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  1. This showed up the other day DC Power Inc. Triple alt bracket And two SMD quad ANL fuse holders and I'm about to go take the front door panels off again and tape them up and get my base mold for the door pods.
  2. Try asking here. Theres a new subforum specifically for SMD products
  3. After driving around for a few days (no stereo equipment installed yet) it's a pretty quiet ride. The only thing I hear is the wind against the windows, and a small amount of engine noise, which I'm sure would be quieted if I had done the firewall. I'm satisfied with the results of all of the noise dampening I installed. Time to get to work on reinstalling the stereo equipment.
  4. An old one, but always a good one ^^ haha
  5. Talk to @the_garynator and @Triticum Agricolam. There may be others with experience in 6th orders on the forum, but those are the only two that stand out to me that have posted much about them
  6. Bought some PIAA 880's for the fogs (so now I have PIAA's for highs, lows, and fogs) and a fleece all lights on module to replace the cheap method, which was a diode connecting the relays. i need to align the fogs still, so no pictures of the fogs and all lights on until I get that done. also, I've had a "Service Brake Booster" message ever since I installed my singer 270A alt back in June of 2015. All of the research said it was the SBA (supplemental brake assist) causing it. I verified it had ground on the connector where it was supposed to, and power coming in where it was supposed to. I finally got a replacement SBA, and I still have the message. So I guess I'll run it to a stealership and have them diagnose it and then I'll do the repair.
  7. I don't find it that much of a handful at all actually, especially in comparison to some other 45's I've shot
  8. I think I wanna grab a shield 45 for carry. Now that the m&p 2.0 is out, the cost of the other m&p handguns is down. Not that they were costly before
  9. You didn't say how many of them you have. Also, it will help the enclosure designers if you take your dimensions with the medical equipment and anything else you plan to have in there already there, that way it's accounted for. Don't forget to account for the space your amp takes up if you plan on having it back there as well.
  10. My buddies wanted to go get a little dirty yesterday, so I tagged along since I can't make it in my Tahoe 05 Tacoma with a lift and 33's 90 Jimmy with a 4"rough country lift and 35's and the only thing I know about the wrangler is it's stock except for the winch. Only one to get stuck sorry for the lack of stability, it's hard to keep the camera straight when you're bouncing around everywhere. Quality is great for an iPhone 6+ though, in my opinion.
  11. You don't have the space for them to have the airspace they need
  12. The amount of power you're applying to them will be helpful as well. And you don't really have enough space for 12's. It's 4.4ft^3 gross volume. Add subs, bracing, and a port (assuming you want ported) and you'll be cutting that space in half.
  13. Any work glove will work just fine, doesn't need to be Kevlar.
  14. If you send them an email, they can tell you. Or you can look at the square footage of what they offer you and of your doors and do math and figure it out yourself.