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  1. A friend of mine just built an 6.5 Creed AR-10. He tried to keep unnecessary weight off it, but it still came out over 9 lbs. I think keeping one under 7.5 lbs is going to be a pretty tall order. When you say $2k budget, is that including optic & rings or not? How far are you shooting and what are you going to be shooting at? If you really want to keep things lightweight and don't NEED .308 or 6.5C firepower you might be better off with a 6.5 Grendel AR-15.
  2. Triticum Agricolam

    port calculations

    For using my calculator it would be total net volume (so 7 cubes), with total power (2000 watts for example), and tuning frequency (like 32 Hz or whatever). From that info you can determine how much port area you need total, for all four subs together. Whats subs and amp/s are you going to be running?
  3. Triticum Agricolam

    port calculations

    How much port area you need is determined by how much net volume you have, how much power you are going to be running, and what frequency you are tuned to. Software like WinISD or BassBoxPro can help you figure out how much you need. Or here is a port area calculator I made: https://goo.gl/STAv4p Once you know your port area, net volume, and tuning frequency desired you can determine how long your port will need to be to get that tuning. Tools like Torres Box Calculator can help with that. If you can do one larger port vs four smaller ports, the single larger port will probably be more efficient.
  4. Well they are very different enclosures. The 12" TH was very efficient, and had flat response up to around 150 hz (much higher than I need), but its output began to roll off below 50 hz. The Fi 15" is tuned to 30 Hz so it plays much lower. I need to measure my frequency response with the new sub and adjust my DSP according. I get a pretty big peak in output between 40-50 Hz from cabin gain, so that needs to be smoothed out a bit more.
  5. Yup, its just some 12 gauge romex.
  6. Here it is with the sub in and everything wired up.
  7. Thanks man! I had a picture in my mind how I wanted it to look, it came out pretty close.
  8. Here it is after spraying on the black Duratex: And after removing the masking: So far I'm pretty happy with it. I have some more cleanup to do and then I plan on carpeting the bottom and left side of the box.
  9. Put some clear on it and go it taped off for paint. Got the first coat of primer black down: I'm going to spray it in black Duratex, which should look a million times better than the black paint does, but it helps me see where I need to do some more filling and sanding.
  10. Put some more time in on the box. I cleaned up where I had to cut a recess for the latch and filled everything in with body filler: Did a lot of general surface prep, filling, sanding, etc. Now its time for the fun stuff, some Lichtenberg pyrography: Its a multistep process, here it is after being cleaned up: And after some stain, the stain makes the wood look dull, but it will brighten up after some clear coat:
  11. Triticum Agricolam

    terrible mistake on box for 2 x12s

    Yes, measure down the centerline of just one side.
  12. More progress, glue up is all done: Time to clean up the edges some: I need to cut a relief to clear my tailgate latch: Time for a test fit: Now I just need to make it pretty.
  13. Thanks! The solid 45 is there so I can trim back the front edge quite a bit to fit around my tailgate latch. Here are some more pics, the glue up is finished.
  14. Here is some more progress. I used the CNC to cutout and engrave several panels on this project. Most of the material is Home Depot pine plywood, the panels that I CNC cut are baltic birch since I'm going to be staining them.
  15. Well after sitting on my new Fi sub for about four months, I finally got some time to build an enclosure for it. The box specs are pretty basic, is a ported enclosure with 3 cu ft of net airspace, tuned to about 30 hz, with about 50 sq in of port area. The layout is a bit more complex though. I don't want to give anything away, you will just have to watch as it takes shape. Here are some pics of my progress so far.