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  1. reedal

    Reset the bass knob?

    The LC-1 is an in-line knob that works great, and is only about $10. If connecting your current knob causes the volume to lessen, then i would recommend tossing it and grabbing an in-line knob that connects via RCA.
  2. reedal

    Reset the bass knob?

    Are you sure its at 1ohm and not 4?
  3. Nice! How does it compare to the vstar as far as ride quality? I imagine the jump in power probably keeps you grinning like a toddler with a candy bar
  4. Heres a shot showing where the Ads start for me at the bottom of the page.
  5. reedal

    SMD what are you Drinking thread

    Went to a beer, bourbon, and bbq fest this past weekend. Tried a lot of new bourbons, quite a few i was not fond of. But lately, ive been on a Jim and orange juice kick.
  6. No, i know those arent ads. Im referring to the actual ads, visible in the pictures
  7. Getting ads and pop ups on mobile, i have bronze subscription. scrolling down to the end of each thread, theres a loooonnggggg list of ads before i reach the bottom of the page on some threads
  8. lc-1 is best bang for the buck, and a better option than the knobs that come with any amp
  9. Looks good. An improvement to that design would be to have the window brace closer to the center of the enclosure to help brace the baffle and rear wall.
  10. reedal

    Ported box design for sundown sa 8's

    Are you willing to build inside of the trunk in order to meet those measurements, or does your trunk opening match those dimensions? Cause you’ll have to be able to get the box in there.
  11. reedal

    Ported box design for sundown sa 8's

    What dimensions do you have to work with?
  12. reedal

    Unloading sub

    https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/209370-first-time-trying-to-build-a-box/?page=3&tab=comments#comment-3205271 Ok. I remember that now. Keep answering triticums questions, and maybe adding a video to show what’s happening will help. It’s odd to be unloading at that frequency