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  1. Need help with a 4th order design

    Thats not really how it normally works on here lol. People post all the info FIRST then other members will take a look at the info and if they can help, they will. Most people that approach it ur way, the box builders here wont even take the time to reply to those kinds of posts. Just an FYI lol i know ur new.
  2. Need help with a 4th order design

    Post up as much info as u can upfront. So whoever helps with ur design doesnt have to go back and forth with u asking 1st step questions. Subs, amp, real life dimensions LxWxH of ur available space for the box(meaning use a tape measure)
  3. Can anyone play songs from XXTENTATION without blowing their speakers??? Lol all his tracks sound distorted AF. 

    1. baron_of_bass


      He does that shit on purpose. Horrible, and he makes horrible music 

  4. If its cutting at 15 out of 62? Does ur pioneer go up to 62? If it does, to me id assume ur gain nob on the amp is maxed out?
  5. If u really want to run that many speakers around the cabin, i counted 9 speakers, not 7 tho. For the 9 speakers you'll need two 4ch amps one could be the smallest 4ch and one bigger 4ch. Small and big referring to power output "rms". The smaller 4ch, bridge two channels together for ur center channel, and use the other 2 channels of the amp for the rear deck speakers. Those two spots would need the least amount of power, you dont want a whole bunch of sound coming from behind ur head. Then the higher power 4ch use 2channels for ur front doors (assuming you buy a component speaker set with a passive crossover, which id suggest to do if ur trying to run all 9 speakers) then ur rear doors off the last two channels. Ur doors is where u want all the power. If you want to keep it simple you could just cancel all rear speakers and center channel. Just replace ur front doors 6.5 and tweet. Also if u havent bought an amp yet. You could look into getting a 5ch amp if theres one strong enough to match ur subs.
  6. Amp Gain Nearly Maxed & No Clipping

    If u found a distortion point on the gain, that would mean u fixed ur issue. Lol but it sounds like ur still having an issue based on what you said after that. Using the dd-1 should be pretty simple, u must be over looking some step or something. The dd-1 works, because u found distortion on the HU. Maybe the amp gain potentiometer dial is broke? And its not actually going up? When u turn the gain up do u notice a differnce in output from ur speakers? If u have a dmm, check the ends of the rca wires. The rca plug thats going into the amp, check that its putting out 5v when maxed volume. Just some other ideas u can mess with if u havent already.
  7. Amp Gain Nearly Maxed & No Clipping

    You said "But i can turn my amp gain all the way up and still no distortion, which isnt the case obviously". So it isnt the case and there is now distortion? I dont really get what ur saying there; its kinda worded weird, or im just dyslexic lol.
  8. Seems like for subs it usually just comes down trying to get the most power without blowing anything. Pretty much all amps have higher output when the ohms are lower rather than higher. So just make sure ur amp can run 1ohm safely and u have the electrical to support that larger electriccal draw. If im not mistaken an amp will draw more power when youre wired to a lower load/ohms. Just my noob views on the topic.
  9. L.p. surfboard 48"

    Nib? New in box LP 4.1HVS?
  10. L.p. surfboard 48"

    I think i seen one on ebay, if its the same model. For pics you can use "imgur" the app. Theres some way to use facebook pics too but i dont know how. Several other apps too but i just use imgur.
  11. WTB Linear Power 4.1HVS

    Bump still looking for one/two eventually
  12. Does anyone know what amp class the linear power 4.1HVS is? I see their new amps say they are a/b. I couldnt find any details of what class the 4.1HVS is from the sites manual or anything.

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    2. 06RTCharger


      Skulls so AB amps were being made before D? Yah maybe thats why its not specified. Id assume any lp amp was AB but i didnt see it specify a class anywhere so had me thinking.

    3. baron_of_bass


      I have never used any LP amps.

      Someone on here really likes them. Cableguy was his name. 

      I'm about to start my first build with higher end equipment. Wish me luck, going for more of a true sq build. (Morel and mosconi zero line amps for my sound stage.)

    4. 06RTCharger


      Yah i seen ur build log post. I was considering the zero 1, its pretty close to what i want but id need two of them to be happy about it. But 6gz for two amps aint happening lol not letting myself do that. I have the as100.4 and as200.2 for my 3way front stage. So would be pretty nice to have all mosconi, but nah i cant drop all that on two amps just for 2subs.

  13. Subwoofer Recommendations for bed of a Polaris Ranger

    Sealed probably wont hit like ur expecting it to. Id say try a ported box built for those exact subs and power. If thats an atv probably try to see if u can fire ports toward the seats area. You could start another thread asking for help with a design. Just make sure you include the sub models, amp models, what ohms you'll be running them at and then the max dimensions you have available length width height. The more details you give, the better chance you'll be helped.
  14. Loudest Cooler Ever

    Lol thats dope. But then you'd need to bring two coolers. One for the actual ice and drinks lol. Wonder how much power its pushin.
  15. Made some 4g to dual 4 amp inputs

    If its about ur channel, why not hold a contest/giveaway for your subscribers? I think that would be alot better of an idea for your channel.