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  1. Dayum, i gotta look up some videos of these in action. Thats crazy
  2. 06RTCharger

    port calculations

    Lol yup, i always mention it when someones wondering about aero ports becuase i used to think i would be able to use for example four 10inch long aero ports to get the necessary 40inch port length.
  3. Just have to keep the peice flat and verticle as possible while moving it into place so its not sticking to everything else as u try to move it where u want it lol just move slowly
  4. Thanks man! It actually wasnt too bad, once the peice is cut to the right size so it can fit between those three or four foam spacers on the support bars, it just lays down easily because that panels so flat.
  5. 06RTCharger

    port calculations

    Not sure if someone has said this already but keep in mind using multiple ports wont let you use shorter ports than the port length needed. For example getting the tuning to ur desired 28hz calls for a 10 inch aero port with a length of 40 inches (just using random number) and u decide to do any amount of smaller aeros in multiples instead.....they ALL still have to be 40 inches long.
  6. Maybe look for some components that require VERY little rms power. That way the little power that the pioneer gives will be enough to get the speakers playing at close to full potential.
  7. Thanks man. It wasnt too well thought out lol but i kept at it and figuring out what to do as i go along. I just have to figure out how to tune, because the speakers still dont sound very impressive yet.
  8. After damp pro Tesa taped those metal rods that open the door and unlock the door. finished product, with a small piece lux pro and butly rope to cover the metal rods access hole Started around 1pm, finished that ONE door at 230 am lol
  9. Wiped down all the surfaces of any dust or oil. And went to town. before damp pro After damp pro inside door chamber
  10. Cardboard template traced out then rought cut with jig saw and becuase the cardboard is so thin it wouldnt ride against the bearing on the router table so i just free handed it using my pens outline, came out alright. Then drilled the bolt holes and counter sunk then checked fitment.
  11. Picked up some marine grade HDPE plastic sheet. Full sheet cut in two peices. Rivet nuts intalled
  12. Then startd figuring out how to seal this big hole. And went with caraudiofabrications idea of a plastic panel with rivetnuts. Drilled out my holes, some were existing holes i just had to enlarge a lil so i used those holes too. Then sprayed some rust-oleum spray paint to protect the bare metal. My carboard template Outlined the template in gray sharpe to make sure i have the right size and shape.
  13. Starting to seal up the front doors. Door panels been of for seems like a year already lol so i just started with the OEM wire harness. Removed the whole harness out from the door boot and removed the wornout tape they use and retaped it with some exterior tesa tape. Also removed any retaining clips to eliminate rattles. Using some extra scraps of damp pro to secure the harness out of the way of any moving parts. before After
  14. I didnt try that, thanks for the idea, ill try it out. Yah it has those ridges that are supposed to help bite into the metal.
  15. I gotta check what it is. Isnt aluminum less corrosive?