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  1. Lmao ummmm not sure u wanna say that right here....
  2. Theres a tool map around here somewhere. Might be lucky and have someone in ur canada area that can loan/rent you a SMD IM-SG
  3. Aero port. As for being identical, that wont happen. Im sure you can get similar tho. As long as both sides of ur trunk are the same shape. It would just be a matter of comparing both sides as u go along, throughout the whole process. Why not just make a smaller box? Maybe just use one of the 12s in a ported box. Or is it one of those strollers that are the size of a dirtbike lol.
  4. Any progression pics of that box?? Like the interior. Badass job slip'n in 7cubes back there
  5. Soundqubed HDC3 12" DIY box build

    Nice! Are you going to wait for those parts before u test bump the box??? I would be so anxious to hear the box lol.
  6. Just noticed i can get onto the forum with starbucks wifi again finally! Lol thought id check out if the garage feature works now too and yup, it does. Wonder if its just coincedence or some how they are wierdly connected lol.
  7. Insight on dc lvl 1?

    If u havent checked out this video yet, it'll show how to set different devices up so that they all work safely for ur system.
  8. Insight on dc lvl 1?

    Aux is one of the lowest quality sources you can use. Use usb if u can, even blutooth i think is capable of better signal than aux.If aux is ur ONLY source then you need to set everything up using aux as ur source. Download the dd1tracks onto ur device, then plug ur device into ur headunit using AUX and play ur tracks through the device and find ur max volume, then leave it at the max clean volume and set the gains. But if your device is really that shitty and clips at %25 just get a better one if u can. Triple check that all bass boost, eq settings and all that is at 0 or turned off.
  9. Insight on dc lvl 1?

    If u already have a dd1, id still check it. Just for the sake of eliminating possibilities.
  10. Insight on dc lvl 1?

    Check the deck on its own with the dd1 connected directly to the decks output. If thats a clean signal, connect ur rca wires to the deck and connect the dd1 to the rcas right at the ends that would plug into the amp. That should narrow it down. Check the deck, if thats good, check rcas you could just need new/better rca wires.
  11. I dont think you can set the output to a specified wattage with the DD-1. Maybe try starting another thread about setting for a specified wattage. I dont know enough about the mathematics to give u some advice, but you do sound like ur on the right track. Im sure others here can help verify that technique. Goodluck man.
  12. If u have a four channel amp, you can go active on 4 speakers. Sounds like u think all channels will only put out the same power on all 4 channels? They could if thats what u want, but u can turn down the gain on the channel 1-2, without turning down the gain on channels 3-4. The amp will have two separate gain dials for the pair of channels. So turn the gains down for the tweets if u dont want the full power of those channels going to the tweets. And u can keep the gains where they should be for your mids.
  13. 12midnight cali time. So for hawaii 9pm Friday night? Ill be tuned in online. Congrats to the whole team on the project.
  14. 4th Order experiment

    A single 10" aero gives u a port area of about 78.5square inches. Is that all u need for two 15s?
  15. I feel wireless is always better when quality isnt compromised. Having something die out on you and have to be recharged unexpectedly really sicks tho. So the battery life on a single charge is the key factor to me. If after a couple hours of regular play, the audio device dies, then its not worth the "wireless convenience".