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  1. Google damore engineering, it's on their site.
  2. Where are all of your added grounds at? For big three and amps/batts.
  3. Retune using track 5, the -10dB @ 40hz tone. I wouldn't recommend using the -15dB tracks ever, as very little music is attenuated that much. There's a recent thread titled what is gain overlap, which will give you a better idea of what you're actually doing when using the DD-1 and setting overlap. Use the search feature on this forum to find it, and soak some knowledge
  4. It does. It's a crossover designed for dual woofers and a single tweeter. It's designed for the speakers he listed actually, so all he has to do is take a full range signal from the amp and feed it to each crossover, and then the crossover will do the rest, including distributing different power levels.
  5. You go by the crossover. That is what will be distributing the power.
  6. Make sure you have all filters/crossovers off while setting, or your high pass filters (including subsonic filter) turned as low as possible, and low pass filters turned as high as possible. Check both the amp and head unit filters (of head unit has filter settings, which most do, however basic).
  8. I snagged some new sights for the shield, if they arrive before the weekend then i'll get them put on Friday evening probably. Definitely not a fan of the factory white dots.
  9. no vs threads. read the rules.
  10. No, the over-ears she was using were green. something particular caught your interest? Or just browsing options for now?
  11. You need a pair of splitters no matter which end you split it at.