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  1. Mouser.com You'll have to filter the results and pay close attention, but I'm sure the connector you need is there somewhere.
  2. It takes no time at all to set gains with DD-1. Just do it anyways, just for peace of mind to know you are correctly set up in a new vehicle.
  3. How did you wire it into the factory harness? And when you say they stop working, do you mean they no longer power on, or do they not read media, do they not provide an output signal?
  4. The DD-1 manual says to put all settings to flat while setting gain. I recommend doing that, and then when setting EQ, only lower the high points where you need them to be, not raise/boost the low points, in order to continue avoiding clipping due to an increase in signal voltage. I never tested via bluetooth, I used USB connection when I had an iphone. I did test via aux cord using lossless tracks ripped from the CD, and the max clean was four clicks from max volume. Just rip a lossless version from the CD and check via bluetooth
  5. https://www.wccaraudio.com/smdtoollocator Or Same map. Different ways of getting there. Looks like there are two members who've listed themselves as DD-1 owners on the southern end. Hopefully they're still active on this forum so you can PM them. Good luck.
  6. 1.21 jigawatts. Your formula can't handle Doc Brown.
  7. I dont believe they have a sale going on. They typically announce sales a few days before the holiday. Next sale should be 4th of july I believe, unless they decide not to.
  8. https://4xspower.com/shop/accessories/terminals/top-side-terminals/556-i-bar-multi-top-post-terminal-adaptor-top-only/ https://4xspower.com/shop/accessories/terminals/top-side-terminals/554-i-bar-marine-terminal-adaptor-with-516-and-38-studs-top-only/ Just pick the one that best meets your needs
  9. Never would have thought of that mixture to remove crappy deadened. If I ever have to remove my SoundQubed Q-Mat, I'll keep that in mind. I only put that stuff on the doors luckily. Second skin everywhere else once i learned
  10. DD-1 doesnt care about the load you present the amp, it only measures distortion in the signal. A lower resistant load will not cause distortion. If you are concerned with overpowering, then either exercise volume control or dial the gain back some
  11. They arent holding it right I reckon. Myself and a few others can fire down without issues. Eye relief is 3 inches. Gotta conduct training before letting others shoot it I suppose.
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