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  1. Mechman used to. Email them and see if they have anything for you
  2. Sorry man. I dont know what to tell you, and you say you've already emailed them. I get a response anywhere from a few hours to two days when I email [email protected] never not received a response. Just keep trying to contact them
  3. Here is the Rockford one. I've never used it myself, but I've never seen anyone complain about it either https://rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/rf-hlc/
  4. If all you need is two channels, then yes. They have larger models if you require more channels. If you're just adding a sub stage though, that one will be perfect
  5. That could very well be the problem then, though not knowing what LOC you are using, it could also be that. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qm8w9d5ydn0ucdt/Pzr8B6LlYw/Snow's DD-1 Tracks.zip You can find a 40hz -0dB track there. As for line out converters, most a junk, poor quality, and will create distortion in your signal. Rockford might still offer one, otherwise I'd recommend audiocontrol if quality is important to you
  6. No, I mean what is your signal source? Music or tone?
  7. Can you check continuity between the connector(s) on the back of the HU to the wires going to the speakers? Or you could ask the shop at the dealership for a print out of the diagrams
  8. What issues did you come across with the aluminum? You're only the second person I've seen go that route. The other guy used copper tubing I believe
  9. If you want more power, then you need to buy more power. Setting gain overlap is meant to accommodate the level of attenuation in music. It doesnt create power. A gain overlap of -10dB on a song that is only attenuated to -5dB is going to be sending a beautiful square wave to your speakers.
  10. Measure the dimensions of your battery (xs power oem applicator says it's a group 75, which they dont offer) and find one of theirs that matches or just slightly smaller in dimensions, but meets the requirements for cranking amps if you want to go with XS.
  11. By meeting the requirements listed in the for sale section.
  12. It's not parallel series. Positive to positive and negative to negative is just parallel. You need to make sure the cables going from the front to the rear are fused within 18 inches of each battery. If they arent, you need to add them.
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