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  1. I dont believe they have a sale going on. They typically announce sales a few days before the holiday. Next sale should be 4th of july I believe, unless they decide not to.
  2. https://4xspower.com/shop/accessories/terminals/top-side-terminals/556-i-bar-multi-top-post-terminal-adaptor-top-only/ https://4xspower.com/shop/accessories/terminals/top-side-terminals/554-i-bar-marine-terminal-adaptor-with-516-and-38-studs-top-only/ Just pick the one that best meets your needs
  3. Never would have thought of that mixture to remove crappy deadened. If I ever have to remove my SoundQubed Q-Mat, I'll keep that in mind. I only put that stuff on the doors luckily. Second skin everywhere else once i learned
  4. DD-1 doesnt care about the load you present the amp, it only measures distortion in the signal. A lower resistant load will not cause distortion. If you are concerned with overpowering, then either exercise volume control or dial the gain back some
  5. They arent holding it right I reckon. Myself and a few others can fire down without issues. Eye relief is 3 inches. Gotta conduct training before letting others shoot it I suppose.
  6. I gotta come up with a name for the muzzleloader. Three people have scoped themselves with it out of 200 shots. It's taking a toll on my friends
  7. Steve Meade has videos documenting what each of his products does and how to use them properly. Look up his YouTube channel or look around this forum for them. It should be fine on the home amp as long as there is a way to connect to the DD-1.
  8. The plus allows a more precise overlap setting than the regular DD-1. The regular, you're limited to what comes on the disc, or any other specific overlap tones you may get from another source (such as a thread on this forum). The plus shows you exactly what overlap you are setting to in .1 increments.
  9. I'm probably wrong because the conversion from DC to AC, but just for shiggles and gits: 1. I = P/V (30,000W ÷ 13.8VDC = 2,174A) 2. 1/0awg is should be able to carry 300A at 15ft, -10% for voltage drop puts you at 270, so 2174 ÷ 270 = 8 runs of 1/0awg. That's the most basic answer I thought of. I'll have to re-read your books and I'm sure the actual math/answers are in there.
  10. I was able to take the day off Monday and went out to my buddy's house and we put almost 1000 rounds of 22lr through the Henry (he had one of those Remington bucket o' bullets that was about 3/4 full) and 100 rounds of 357 and 100 rounds of 38spl through the 586. No sight adjustment needed on either. Was a good day of shooting, and definitely no regrets on either purchase.
  11. Just so you are aware, you can not wire to 1ohm or 4ohm with a single 4ohmdvc subwoofer. Your options are only 2ohm or 8ohm. As Snow said, power is power. There are some indirect differences that occur with the amplifier depending on the load presented, but nothing that will affect the performance of the sub to the point of noticing
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