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  1. Triticum Agricolam

    Budget subwoofers. Urgent Suggestions!

    Shop around and try to find a $100 sub used for $50.
  2. Triticum Agricolam

    Want to get some peoples opinion

    Welcome to the forum! To be able to help you with a box design we will need to know specifically what sub you have, what amp you will be using, and what kind of music you listen to. As far as building a system that "everyone at your high school hears", I get that you are a teenager and when I was a teenager I would have wanted my system to do that too, but I'm not a teenager anymore and I understand that people with systems that are obnoxiously loud outside the vehicle are just being disrespectful to everyone around them. People that play their obnoxiously loud systems around others make problems for everyone else in the basshead community (like sound ordinances). If you want your system to be loud inside your car, by all means go for it man, but if you are going to be a nuisance with it, don't be that guy.
  3. Triticum Agricolam

    Good enclosure for a Sundown SA12?

    Prefab boxes are always compromised in some way or another. Your best bet would be to build a box yourself like ToNasty said, or find a local builder that I can build one to your specifications. Prefab box are always filled with regret, don't go down that route. If you need help building a box there are plenty of people here who can point you in the right direction. If you want to have a box built post where you are located and maybe there will be someone close to you.
  4. Triticum Agricolam

    Resonant freq vs tuning freq

    Glad I could help! While it is true that sealed enclosure USUALLY have flatter frequency response in a vehicle compared to a ported box, it is always the case and there is a LOT more to sound quality then just frequency response. Like you, I prefer ported enclosures and sound quality is very important to me.
  5. Both aluminum and copper coils have their respective advantages and disadvantages. There are lots of VERY good subs that have aluminum coils, so that alone is not reason to think a sub is lower quality.
  6. Triticum Agricolam

    Resonant freq vs tuning freq

    Like others have said, you are probably getting a lot of cabin gain at 40 Hz. Just because you are tuned to 30 Hz does mean you will get peak output there though, regardless of cabin gain. Depending on the specs of the sub and the box it is in it’s not uncommon for subs to have peak output in 40 Hz range despite being tuned to the low 30s, especially subs with a higher QTS.
  7. Triticum Agricolam

    Sub sounds like it's getting half the power???

    Glad to hear you got it figured out!
  8. Triticum Agricolam

    Sub sounds like it's getting half the power???

    Unplugging the coils individually, like you said, would by my next step. Sure sounds like one isn't getting power for whatever reason. If you have access to a multimeter you could measure the resistance of the coils as well. While it would be unusual, you might check your box for any cracks or splits. That would cause as big loss in output as well and would affect the low notes more than the higher ones.
  9. Triticum Agricolam

    Hello!!! Advice on a BOX for Fi TEAM 18v2

    Questions is how we all learn, don't be afraid to ask! Bracing in the port should have very little, if any, effect on tuning.
  10. The short answer is "tell him don't do it". You COULD wire the two DVC subs together for a 4 ohm final load and run them off one side of a two channel amp and then wire the two SVC subs together for a 2 ohm load and run them off the other side of the two channel amp. It would make sound, but the subs would not be receiving equal power unless you could set the left and right channel gains separately and even then it would be far less than ideal. This falls under the category of things that are technically possible, but not a good idea at all. Mixing together subs with miss-match impedance never works well. Its not something you even want to mess around with.
  11. Triticum Agricolam

    EVL 12 - Weird Extended Cab Enclosure

    I think your box looks pretty good. If anything you might add a couple braces from side to side, other than that I'd add 45 degree pieces in the corners of the port path and round over the inside corners to smooth airflow.
  12. Triticum Agricolam

    Building a passive radiator

    A ported enclosure is a resonant system, it has a frequency it rings at like a tuning fork. When you input energy at the resonant frequency it takes very little actual movement to get things going. Its like cracking a whip, a small movement at the handle end makes the other end move a lot. For me info, this guy explains ported enclosures better than I ever will be able to: There are some GIFs about 2/3 down the page that do a good job of showing what the driver cone and port/PR do relative to each other above, at, and below tuning.
  13. Triticum Agricolam

    Building a passive radiator

    You do need the spiders. As far as trying to do calculations, the easiest method to get the tuning you desire is just trial and error. Once you have everything mounted in the box you can play sine wave tones while watching/feeling lightly the cone movement of the subs (NOT the PRs). The frequency where you get the least cone movement is the tuning frequency. From there you can add weight to the PRs to lower the tuning frequency to where you want it to be.
  14. Triticum Agricolam

    EVL 12 - Weird Extended Cab Enclosure

    OK, try these parameters: I've had issues with trying to use more than one voicecoil in WinISD, so I just double the Re and leave the voicecoils as one, like they are wired in series. This is the transfer function magnitude I'm getting with a 2.0 cu ft box tuned to 31 Hz:
  15. Triticum Agricolam

    EVL 12 - Weird Extended Cab Enclosure

    Hello Brandon, welcome to the forum. I plugged your numbers into WinISD and I got a significantly different looking frequency response graph compared to what you got. What specs did you use for your subwoofer? If you could post a screenshot of the T/S parameters in WinISD, that would help.