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  1. Wife's got a bad o2 downstream. Shits all fucking rusted to hell underneath that damn 4Runner.
  2. Few people ever get full output from the alt.... a 350A fuse for a 370A will be more than ok even if he does have full output the entire time
  3. Amp Gain Nearly Maxed & No Clipping

    I've said it in another thread about HU volumes and clipping, but here it is again. Just because my 80PRS is clean all the way up to max volume doesn't mean yours or anyone else's will be. Electronic components have tolerances that effect the results differently in every circuit board. The install and the vehicle will also vary the results. I have it maxed out and clean in my Tahoe, but when I had it in my explorer, I would only have max clean at 60/62. All settings the same when measuring with DD-1. Do do yourself a favor, forget anything and everything you've ever read about a "3/4 volume/gain" setting, and buy the proper distortion measuring tool(s) or find someone local to you and borrow theirs. Stop using "loud" and any other bass boost setting. I'm assuming you think you're not clipping because the little light on your bass knob doesn't light up. Don't trust those crappy knobs and lights. Heres the SMD tool map: Use it to find someone close to you with a DD-1 or o-scope, send them a message and see if they'll help you out
  4. Just use a 350A fuse. Even if your alt were to put out 370A all of the time, it likely won't blow the 350A fuse due to the design of the fuse. Using a 400A fuse will require to have 450A+ to blow it. yes, you need to have a fuse within two feet of each positive connection of each battery. The closer the fuse is to the battery the better
  5. It shouldn't have any adverse effects other than the higher DCR channel not having as much output as the lower DCR. The amp will send the signal no matter what, and those resistances are within the limits of the amp
  6. If you're not there already, check out It's a well of information just like here, more inclined to what you're looking to do. Not that the advice here for vehicles is bad, just it's actually centered for our vehicles there
  7. What amp will you be using for those subs? Power applied plays a big role in enclosure design
  8. I know. I've been using it for more than 10 years for all sorts of pics
  9. Amp Wiring question

    You should not lose any signal voltage. It's a parallel connection. Any lost voltage is due to increased resistance from the RCAs, which should be minute and unnoticeable if the RCAs are good.
  10. If you installed something new, and something that used to work no longer works, it's probably best to assume a good place to start is with the new piece you installed....
  11. Triticum's Improved Port Area Calculator

    Optimal port area required is not equal to Torres port volume. Volume and area are two different things. Yes to your second question. Triticums optimal port area required is what his calculator is recommending for the optimal amount of port area. More is better, but less will be less than optimal for the power to and size of the enclosure.
  12. Did you actually hook up the other rca to your amp and 3.5mm to your phone? If not, I'd recommend doing that. Just because you half ass tested it and got noise doesn't mean the test failed. I've never had an aux cord that didn't have some kind of noise if connected to an input with no source. They pick up a lot of noise. If you think it's your alt, then the next step would be to test to make sure. Your ignition has three resting positions: off, acc, ign. Turn the key once to ACC, radio comes on, amps turn on. If the noise is there, it's not your alt.
  13. Prime Day

    You ever come to VA, bring the margarita blender, I'll bring the tequila....