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  1. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Lol i know, this wasnt to get anything correct and matched up. Just wanted to post some pics of the tool being used, but wasnt about to waste a lug just to throw up some pics lol. I went through alot if u remember for those lugs. I wasnt expecting perfect crimps, strictly just messin around with a hydraulic crimper for the first time. Using extra lugs that i have no use for.
  2. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Third and final attemp, made two crimps, one on each end of the lug.
  3. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Yup i was just testing it out, just to get some pics up. The last crimp was almost good, but becuase the wire was small it didnt fill out perfectly. I should be able to post the last crimp pics now. Have to wait a few mins between posts to upload.
  4. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Second attemp using 250mcm die. Same style pics.
  5. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    I have to wait to upload more pics. Ill finish the post as fast as it allows me to upload.
  6. Hydraulic Crimping Tool

    Got to mess with it today. I didnt want to waste my lugs that im going to use for the install so i used the ones that were slightly too big. Tested it out with the big ligs and a lil peice of 4/0 Knukonceptz. I used 3 different dies, 4/0, 250mcm, 300mcm. The lug im testing is a tinned copper ILSCO 350kcmil, but its a lil too big for the 4/0knu. It wiggles slighly. The size im using for the actual build is the same lug but 300kcmil, fits perfectly. I have another thread somewhere about test fitting a bunch of electrical grade lugs for the 4/0knu, just search 4/0 knukonceptz and my thread should come up somewhere. Heres the pics. Heres the first attempt 4/0dies. Way too small causing the wings lol. Also included a pic of the comparison of the 4/0knu wire behind the 4/0 die. You can see the rubber jacket around the wire and imagine the jacket being a perfectly fit lug, seeing how much the die would compress it all.
  7. Never heard of that place yet “Nicehash” sounds like it was a big exchange tho. Weird name tho for a big exchange lol
  8. Damn! Lol i guess thats why it dropped back down to 15-16k after hitting 19k. Thats fkd up, thats the risk with it tho. Dont leave ur cryptos online. Use a paper wallet for ur majority.
  9. Its a hot item lol. Gotta keep checkin for new stock. Youre kinna posting on the wrong thread tho.....
  10. Stupid crazy lol. It went above 19k earlier today, for a short while. Are u trading or experimenting at all with cryptos yet?
  11. Two days ago RussianMinerCoin RMC, the cryptocurrency was less than $1 for a coin. This morning it was 22k per coin and right now its 29.9k. Tf is going on with that? Whoever bought those a few days ago has now probably made a huge change in their life. 

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    2. 06RTCharger


      From what i could gather with a quick google. Bitcoin mining was just legalized or something in russia. Like couple days ago. So im guessing once that news broke, EVERYBODY that heard it started scooping up all the RMC they could, it was a very limited amount of RMC availble i think, so that made it even more wanted. 

      That company RMC is going to be building a huge mining facility and anyone with those coins will get a percent of what they mine. Something like that, thats what i read. Shits insane tho, wish i wouldve been in on the news. 

    3. Hotdog


      It will probably dump hard leaving people jumping on the bandwagon late with huge losses. I have seen groups out there that specifically pump up crypto coins to dump on the people that jump into it trying to make a profit. 

    4. 06RTCharger


      Yup, if u watch the graphs u can see it lol. 

  12. Online store for NEW CDs?

    Yah i got one, soon as i get a couple days off in a row i can start the build again. I just got my crimper so ill be able to run my electrical and install my mechman.