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  1. Triticum Agricolam

    Sundown Audio Team 15 Subwoofer mounting help

    It may be a bit late for this, but if you want screws to hold, don't use MDF. Plywood will hold screws SOOOO much better than MDF does. You would probably only need a single layer of good plywood (7+ plies, true baltic birch would be best). Then you could use MDF for everything else if you desired.
  2. Triticum Agricolam

    Random Picture Post V2

    Pullman drivers are horrendous. I don't know how many times I almost got hit in a crosswalk when I was there.
  3. Triticum Agricolam

    Need opinions on a single ZV5 12 enclosure design!

    Overall, you design looks pretty good, here are a couple of my thoughts on things you may want to change. 1. Your port area is on the very edge of what's acceptable on 1500 watts, if you are going to run more power in the future you will want more port area. 2. Where you have the kerfed port (as indicated by "A") I would add a 45 panel covering the inside of the kerf. Kerfed panels are weaker than a regular panel. 3. The inside corner of the port (indicated by "B") should be rounded over as much as practical. 4. Making the interior port panels double thickness as you have shown probably isn't gaining you anything as long as they are properly braced.
  4. Triticum Agricolam

    One day, someone will dyno stuff like this

    Lol, yeah. Kinda like the Behringer iNuke 6000 watt amps that plug into a single 15 amp 120 volt power outlet
  5. Triticum Agricolam

    1/4 wave/horn enclosure or aero ported box

    I wouldn't worry about the sub's Fs when it comes to box tuning, the Fs of a sub is measured in open air, the second you put in that sub in a box, any kind of box, the Fs changes. When it comes to tuning the T-line, I'd tuning it a few Hz higher than the lowest frequency you want to play well.
  6. Triticum Agricolam

    1/4 wave/horn enclosure or aero ported box

    Sorry it took me a couple days to get back to you. Here is a comparison of the T-line vs your bandpass box: The black line is the bandpass box, the grey line is the T-line. The bandpass box has a higher peak output around its tuning frequency, but the t-line has a much larger and smoother bandwidth.
  7. Triticum Agricolam

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    I completely agree, the purpose of a ported box is to have a boost in output around tuning. I never said they are supposed to be flat. I am not saying that they are SUPPOSED to be anything in regards to frequency response. Your statement that I was disagreeing with was when you said "the true nature of a ported enclosure is to BE peaky". Ported boxes are not by nature peaky, though they certainly can be if you want them to. Their only true nature, in my opinion, is to have more output at the frequencies below where a sealed box would be falling off. Just how much more output is going to depend on how the enclosure is designed and the sub being used. The main reason I responded at all is because I hate to see overgeneralizations. Stuff like "ported boxes sound peaky/boomy/sloppy/etc, but sealed boxes sound tight/fast/flat/etc." Statements like those certainly can be true and many times are, but they can just as easily be wrong too.
  8. Triticum Agricolam

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    I disagree. The true nature of a ported box is to boost low frequency output below where the sub's output would naturally be rolling off. That capability is simply a tool, and that tool can be used in many ways. It certainly can be used to get peaky output if that is what you desire, but it is definitely not limited to just that. Some of the best sounding home audio speakers in the world have ported enclosures, and they DEFINITELY do not have peaky output.
  9. Triticum Agricolam

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    Yeah reducing box size with ported boxes almost always gives wider bandwidth, not smaller. This is due to smaller boxes usually having less of a peak in output around tuning. There are exceptions though.
  10. Triticum Agricolam

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    The short answer is no, not worth it.
  11. Triticum Agricolam

    1/4 wave/horn enclosure or aero ported box

    If you give me the specs on your 4th order bandpass box I can put it in HornResp too for a better comparison. I probably won't get to it until I get home on Sunday though.
  12. Triticum Agricolam

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    More power is going to get your more output, but less power isn't going to sound any different from a sound quality perspective, its just not going to be as loud. Also, its important to understand that it takes a LOT more power to make a big difference in output. Going from 1500 watts to 2500 watts, for example, is going to be ALMOST completely unnoticeable. When you double your output power, such as going from 1000 to 2000 watts, you gain at most 3 db of output. In practice you usually don't even gain that much. While 3 db is technically a doubling of sound energy, to you ear most people would describe a 3 db increase as sounding about 10% louder, its perceived as a very subtle increase. People are often very disappointed when they spend a bunch of money to go to an amp that is twice as powerful as what they had before only to get a barely noticeable increase in output.
  13. Triticum Agricolam

    1/4 wave/horn enclosure or aero ported box

    Yes, that's 1,000 watts. Don't worry about the SPL numbers though, that simulation is assuming the box is out in the middle of a field or a huge open room. In your vehicle you are going to get a lot of cabin gain so your actual SPL numbers will be MUCH higher. It will also boost your low frequency output significantly.
  14. Yeah I just started watching him fairly recently. He seems to be a pretty "no BS" type of guy. I wish I could shoot just a 1/4 as well as he can.
  15. Triticum Agricolam

    1/4 wave/horn enclosure or aero ported box

    OK, here ya go. I modeled the box in Sketchup to pull specs from it for HornResp. Here is it compared to a 2.75 cu ft ported box tuned to 35 hz: The black line is the ported box, the grey line is the horn. The tuning on the horn came out right at 38 Hz as the calculator predicted, so that's good. As you can see, the ported box reaches a bit lower, due to its lower tuning, but the horn has quite a bit more output above 40 hz, and has flatter frequency response. As long as you wouldn't miss a couple Hz of low end extension, the horn seems like the way to go.