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  1. There are no vs threads allowed on this forum.
  2. Worth the Upgrade Costs?

    You'll be fine pushing them. As long as the signal is clean and undistorted, the level 3's should be fine being powered by a slightly higher rated amp.
  3. I nominate this thread for the 2k17 funniest thread of the year.
  4. They just wanted you to come to the lot so they could sell you something else
  5. In a performance design like that, i can understand using it for aiding in temperature, which is why its mostly performance/drag cars that do the conversion. But I've only ever read/heard in my searches after buying my tahoe that E85 will be worse for mileage on a daily than the regular E10 we use with every other vehicle, and never seen anything to support otherwise. But maybe snow is making his a drag 'hoe?
  6. How come you want to convert? 10% less in cost per gallon with 25% less mpg doesnt seem like a good trade off to me. Mine is a flex, but i dont use e85 for that reason. Just me though. Edit: i dont know why my text doesnt match throughout the whole reply
  7. The best way for you to get the help you want is to post the available dimensions you have to work with, and what amp you'll be using to drive the subs with. Theres a few great enclosure designers here that will gladly assist you once they have that information.
  8. Like a pro for sure my lux pro didnt look anywhere near that near when i got done
  9. Whats the specific model of your MLA? it should have some adjustment on it. More than likely, your voltage spike upon acceleration is higher than the amp can handle, causing over-voltage protect, and then when your voltage notmalizes, its fine.
  10. Ill call this a welcome back juan. Havent seen anything from you in a bit. Good job on the daily so far
  11. Hertz has zero authorized online dealers, according to @Soccerballzs i believe. Doesn't mean that the ones you find online are fake necessarily, but if anything happens, Hertz wont warranty them.
  12. Most amps are capable of taking up to 8v line voltage anyways, so if youre looking for 0-4v input, youre well within the limit of the amp. Having a higher line voltage will require you to adjust the gain less for undistorted signal reproduction/amplification, and should give you a lower noise floor. And yes, line voltage is AC, not DC. Glad you figured your issue out, and now you know that info for the future.
  13. I shot my buddy's P226 Legion. I like it a lot. Kind of bulky compared to my shield, but feels good to hold still. He's pretty thin and hates how it feels appendix carry though, so if thats a consideration..... i think he got it for $1200 from gunbroker.com
  14. Amps are getting power but aren't turning on

    You can replace it, but if the HU isnt putting out enough voltage from the remote out then a new wire wont solve anything. On the other hand, if the remote is pinched or shorting out somewhere between the amp and HU, that would be why you still get a positive on the test light, because there's still current coming through the wire where it's still conected throughout, and replacing it would be good. Its up to you. I'd personally pull the remote and check for any signs of wear, rubbing, or pinches, and check the voltage coming from the HU on the remote out lead. A multimeter is a useful tool. You can get a cheap one from home depot or somewhere that will be good enough for voltage and resistance checks. The more expensive meters are nice and loaded with options, but its an unnecessary luxury. I use a $30 klein from home depot. Test lights are helpful sometimes, but you dont get the whole picture.
  15. Amps are getting power but aren't turning on

    Then you have an issue with your remote wire. Did you use a multimeter to make sure it has 12v on it? You said in the first post its getting power at the remote but by jumping the constant power wire to the amp remote, you just proved the remote doesnt.