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  1. I do have stock speakers I can try hooking up, but yes the headunit does not matter. When I test another speaker I'll come back here
  2. I got KnuKonceptz Kolossus Flex RCAs and they are routed on the opposite side of power wires (I learned this when I did my first sound system haha) The Big 3 is 0 gauge Soundqubed 0gauge, both amps have 4 gauge power wire bot hOFC, and 4 gauge ground wires connected to the 2+2 fused blocked with a 0gauge wire connected to the car for ground. Volume level and gain level does not effect the hiss no matter what. Once the amp has power and is on, and a speaker is connected, the hiss is there. The hiss comes from all 4 corners, and its a lot louder from the rear coaxials compared to the front components (which i notice the hiss from the midrange and tweeter) Honestly guys, I believe its the amp itself causing it. Some internal parts somewhere like a noise filter or something is doing it. So I think its normal for this amp and I have to deal with it until I get a different type of amp.
  3. Correct. Volume at 0, RCAs disconnected. The hiss is constant, same volume, never changes. And when I play music and turn up volume, it stays the same volume in the background. The louder the music goes, the less you hear the hiss. Only at Mid to Low to No Volume you notice it
  4. Yeah, forgot to say that. The gain does NOT effect the hiss. As long as the amp is turned on, and a speaker is connected, the hiss is there.
  5. Well, I don't know if this is good or bad news. But I changed the ground behind the HU and the constant static-like hiss is still there. It must be produced from something inside the amp. I'm assuming this is normal and until I get a new amp, I'll have to live with it.
  6. Oh wow ok, I guess that makes sense. I'll change it anyways and test it out. Thanks for that info!
  7. Nah the hiss doesn't change with HU volume. And it's all factory ground behind there, I did solder the wiring harness connected behind the headunit.
  8. Got the amp hooked up to Hertz Energy 3 Way in front and TX65 coaxials in rear. From the very first day I hooked up this amp, I've always had this constant static-like hiss sound coming from speakers (more noticeable from TX65 coaxials). I've also had the amp replaced brand new from Skar so this is my second one and same exact scenario. I have been told this is normal and not. The sound is constant and happens with the amp being powered on and speakers wired up in any channel of the amp. My Ground wires for both Skar RP amps I have, are connected to a fused 2-2 distribution block with 1 0g wire connected to the body of car, does this matter? I do not notice the hiss from the sub at all RCAs do NOT change it. Headunit volume does NOT change it. Car ON or OFF does NOT change it. My guess was Speaker Sensitivity with my coaxials having 89db(most noticeable) and my Hertz components 91db(less noticeable from Tweeter and Midrange) This is my first time ever having a 4-channel amp in my car sound system.(I've had the amp installed for a few months now) So I am just curious to why this happens, is it normal, what would I have to change to get rid of it (speakers or amp)? Curious if others have this too. The constant hiss is most annoying when your surroundings are quiet with no music, and with music at lower volumes you slightly notice the hiss in the background of the music. Also noticed my computer speakers (Mackie CR3s) have a similar hiss sound, so I am assuming it's normal which is why I haven't been too concerned. Thanks
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