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  1. Jigsaws - Barrel Grip vs Top Handle?

    I have never used a barrel type, only top handle.
  2. since I couldn't see Wishuponasub's pic (damn navy interwebz and "must use internet explorer"), I'm assuming omnibus is referring to the OM1. the OM1 doesn't give you real-time overall decibel measurement. it gives you "you set your shit at this level on a tone and this is how many extra decibel's above THAT as to what you're actually getting input in to your amp" which can be good if it's at or below 0dB, or bad if it's above.
  3. Not all the same woofers, looks like they ripped the glued carpet off.
  4. that's what I thought, but wasn't sure. Should be your trans cooler line, but I only see one heading back and my 03 has two, side-by-side if my memory serves me right.
  5. it's hard to tell which way is up in this picture. Transcooler line maybe?
  6. Pioneer "AutoEQ"

    the T/A and EQ run at the same time I believe. So run it, write down the settings it gave you, then turn it off and set it to what the auto EQ gave you, then tweak to your liking. same thing with the T/A. it didn't sound right to me, even though I had the mic right where my head is, so I took the settings it gave me, and then tweaked it myself to what sounded like both sides were reaching me at the same time
  7. Pioneer "AutoEQ"

    I've done it on my 80prs before. it is part of the auto time alignment process. it does what it's supposed to do, which is dial the peaks down and the valley's up to get everything flat. it lowers your sub output a lot, which is understandable in order to get a fully flat response. it's been a while since I tried it out, but I don't think you can edit the EQ, only turn it on or off. with it off you can choose one of the preset EQs or build your own custom. I would recommend writing down the level of each band or take a picture of each band after running the auto EQ, then turn it off, build the custom 1 EQ setting to match, and then tweak it from there to fine tune it to the sound you want. also, due to it being a part of the time alignment process, you'll have to go back and adjust the output levels of your sub/lows, mids, and highs, because it dials it down a lot
  8. I want. But still deployed. And it got extended. Maybe if you still have them whenever I get home
  9. without using proper test equipment that measures distortion (DD-1 or oscilloscope), that +6 level giving you 4v could probably still be distorting. it may not be audible.
  10. matching amplifiers phase

    If you're that concerned, buy a multi-channel o-scope so you can check it. Then, if they are out of phase, there's nothing you can do with a "on-off" switch to adjust it, so I would look into amps that have pots for their phase adjustment.
  11. 2 amps wiring signal

    yes, that will work.
  12. 2017 f 150 crew cab

    you can brace the enclosure without having divided chambers. bracing is essential, and screws don't really provide that..... https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/206664-implementing-bracing/
  13. if you switched the left and right side RCAs and it stayed louder on the right side, that rules out the HU. do you have another 4 channel to test with?
  14. what HU and amp do you have? it seems like you have a "front" rca signal going to the right side input of the amp and the "rear" signal going to the left, which is why it sounds off when "rear" is on. is it a 4 channel amp, and 4 rcas coming from the HU?