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  1. Box Help on 3 -18s

    You need more space or less sub.
  2. My First 4th Order

    Your port is 13.5" wide, but how tall is it?
  3. DD 506 box help

    How much power and what are the dimensions of the space you are working with?
  4. Home Subwoofer Amp

    You can wire all four series-parallel and get 4 ohms, so you only need one amp. I've got an Behringer iNuke 3000DSP and I love it. The DSP is awesome and you get a lot of power for the price. With the amount of sub you have I'd look at the 6000DSP. If you REALLY want to get down you might look at getting a FP14000 clone, how does 14,000 watts in your house sound? :-) You gotta run a new power circuit back to your breaker to use it though.
  5. Single Sundown e 15 enclosure help.

    Do you have any more space available?
  6. Sub suggestion and 4th order help

    They can have pretty wide bandwidth, by car audio standards. The low end boost you get from cabin gain helps widen the bandwidth significantly. In the end though the goals of wide bandwidth and max efficiency do become mutually exclusive.
  7. Ported Box for 18" SSA ICON

    Sounds like a good plan to me.
  8. Sub suggestion and 4th order help

    What's your reasoning for wanting a bandpass box? In the space you have available you could easily run a single ported12" or possibly even two ported 10"s. Both of which will stomp the hell out of two 8s in a bandpass box.
  9. Help with first aero port box. Skar DDX 15

    I suggest an 8" aero port, it will have to be long.
  10. A 2000 watt amp definitely won't be too much for a Xv2, as long as your gains are set right. You could put it on a 3k amp as long as you were paying attention.
  11. 4th Order experiment

    I plugged the numbers into my port calculator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VREceNxz9YOcFlI8O_TG62-4O-l3Q2IjD5qsEkVVh28/edit?usp=sharing Then I double checked them in WinISD. For bandpass boxes I like to keep the port velocity under 22 m/sec, which a 10" port will do.
  12. Hopefully that bill ends up going nowhere. Time will tell.
  13. 4th Order experiment

    Your 10" port should be more than enough.