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  1. Bass updates comin for the Ram

  2. What volume do you all use? Before port displacment or do u try to questimate a port displacment?
  3. What should i enter for net volume if i dont know what the size and length of the port will be yet? A port could end up displacing a whole cube or more.
  4. Been a while, but im back. Just had a week off from work and got some updates to the Ram to post coming up. Gonna need some help with the finalizing of the numbers on my box. Gonna try to find some baltic birch later on today, its fuckin 4am and i been wreckin my brain crunchin numbers for this box. 

    So whats going on guys, what'd i miss?


  5. They patrol this area often, alot of break ins still. Theres lots of trees and places to hide easily around here, cops just drive by, maybe shine their spot light a bit. This Flir is what the cops should carry so they can patrol this area, theyed catch alot more people lurking around houses.
  6. @moh.vze.com its a legitimate thermal vision monocular (like binocular but just a single lense). Unlike the common night vision equipment which needs an infrared light bulb on it to shine onto things for it to be seen, these dont need that infrared light blubs. I got it mostly for awareness or finding someone lurking in the dark. Lot of theives around my area. Brother got robbed at knife point by two guys the other night when he was walking home. Went looking to see if i could find the guys but cant see shit at night lol. NOW I CAN ?
  7. Old protos before the lp2150 came out.....or protos of the rarely mentioned 2400? Hear anything about that amp still being developed?
  8. I dont know if i will watch that video but ill go and like it forsure lol. For the same reason i dont ever watch any more movies with dogs in them. Shit always kills me.
  9. Dayum, i gotta look up some videos of these in action. Thats crazy
  10. Have u tried hooking up another speaker to that amp just to isolate the issue being at the amp. Because if u disconect rcas and its still hissing that means the headunit is not even connected to it in anyway, so the headunit doesnt matter.
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