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  1. You know its a big ass sub when u need an automotive engine lift to carry the bish lol its probably just used to display the sub better; but STILL. Dayum.
  2. Is there a quick and simple way to explain why the midrange should be out of phase? Or a link explaining it more so u dont have to explain too much. Just wondering.
  3. Yah $140 for six 50inch bessey's best parts no shipping lol. Thanks for the homedepot tip man, really worked out.
  4. I SCORED lol Damn things are huge, full length of the trucks bed when the tail gates up. Nice addition to the tools I bought all the 50s they had, they were supposed to have two more cases but we couldnt find them. I was gonna wait till the new shipment comes and get more 50s....but maybe thats enough 50s? Just get some 24s?
  5. Oh i didnt even think to check homedepot, my store here has them instock according to the website. I checked lowes and they didnt have any, figured homedepot wouldnt either. Gonna go down and snag what i can. These will definatly be a good buy? https://www.homedepot.com/p/BESSEY-50-in-K-Body-REVOlution-KRE-Parallel-Clamp-with-Composite-Plastic-Handle-and-3-3-4-in-Throat-Depth-KRE3550/303953020
  6. http://www.yostvises.com/products/clamps/bar-clamps/32-heavy-duty-ratchet-bar-clamp-and-spreader.htmlWhat about these? Theyre a stronger model Yost but still decent priced, says it'll clamp 330lds of force? Look like a good buy? Im thinking 15 of these if the shipping doesnt rape me lol. Went to buy a bessey 30peice set for $450, the btb30 set and shipping was almost $300 lol. Shipping to hawaii always makes things more complicating. Im hoping these Yost bars are lighter therefore cheaper shipping. Also realized i mostly need long bars atleast 24inch and above so the bessey set wouldnt have been that good of use for me with the short bars included in the set.
  7. Thanks everyone. Now i just gotta figure out how much im willing to spend on clamps.
  8. Damn. Ok. Like AudioFanatics has in his picture. Crazy amounts of clamps. More the better.
  9. Just read some reviews on the bora ones, not so good. Jorgensen is what i think ill search a deal for. Bessey is just a lil too much for a beginner lol.
  10. The bessey jorgensen and bora parallel clamps are the ones i was looking at. I liked how the feet or claws or jaws whatever its called has a wider surface area so theres not alot of pressure in a small point. What would you say is the minimum amount of clamps you would need for a box build? Could 4 of those parallels get the job done?
  11. Parts express thats where i havent looked yet, forgot about them thanks for the link, those look decent and priced well.
  12. Im sure any clamps better than no clamp. But what type of clamps do you use? What type of clamps do u avoid? ive been searching amazon and the ones that look well built and have long bars 18/24/36/48 inches are super expensive and are mostly just one clamp, a couple with two clamps per pack but mostly just one. Anyone know of a decent quality, decent length set of clamps for building boxes?
  13. A 3 box test would be pretty dope. One ported, one sealed; one PR. All same sub, same amp.
  14. Glued up, and screwed up. Things werent lining up, some panels were tryna bend. So i had to use some screws. Next time around i'll have a brad nailer, and some clamps. Ill have to wait till i can get to the store and pickup some thick dowel rods to use as cross bracing, also add some small strips of 45 angled peices along the inner seams. Then i can glue the last side on. I was way off thinking i could get the box playing in a day or two lol.
  15. Got the angles cut on the top panel and front sub panel. Had to use the saw in a lil sketchy way. Worked out fine tho, no fingers lost lol.
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