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  1. reedal

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    The amp dyno doesnt have a varying impedance the way drivers do. It will provide a consistent load to the amp, never changing until the operator chooses another resistance. You wont let your amp ACTUALLY operate at 2ohm unless you wire lower, therefore you will never see that 2ohm power it is capable of.
  2. reedal

    Rockford t1500bdcp gain setting help

    Yes. But you wont see 2ohm due to impedance rise (reactive load). Dont mess with gain or boost, leave it where its at, and wire to .5ohm. Half ohm with -5dB overlap, start volume low and slowly increase to make sure you dont push the subs past mechanical limits.
  3. If your subsonic was actually set at 50, you wouldnt be bottoming out at 28. And i doubt you have a low pass set to 32. Your subsonic is a high pass filter, so everything higher than the set frequency passes through and is played. The low pass is the opposite. So you have a LPF set at 50hz? And your subsonic set at 32? For your original question, how would you push them harder? Bigger amps?
  4. reedal

    Auto Start/Stop Cuasing amp to go into Protect mode

    Rewire everything so its not turned on by an accessory wire, but instead a switch with constant 12v going to it, so you control when it turns on and off.
  5. @WalledSonic and @ToNasty i believe may be able to offer some assistance, as they both have newer GM vehicles with the current sensor.
  6. reedal

    Muting front stage

    Or just disconnect the leads attached directly to the speakers and tape them off...
  7. Run it how you have it. It should be fine that way.
  8. The 3 pointer i killed a couple weeks ago with a muzzleloader And 5 pointer this morning with my 12ga Gonna go back out this evening for the 8 pointer that's in the same place. Called in 4 bucks this morning, this was the only one close enough to fire down on. Not too shabby of a season for me so far, having not been hunting since 2013 when i enlisted
  9. I never made a decision, so unfortunately still no visual protection for my home. Maybe after my baby is born and the holiday season is over and life stops getting in the way
  10. Nice. I myself chose a small and tender 3-point white tail today, to make for an easy carry. I hope to hunt elk one day.
  11. Man's best friend thread is down again. So here are my two hole diggers Blitz is the husky, he's a little over a year, and Zeus is the pit, he's 7 months. They get into trouble together, not individually.
  12. No, the sensor didn't come about until the 04 models. Try running an extended wire from the red box that will reach the alt, see if it changes anything. If not, then i would swap the OE alt back in, and check your harness to make sure the wiring isnt damaged.
  13. 1/0 OFC is good for 250-300 amps at 20ft. I would recommend using two runs of 1/0, due to it being easier to work with than 2/0 or larger