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  1. I have not been unkind. I misread your post Small black wire to any ground source, such as frame/chassis, or tie it in with the ground on your radio or amp if that is simpler. The larger black wire goes to the fan negative.
  2. If thats what you want your switched 12v source to be, then sure. Or you can install a toggle switch fed from a constant 12v source.
  3. Ouch. I think mine was around $350. I struggled to pull that trigger, and ill probably never use the features meant for drag racing, but they do make a good product. I definitely dont have all the bells and whistles on my 01 xl1200 that you do on that beast though.
  4. That's what I ended up doing with both my husky and pit when they were puppies and thought biting was part of playtime. Took a couple times before they stopped.
  5. If it's not turning off, then you are constantly applying 12v to the fans
  6. Slow progress being made, which I guess is good since I'm taking my time and not worried about rushing through. I used JB Weld Plastic Welder to hold the meter din in place of the cutout, sanded the excess down in the front. More sanding and a little bit of 3-M gold filler to come.
  7. I'd recommend stuffing a trash bag or two into the hatch and spray the foam into those if you're going to use spray foam. Less messy, and will help keep it out of any moving components for the handle/latch. Try to keep the bags away from those moving parts as well
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