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  1. Advanced to E-5, 4th time's the charm.

  2. They are definitely pricey. I can only hope that they'll be an amazing investment once I finally get around to using them. The boxes have been collecting dust for a year now, which is somewhat shameful.
  3. those are a couple of commonly used amp repair companies. I'm sure there are more. Send them emails asking about refurbishing that amp.
  4. We're still working on swerving through cones at low speed. It's not too bad though since the only two wheels I've really been on is a bicycle.
  5. Take the motorcycle basic rider course today and tomorrow so I can get my license.
  6. Buddy on the ship wants to replace factory speakers and HU in his 06 civic since the speakers are dead. Asked him what all he wanted and he said just replace the old broken shit. Harness is together, radios mounted to new dash piece, speakers are mounted to door/deck plate adapters. Just waiting to go in.
  7. Drop a secondary battery in the back and call it a day for 2-2.5kw. I ran my 3.5k at 2ohm (2.6kw) on stock alt, D3400, and D4700 with no voltage issues. edit: my stock alt being 145A
  8. Haha it just works out better. I have a pair of eBay pillars chilling in my closet, as well as a template to make them look exactly the same as the pillars I bought, but I just didn't trust myself not to fuck it up. Maybe one day, to change things up or something. These ones were already made just for the exact HAT combo I'm putting in them.
  9. What's your current electrical looking like?
  10. whichever sub fills your budget, space, and power requirements is the one you should go with. I won't aid you with a brand to brand comparison. When you hit 2kw and higher, you'll start to need electrical system upgrades, so pick the amp you want based off of the electrical you have to supply it with. Then pick the sub that meets those amps output specs and you can build an enclosure that properly suits the sub and your available space
  11. Smallest progress update ever. i finally got around to working on my pillars. I can't take credit for the glassing or anything. I bought these off of someone else, sanded the paint down, and now I'm doing a little filling in some small spots where the body work and edges were damaged when it arrived. Once I'm satisfied I'll use the SEM paint I bought which is a medium gray. The current color you see is from primer filler to see what spots need work.
  12. i can't provide you with an answer to that. I personally would go with the X if you're only planning to use a 2000w amp. The zv5 would likely need more power to get the most out of its potential.
  13. Zv5 has a little over double the xmax of the X, rated for 2kw vs the X at 1.5kw, etc.. They're two completely different subs. If you want a direct comparison of T/S parameters then email sundown as broke suggests, as sundown doesn't list them. The info I provided is listed on their site. The point i was making is your sub doesnt amplify the input power to make more power, therefore it has nothing to do with your electrical as far as "eating it up". Your amp does that. If you want to feed the X 2000w on stock electrical, I'm sure it will take it and do well on it. If you want to feed the zv5 the same amount, it will take it and do well with it and not put any more stress on your electrical than the X will. The subs don't care how much power they're being fed. They'll move either way until they can't anymore.
  14. No. That will not cause your issue. The signal for the amp is likely tapped into a source that is filtering out the lower notes.