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  1. Can anyone give any recommendations on reputable designers? I'm looking to do a 4 or 6 order bandpass blowthrough for my truck. Thanks!
  2. Yeah and the "easy math" version where you make the line = cone area, and tune to the Fs works about as well and arbitrarily picking a box volume and tuning for a ported box. It may work out sometimes, but odds are it won't. It may make bass, but its unlikely to make music. First off i'd like to say i'm laughing my ass off at the fact that this thread is still going from since i first joined last year. (Because this thread was one of the reasons i joined hoping to accquire knowledge i thought of a whole new world of BASS!!) anyways.... Triticum has a point. T-Lines aren't that simple. There's no real formula but in my experience, driver FS, SD, etc... are just places to start. Even when designing with programs there not always so on par.. But i mean folded horns are even cooler and easier..
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