25 x 13 L panel 17.25 x 13 R panel 16.5 x 13 Back panel 32 x 13 port #1 13 x 13 port #2 22.75 x 13 port #3 9 x 13
  4. Hello, I have bee reading around and doing research on building a box for one of my 12’s for my mustang. But when I use your port area calculator it tells me that I need about 46 sq inches. I can’t figure out how to do this with aeroports. The enclosure is going to be firing into the cab. The front baffle that’s gonna fire into the cab has to be angled. So, it would be easier to use aero ports. 2.0 cubes on 1600 rms at 32. I want the box to be firing into the cab and I want to seal the trunk out. Would you have any suggestions. 32 w 14.5 h 5.5 longer on bottom compare to top ex. 10 top and 15.5 bottom. The box can be any depth. I can fit box in from inside if need to be. Sorry for the long question. 

  5. I would like to thank everyone for helping me out! I am just trying to avoid paying for a design. It's just tough bec at the same time I can't afford to put in the time of trial and error due to both time and money. Thanks again everybody! Now I gotta find out where I can get 5" PVC.
  6. CortezDTV, would two 5" aeros at 18" long be ok? It would give me a hz of 48.25 in 1.96 ft^3. With a combined 39.25 in^2 of port area.
  7. If I were to find a 5" aeroports they would definitely fit through the 6x9 hole and the port area would go up to approximately 40 inches squared but the port would have to be 20" long. Do you guys think that's a better route vs the 4" aeroport?
  8. Has anyone ever used 5" pvc? I was not able to find it on the websites for Home Depot or lowes. What would be more important port area or port length? I'm assuming port area?
  9. I just don't see how it's possible to get 55 inch^2 of port area which is bout half the cone area for a 12" sub to be so short with a tuned freq of 47hz? I was thinking bout RAMS designs but, that's $25! I was hoping someone could mock up my box in a fancy program and help me make adjustments if needed.
  10. Thanks Dylan, but I'm confused now. Does the 55 inches of port area which is half the cone area pertain to aero ports too? If so then I would need two 6" aeroports that would give me 56 inches of port area but it would need to be approximately 30" long to give me 47hz. I can only use two aero ports and I think 4" might be the biggest that I can run in the 6x9 holes. Two 4" aeroports would have to be 11" long with 8" of the 11" being external to give me 47.28 hz. That's 25.13 in^2 of port area and about 12.56 port area per foot.
  11. Thanks diego! I just want to make sure that I build it right the first time. I can't afford to blow my sub. Shoot I can't afford to do all the fun experimenting with the box neither. I need to get it right the first time. I figured that I could also somehow make the ports interchangeable. I was also thinking about hitting up RAM designs, but I don't know how much he charges for designs.
  12. I'm a noob too, but from what I understand the closer you get to the max recommended vol the better the lower bass sounds. Good luck with the build.
  13. So, I was reading some more about 4th order boxes and I stumbled upon something that Joe X had said on another thread " note the excursion at 1000w per sub, a bigger sealed chamber box will result in over excursion...." That got me thinking and worried about my box design. I was wondering if someone could be able to check the excursion factor for my box? Total h 16x 34w x 15d. The box is divided from top to bottom with the sub inverted firing down into the lower sealed section with 1.14 cube ft. The top ported half will include the vol. of the inverted sub with a 2.04 cube ft. The ports are going to be dual aero 4" external ports firing into the rear deck 6x9 holes tuned to 46hz. Sub: soundqubed hds312 d2 fs 33.65, qts 0.692, vas 22.130L, qms 6.912, qes 0.769. Amp: aq1200.1
  14. any suggestions? Am i heading the right dirction? would two 4" round ports be ok? do you guys need more info to help me out? I would appreciate it!
  15. Sorry for the long post. So this is what I have so far. 1 cube sealed and two cubes ported. With two external 4" aero ports firing through rear deck. The ports are 4" by 11.5" long, which gives me a tuning freq of appro. 45 hz
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