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  1. Hey how’s it going brotha , 


    I have a 2020 Honda Accord Sport 


    im interested in a 4th order box for a single Sundown Audio ZV6 15’ dual 2 subwoofer. I can get you the measurements of the current ported box I have. Is it possible to ship to Miami, Florida ???  I can provide pictures of the current setup or current box etc… anything you need. 

  2. Heya, I am getting ready to put a sub in my wifes 2014 Kia Sorrento. It has the upgraded infinity sound system but I need a little more oomph. I have a few different subs to choose from. I have 1 Sundown x8v3, 1 Sundown SA10 v2 and 4 Sundown SD4 12-2. I am leaning towards the x8 or sa10 But am not opposed to one of the 12s. I just think I want to build a bandpass box so as to protect it. I am going to be taking the 3rd row seat out and think there is plenty of room to mount a box and amp under there.  I will be using one of my old school amps either a mtx 225 ho or maybe one of my crossfire 30hc's. I also have a Audio Control LC2 with bass knob so I can turn it down when we don't want to bump. What do you think is the best option for my application? I would like it to be stealth as well as protected from groceries, strollers, etc. 

    Thanks for any advice from a fellow Eastern Washingtonian. 


  3. BOX DIMENSION HELP...  Hey how are you... I’ve been looking at your feeds off and on for a day or two and entered as a member today.  You definitely seem to be the go to person. I own a 2009 Dodge Charger I’m using an Orion 1500.d1z amp ... I’m powering two sundown SA-12D4  subs that I’m running mono at 1/2 Ohm

    one of the replies you responded to was to the exact subs I’m using 

    however my box height max is 14” max width is 30” and at that height and width my box total length is probably right short of 30” more like 28” I haven’t sized  the opening for more then 28” in length in order to have it slide in easily. Lol The dimension to get me to approx 32hz . And would it be better to do two separate chambers on a box that is side vented or an open box for the two subs with one vent are there advantages to a single or double chambered box I’ve briefly tried a couple free app software (which don’t all seem to be equal but free I guess is the clincher)  I’m getting slightly different answers could you please help with some accurate dimensions with a non flared side port ? thanks so much 

    Your time and response is greatly appreciated perry smith


  4. Heya, I notice you live in eastern wa and know how to design a box. I live in Leavenworth and could use some advice. I have plenty of experience with the actual construction but designing a 4th order is new to me. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated. I will be using my old school system from the 90s. The subs are 2 orion dvc 12 inch 2ntense. They will be powered by a ppi pc 2100 and an audio control 2xs crossover. 


    here is a link to their specs



    Here is a link to my first post about the install


  5. No. That's net volume, which is what's left after you account for sub, port, bracing, etc.
  6. Ok, in that case I'd probably go for a total of 45 sq in of port area. I still thinks Skars recommendation is a little low. Assuming the net volume is 3.5 cu ft total, and you want to tune to 34 Hz, a 45 sq in port is going to need to be around 23-24" long. Keep in mind the layout of the box is going to change how long the port needs to be, but that should get you close.
  7. So, couple questions for ya. You said the subs are dual 2 ohm, are you going to wire 2 ohms to the amp or .5 ohms? How tight are you going to be for space? I assume you are going to go with Skar's recommendation of 1.75 cu ft net per sub tuned to 34 Hz? Since you are running above RMS power (which is fine), you should probably increase the port area a bit from what Skar recommends, but it will take up more space.
  8. Try switching the WinISD graph you are looking at from "Transfer Function Magnitude" to "SPL". The TFM graph is for looking a frequency response, but isn't good for comparing how much output you will get when comparing two enclosures.
  9. I’ve got 1500 watts, I have a Grand Prix 2004. Just trying to get the most spl from a trunk.  

  10. The best thing to do would probably be to model the subs in box simulation software. A larger rear chamber will get you more output below your front chamber tuning. It also increases cone excursion though, so it’s going to depend on how much power you are running.
  11. Hello, I have bee reading around and doing research on building a box for one of my 12’s for my mustang. But when I use your port area calculator it tells me that I need about 46 sq inches. I can’t figure out how to do this with aeroports. The enclosure is going to be firing into the cab. The front baffle that’s gonna fire into the cab has to be angled. So, it would be easier to use aero ports. 2.0 cubes on 1600 rms at 32. I want the box to be firing into the cab and I want to seal the trunk out. Would you have any suggestions. 32 w 14.5 h 5.5 longer on bottom compare to top ex. 10 top and 15.5 bottom. The box can be any depth. I can fit box in from inside if need to be. Sorry for the long question. 

  12. You said you have the box modeled in WinISD? You should be able to see what your front and rear port velocities are in WinISD. When it comes to port velocity, less is better, but larger ports come with their own design compromises. 30 m/sec is my hard limit, if I can get things closer to 22 m/sec that's a lot better.
  13. Sounds like you are off to a good start, just let me know with any specific questions you have.
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