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  1. Interesting. I hope you dont mind if i piggy back on this. Ive noticed that when regular posts have any emojis on them, i dont see the emoji, only the formatting. SMD Dark theme, on mobile browser. Ill try to find an example and post it. It occurs on the desktops on my ship too, but thats no big deal as nothing works right on those computers
  2. https://ceautoelectricsupply.com offers ready-to-install turn-on relay kits (as well as other great products), and Tony C is our very own @snafu. Great customer service, and a great source of information
  3. Not my favorite, but its got a little bump to it.
  4. You can buy any case you want and some foam packing material for it and cut the shape of the tools yourself.
  5. @sideshow_kustom is the resident sundown 6.5 expert i believe, as thats really all he messes with. Dont know if he comes around much anymore. Have him on facebook though.
  6. I think maybe with Audacity you can, but i cant remember. I havent used that program in a few years
  7. reedal

    Random Video Thread

  8. I recommend checking out gmfullsize.com as youre more likely to have a larger crowd to provide answers, seeing as this is primarily a car audio forum, and they are an actual truck forum with others whove been looking for the same answers maybe.
  9. Went to the range last night with the wife, they had a special on 500rds of remington 9mm for $100, so we got that and put 50rds through my shield and 50 through her xds. Also rented a S&W 686-7. Put (almost) 50rds of .357 down the range. I like it, but their gun wasn't hitting hard enough for double action, and even sometimes single action. Think we left with around 10rds that wouldnt fire. Could be a combination of the gun malfunctioning and their shitty PMC range rounds. Anyone familiar with the S&W 686 or 586 models that can give me a little feedback? Also been looking to get back into bow hunting, havent touched a bow in probably ten years. Thinking about setting some money aside for a Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. All reviews and videos ive seen say its great with the exception of the factory sights, which aint too bad to change if i dont like them.
  10. reedal

    No subwoofer break-in my ASS!!

    I would recommend retracting your posts of selling equipment on this site, as you dont meet the needed criteria.
  11. Are your front and rear speakers connected to the HU speaker outputs or via RCA to amp to speaker?