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  1. Claimed a small button buck before the end of the muzzleloader season last week. Hoping to restock my freezer with a few more.
  2. Kranny hit the nail on the head. The actual correction is the same, only difference is the road to get there. They used a rotary tool of some kind to grind away the top layer of cornea. I was in the room for the procedure less than 5 minutes. It's all done by computers, so you dont have to worry about a shakey handed doctor or anything.
  3. I chose to get PRK over lasik in august of 2017. Couple days extra recovery time, but worth it to me over the chance that the corneal flap shifts or anything, no matter how small the odds may be. The first day felt fine and could already see better, days two and three were miserable, constant burning/irritation, just keep using your wetting drops, they gave me numbing drops too but those slow down the healing process. Day four was less bothersome and everything was pretty clear. Day five was fine, no irritation really. I only had to deal with dry eyes for a month or two, just keep using the drops to help with that. Vision has been 20/15 since.
  4. The owners manual product tells you. https://files.secureserver.net/0sRBSzc6VU5HXl
  5. The higher the resistance, the less power the amplifier will output to the drivers, but will have an increased damping factor, meaning the driver will be more accurate at signal reproduction (i.e.: the signal stops and the driver stops.) Lower resistance will allow more power output from the amplifier, but the damping factor will be less, which can lead to a "muddied" sound reproduction, though it will most likely not be noticed. The amp will also run cooler and be more efficient at a high resistance, but unless you're running a Class a/b amp, I wouldnt stress that too much.
  6. I would use just the passive crossovers and leave the amps and deck set to full pass, or if you want to use their crossovers then ditch the passives. As for the deck settings, after a lot of time testing and tuning to get the sound I wanted, I set the sub level to zero on the PRS that way I could use full volume without distorting the signal, and also if anyone else drove the tahoe they could turn it up without me worrying. Yes, you still need to turn the sub level up to get the max RCA voltage to the amp, but I went with simplicity over having to monitor my volume level. I do have an OM-1 as well though, so I guess I can change it up and see if I notice any difference with a higher RCA voltage and lower gain setting and monitor the meter while turning up the volume. You'll have to determine what sub level/volume level you want to use. I'm not the only one who drives my tahoe, so I chose my settings to be universally user friendly while still enjoying it how I wanted
  7. Why use the passive crossovers at all if you're going to be using the crossovers on the deck/amps? Pretty pointless to have them at that point.
  8. Push and hold the knob in for power on and off if you have a 12v constant, ground, and 12v accessory correctly wired up
  9. Just watched a movie called Last Knights on netflix, with Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman, it was pretty good to me. Also on netflix are The Highwaymen and Triple Frontier which I particularly enjoy. Young Guns Ready or Not History of the World Part 2 Blazing Saddles If you dont mind eight to ten episode shows/series, then Band of Brothers, The Pacific, The Boys
  10. By your logic, my Hybrid legatia 8 which plays down to 40hz, makes everything 40hz and up mid range. It's not mid range. Its bass. You have subsonic/sub bass, then bass, then mid/upper bass, then mid range, and so on.
  11. If you retune amps to a lower "max" HU volume, then you really arent changing anything as far as power being output by the amps, and will still experience the sound issue with your tweeters. Have you tried removing the extra tweeter pair? You may find that the extra set is just too much and the "breaking up" is just how harsh the high freqs are with two pair of tweets.
  12. Mouser.com You'll have to filter the results and pay close attention, but I'm sure the connector you need is there somewhere.
  13. It takes no time at all to set gains with DD-1. Just do it anyways, just for peace of mind to know you are correctly set up in a new vehicle.
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