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  1. WTB Ford F150 dual/triple alternator kit/bracket

    check out dcpowerinc.com
  2. ** Best Ground Locations **

    you can tap it if you want, but not necessary. drill hole, clean area around hole to bare metal, place dielectric grease on clean area, attach lug to frame on greased area, bolt and nut into place.
  3. Voltage drop

    who is they? where have you looked for a bracket?
  4. Voltage drop

    it is PCM controlled. GM vehicles 2004 and newer received that "upgrade". You can get around it by having dual alternators. leave your stock alternator for the truck, to be controlled by PCM, and use your Singer alt separately for the aftermarket stuff. The singer alt will need to be self excited. Contact Mike Singer about accomplishing that, and he'll likely only charge you parts plus shipping to get it done for you. it might sound tedious to have two separate electrical systems in one vehicle, but it's rather simple. edit: I'd like to correct myself. I believe 06/07 is when they started the PCM b/s, I got confused with that stupid current sensor they started in 04.
  5. Punch bass knob replacment

    PAC LC-1. $10
  6. Voltage drop

    what vehicle?
  7. my ctek 7002 has detachable leads, I use the leads with the ring termals on my Harley. ring terminals stay on the battery, I tuck the plug away when not in use, and then while I'm home I plug it in. since you're in an apartment, that's an option for you if you have a power source close to your car in order to plug the charger in. you'll just have to wait and watch it charge to make sure no one steals your charger. Otherwise, just get used to the fact you'll have to take it out and put it back anytime you want to charge it with something besides your alternator.
  8. the download album option worked just fine for me shortly after they changed the policy for 3rd party. I use firefox. don't know if browser even matters anymore, but maybe it'll help.
  9. no. comparing different brand/manufacturer products on this forum is prohibited. Look at the specs of each and figure out which one you think is better for your application.
  10. Exactly. Your poblem is so vague and unexpllanatory that it could be a number of things.
  11. MIleage, 2wd or 4wd, any acceleration issues like bogging down/choking?
  12. Don’t know what was done, but I can access vehicles in the garage again. Good job admins
  13. Oh ok, didn’t know that was the adapter you meant.
  14. Dc 1.2k cooling

    I agree with ChevyBoy95 somewhat. Having the amp mounted to an enclosure can be bad for the amp if it is vibrating a lot. A properly braced enclosure will have little excessive vibration though, and the amp will experience vibration no matter where it is mounted due to vibration from the vehicle, and vibration from the subs. Vibration is inevitable, and only gets “worse” when you install subwoofers and increases as power/air movement increases. If your change in your cup holder or you’re able to do shirt tricks or anything else moves/vibrates while playing music, your amp is also experiencing vibration (unless you’re walled and completely sealed/eliminated vibration behind the wall.) Vibration is the nature of the beast called audio.