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  1. The 40hz detect is fading because your signal is fading
  2. Flickers are ok, but if it goes on and stays on then you are seeing a distorted signal.
  3. This one will help too. He is the owner of "big ass ports" I believe.
  4. I am on duty today, but I'll try to remember to check my AMM-1 tomorrow when I get home, if no one gets you an answer by then
  5. Attenuation circuits. Most passive crossovers have a switch to set the level of attenuation to the tweeter.
  6. What are the settings on the HU when you test it? It only has 2v preouts, and in my experience, you MIGHT get half of that on the -5dB track without the "sub level" being maxed out (which would in turn cause the amp to distort prior to max volume. Not that HU, but my 80PRS. Low input voltage =high amp gain to match
  7. He kinda has the inside scoop on all things DC. I would take his word for it. I doubt he would recommend something to harm his own product.
  8. That's a decision only you can make. Run it off the HU to start. If you dont like it or feel it is lacking, amplify them.
  9. Not 100% sure for bluetooth, but my previous iPhones were clean up to four clicks down from max via Aux (3.5mm) cable, tested via DD-1.
  10. Subsonic at 40 is killing your low end. Subsonic is a high pass filter, so it filters everything below it's set point out. I say turn it off so it doesnt affect output, but playing too low beyond tuning freq can cause over excursion at high volume if you dont know when too much is too much. Otherwise, set it one half octave below tuning freq. I dont think it will be the only cause of loss of low end output though. Ckeeler makes good enclosure recommendations, I'd listen to what he says too.
  11. If the DD-1 is connected to both the positive and negative, it may work as the DD-1 should provide some load on the HU. I am not sure though. Try it and let us know, that way no matter the outcome, someone who may come into the same situation as you might be able to search and find the answer
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