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  1. reedal

    wiring voltage drop

    Snafu is Tony Candela, and a fountain of knowledge in the 12v industry.
  2. reedal

    Will it fit???

    Battery hold down is part number 14005061. D3400 on both sides of engine bay in my 03 tahoe. Save the 3100 for the rear bank
  3. Maybe a local shop knows a trick about the seatbelt? Looking good man.
  4. reedal

    Battery Tender

    My ctek charger has different sets of leads for connecting to a battery, that attach to the charger via quick disconnect. Much easier to install two leads with ring terminals to the battery and detach the quick disconnect when you dont want to use the tender than find a place to mount a tender.
  5. Got the wifes XDS back from cerakote. She wanted the tiffany blue highlights.
  6. Manufacturer defects happen. See if you can get it replaced under warranty
  7. Pull the door panel and run a direct line to the amp from the speaker without going through the door jamb and under carpet and whatnot.
  8. If you bypassed the EQ and couldnt reproduce it, but it happened again after the EQ was reconnected, then that appears to be the issue. Unless i misunderstood
  9. reedal

    Different bass knob for sundown sae 2000d

    SPL Cartel
  10. reedal

    Advice on belt

    What andru said. I would go ahead and buy a 91 and a 92" belt, try the 91 first but if you dont have any free play with the tensioner, use the 92. Gates is good, or AC Delco, goodyear gatorback. Belts are pretty important, so finding the cheapest option wont be the best idea in my opinion
  11. Too much tension could cause it to break prematurely. I have a 91-3/4 inch belt on my 03 tahoe, and that length with my Singer 270 pulley leaves me with about an inch of movement on the belt tensioner.
  12. reedal

    Advice on belt

    Stock length is ~93 inches, go to an auto parts store and see if they can find you one thats 91-92 inches.
  13. I strongly recommend not putting a subwoofer enclosure on your back seat. If you get into an accident that is going to be an extremely heavy and unsecured projectile flying forward.
  14. Time to get new leads for your meter. Wiring the subs series parallel will achieve you a 2ohm DCR, as pictured.
  15. You're right. Should have looked back at the first post again.