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  1. That looks sweet man! How do you like the Tail Hook compared to the SB Tactical brace? I just got done doing some trigger work on my Scorpion. I was able to cut the pull weight in half as well as shorten the pull a bit and smooth things up a lot. Took some work though.
  2. Triticum Agricolam

    When is 1" mdf or thicker really necessary?

    That will work, its not my first choice for a number of reasons though. Here is a thread I made on bracing....NVM k58.cross beat me to it ?
  3. Triticum Agricolam

    When is 1" mdf or thicker really necessary?

    "When is 1" mdf or thicker really necessary?" The short answer is never. If 3/4" MDF isn't strong enough there are lots of things you can do. The first is to just use a stronger material, good 3/4" plywood is much stronger (and by good I mean something with 7 or more equal thicknes plys), its also lighter, holds screws better, and is just much more pleasant to work with. The second thing you can do is brace properly, bracing is the most effective use of material when it comes to adding strength. The last thing you can do is double up your 3/4" material where its needed. Its not always needed everywhere either, and doubling up where its not needed is just a waste of material, space, and weight. I've use 1" MDF once, because it was specifically requested by the customer. I'll never do it again, my back still hurts from handling that sheet.
  4. Triticum Agricolam

    Sub unload or?

    Ok, so there are two BIG problems with your ports. The first is that you are tuned way too low. For a bandpass box you should be tuned somewhere between 40-50 Hz, you are tuned to around 32 Hz. The second problem, and this is probably what you are hearing, is you have way, WAY too little port area. Your two 4" ports have about 25 sq in of port area, based on the specs of your box and the power you are running you should have more like 60 sq in of port area.
  5. Triticum Agricolam

    1st time trying a series tuned 6th

    I don't see anything that sticks out as being wrong with what you have planned. Build it and let us know how it works out!
  6. Triticum Agricolam

    1st time trying a series tuned 6th

    So the thing with series-tuned 6th order boxes is the regular tuning formulas that are used for ported boxes don't work right. The tunings of the two chambers interact with each other and it will make your rear chamber tuned lower than intended and the front chamber tuned higher. In your case this is resulting in your rear chamber being tuned to about 35 Hz and the front chamber is tuned to around 60 Hz. Its not the end of the world though and I think you could build the box exactly how you have it and it will be fine. Your simulated frequency response in HornResp looks really good.
  7. There are no easy formulas when it comes to 6th order bandpass boxes. Simulation software like WinISD, BassBoxPro, & HornResp can be very useful. What is it you would like to accomplish with a 6th order bandpass box vs a regular ported box?
  8. You said you have the box modeled in WinISD? You should be able to see what your front and rear port velocities are in WinISD. When it comes to port velocity, less is better, but larger ports come with their own design compromises. 30 m/sec is my hard limit, if I can get things closer to 22 m/sec that's a lot better.
  9. Triticum Agricolam

    1st time trying a series tuned 6th

    What are the length of your ports? If you give me that info I can put it in HornResp and see how it looks.
  10. Sounds like you are off to a good start, just let me know with any specific questions you have.
  11. Triticum Agricolam

    first time building 6th order, check my idea plox

    I wouldn't worry about sticking to hard chamber ratios. If having the rear chamber 170% looks good to go I'd go with it. Having both chambers using roughly the same port size isn't uncommon in parallel-tuned boxes. You should be fine.
  12. I'll try to help you as much as I can. First off you need to decide if you want a series-tuned 6th order, or parallel-tuned 6th order. Parallel-tuned boxes are easier to do IMHO, but series-tuned boxes push all the output out one port and that can be useful depending on your situation. The two types are VERY different in how they are designed and WinISD ONLY models parallel-tuned boxes. As far as the port area per cube suggestions you have come across, those are referring to series-tuned boxes and if that is what you decide to build I would strongly encourage you to NOT make the rear chamber small. In my experience making the rear chamber port small will get you a little more middle range output, but at the expense of just destroying your low frequency output. I can show you my testing if you are interested in seeing it.
  13. Triticum Agricolam

    Working around impedance rise

    Its not so much the resonant frequency of the sub specifically, its the overall output from the sub vs the output from the box. Both the sub and the box have output at different frequencies. The output from the box is going to be around the tuning frequency and is going to drop off above and below that. The larger you make the box, the more output around tuning you will get. So if the box is smaller its very likely the sub will put out more dBs than the box does.
  14. Triticum Agricolam

    Plate amp

    Just look over the board for anything that doesn't look right. I'd pay special attention to all the caps, could be a filtering cap has gone bad.
  15. Triticum Agricolam

    Plate amp

    For $30 I'd give it a try. I agree it sounds like a grounding issue.