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  1. Im looking to do a SQ build for my 2018 Chevy 2500. Im looking at the DD audio Hidef series as a possible choice. Does anyone have any experience with these? What kind of enclosure sizes and bandwith/f3 is achievable? Im also looking to try and squeeze two (8s or 10s) underneath the seat if possible. Any recommendations are welcome as well!
  2. if it was really that important there be a tool to measure it and calculate it.. yeah?
  3. Sundown still has my heart.. not a bad idea! My zv4 i had in a almost 3.75 cube box. Beat the living hell out of that thing!
  4. wow i just tried to quote you and totally screwed up... been a hot minute.. ?
  5. So i've been looking at Fi's SP4 v2 and BTl NEO 15. Can anyone attest to either one and biggest differences (beside the neo)? I currently have a SCV-2k and don't plan on going any bigger. I had a sundown zv4 12 and like the characaterisitcs and how low it could play, so i would want something similar. So far besides features, playing around in WinISD the SP4 looks more promising.. Not sure why the BTL has the dip.. (Maybe because the parameters because of the neo?) Thanks in advance...
  6. There is a Google Play music app for apple devices.. If this helps any...
  7. Sundowns are cheaper.. - $319 http://www.emfcaraudio.com/sundown-audio-sa-6-5cs-v2-component-speakers/ Im sure both sound great but... You may want to consider mounting options as the newer chevys/gmc's have i believe some type of 2.5-3" in the dash. Kind of like the dodges.
  8. Y'know when i saw the thread title i though there would be chicken, but i get an enclosure instead! lol Box looks awesome man! Great work.
  9. So.. Im Still confused... ---->http://s15.postimg.org/x1drsy5nv/sp4.png
  10. Half of me says that so i dont have to do much except the enclosure.. As for the rest I'm not sure if i follow.. I thought, in D2 parallel would be 1 ohm.. not .7?? What would D1 be.. .3? lol (Not yanking your chain but, you can never learn without questions...)
  11. Yeah that could be possible. But with my positioning it'd be a bit difficult for me to fit another amp besides a battery. I'd be looking at the Northstar SMSAGM220 for the thinness. Should be able to squeeze that in somewhere...
  12. Hey fellas, I have been recently wanting to change my setup. I currently have a ZV4 12 D2 up on a Sundown SCV 2k. I'm looking to replace my ZV4 with a FI SP4 18 in D1 config. Of course the SP4 would be at .5 ohm, and for that, i'd be trying to squeeze some more power out of my amp. But stability is my greatest concern. I currently have a Singer 280a alt with two xs power 4800s under the hood with the big 3. Two runs of 1/0 to the back my distribution block then to my amps (crescendo 800/4 and my sub amp). Is this sufficient enough for what i want to do? If not what would be? Thanks
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