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  1. I was going to update the “Official Man’s Best Friend” thread, but it seems to have disappeared... I’ve used the SMD search bar, dug through the off topic section, and even did google search via site:stevemeadedesigns.com. Maybe it was archived or something by accident? Can it be recovered?
  2. if the PAC is getting the turn-on signal, but the PAC isn't sending it to your HU, then that module is the problem. double check the connections in and out of it. maybe PAC will replace it......
  3. But that means you have an issue in the car’s circuit. Either ground, constant, or turn-on.
  4. No. It needs ground, constant, and turn-on to be powered to remain on. If the turn-on wire was just for turning it on, then your radio would never turn off when you turn the car off
  5. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but the pico fuse in pioneer HUs is in-line with the RCA preouts, and will blow if there is a short in the RCA, and typically happens when someone pulls the RCA connection from the amp or HU with the HU powered on. And unless the 99RS has some sort of protection built in to cause it not to power on when that fuse is blown (which I doubt because none of their HUs are like that), then the pico fuse is not the issue. like others have stated, best bet is to bench test it with a standalone battery for power and ground. You can jump a hot 12v wire to the accessory wire for testing purposes to ensure the HU turns on like it’s supposed to.
  6. Exactly what he said. Female RCA connector, one wire to shield, one wire to center for signal, parallel to the next one. I think maybe Kyle had pictures of one opened up? But I’m not sure. I do believe that @WalledSonic built his own a while back. I could be wrong though
  7. reedal

    Random Video Thread

    My 01 Sportster 1200 Custom first fire up since the end of August/beginning of September. Wife lost control, hit a curb, hit a tree (fractured collar bone and some bruises that aren’t going away even after all of these months). Came home from deployment at the beginning of May, decided since I gotta fix her, I may as well upgrade her and make her the way I want, and here’s how she sounds after new exhaust and air cleaner (the rest of the upgrades were mostly cosmetic, and I’m still waiting on my new tank and handlebars). This is before I adjusted the idle and mixture screws (already swapped the jets out), so she’s got a little more cough than she does after the carb tuning was completed. For those that ride, I hope you enjoy the short clip and the sound of those Bassani sweepers (I absolutely love them!!)
  8. WinISD is picky. Triticum gave me a good method of inputting parameters for it. The suggested procedure for entering driver parameters is following (check first that "Auto calculate unknowns" option is checked): 1. Enter Mms and Cms This gives fs. If either is not available, then enter fs and other parameter. 2. Enter Sd, Bl and Re Now, you should get all but Qms (and Qts), Vas. Please note that Vas may not match exactly what is specified by manufacturer, because exact value of Vas depends on environmental parameters. See FAQ. 3. Enter Rms or Qms. Either one will do, although I tend to prefer Qms over Rms, because it can usually be measured in driver measurement procedures. 4. Enter Hc, Hg and Pe. If Hc or Hg or either is available, then enter Xmax and optionally either Hc or Hg if available. 5. Enter number of voicecoils. This procedure is most accurate. Also note that it also calculates true SPL (1W/1m) value. So it might not match the marketing SPL value, which is generally somewhat vague. Not in all cases, though. 6. Correct Znom, if necessary. If there are several voicecoils, then you must be careful when entering parameters in that case, because many manufacturers give Bl in voice coils in series, because it yields double value for Bl against parallel connection. If driver manufacturer gives Qes, Bl and Cms or Mms, then you can check how Bl is specified. For that, you can enter following parameters to calculate Re: Qes, Fs, Mms or Cms and Bl. Connection mode can be changed by changing the combobox selection. The driver editor then converts Bl and Re values accordingly. Equivalently, you can check for Bl by entering: Qes, Fs, Mms or Cms and Re (for desired connection mode). If you enter resistance for parallel connection and get about half of advertised Bl, then you know, that Bl was specified that way. Like in Driver-tab in project window, you'll probably noticed the driver icon in bottom of the driver editor window. you can drag the driver object into some project by just dragging the icon.
  9. reedal

    80PRS turn pandora off?

    I THINK if you turn the radio off and go into the main menu system settings, there’s a way to turn it off. Turn car on, hold button to power radio off, then press and hold the dial in until the main menu comes on, and cycle through that until you find it
  10. reedal

    Crescendo encore 4.5k tuning help

    Good investment choice then you can have your username added to the tool map if you’re willing and maybe someone local to you can slide a few bucks your way when they need their gains set properly
  11. @sencheezy did a high voltage build as well. Maybe his build can give some tips/insights to any further electrical issues you may have?
  12. reedal

    Crescendo encore 4.5k tuning help

    Why would you need an oscillator? The 75% rule is pointless, as well as setting with a DMM, because you don’t know where the HU’s or amp’s distortion/clipping points are at. Like I said in my previous post, find someone using the SMD tool map linked in my signature close by to you and see if you can meet with them for their DD-1 or oscope and get it done the proper way instead of the guessing way
  13. reedal

    Crescendo encore 4.5k tuning help

    You don’t figure it out, because those numbers are useless because no two potentiometers are the same. The SMD Tool amp is in my signature. Try to find someone close to you and see if you guys can meet up so you’re not wasting your money risking your equipment with guesswork.