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  1. Snow may have already answered that. I have a very scientific answer. If you leave a battery, on a piece of cement,..... in time, it will loose draw. Let me know if you need any more info OHHH AHHA, that makes sense, how much time until I should start to worry? sorry im new to this
  2. make the box 15" high 16" deep by 30" wide, with a 4" by 15" port 25" long and whabam thats 1.6ft^3 per sub total box is 3.3ft^3 tuned to 35 hz
  3. If your using a round port, the 2" port is your problem, the lound noise that sounds like an air leak is port noise, the subs are only about 6" deep ypu should have plenty of room behind them, you need a bigger port, at a least a 4" port using a round port 6-10 square inches of port area is what you want A 2 cubic foot box needs between 12 and 20 square inches of port a 2" port as 3 square inches port port area a 4" port has a port area of 12 square inches and would be a much better choice
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