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  1. Yah id like to compare. Not sure if my ears would be able to hear the difference. If i do notice it then it must be a big difference. I do have an RTA but its the cheap one from audio control. The mic plugs into an iphone or ipad. Ive messed around with it a few times, i liked doing burps with the subs i just put in lol. Numbers are super low but it was still cool having a system and equipment to test a "burp" with. Lol youve got too many connections, give the other competitors a chance man lol jk.
  2. Do you think it would be a big difference if i was to throw my L1ProR2 Tweeters in place of the L2SE?? Do tweeters do better off axis and less beaming? I assume its not optimal to have it way off axis in the dash like it is, but going from the L2se to a L1Pro R2 would it sound better, u think?
  3. No i just have the l6se in the doors and l2se in the dash. Wanted to keep the Ram build simpler than the Chargers build lol. I figured since the l2se had a frequency response of 170hz-20khz, i wouldnt need a tweet. It can get kinna harsh already, i drop the tweets whole bandwidth down a couple dbs. I think thats the right wording "bandwidth". I believe its the network 3 section on the 80prs. I dont have the ear to tune tho or to notice if something is missing. Nooby ears. You think theres a noticable difference from the l2se in the dash to say the a-pillar on axis? I dont think id ever add a tweet to whats already there, but maybe relocating the l2se later down the road.
  4. Heres my only my mids in a 06 Dodge Charger. Made cardboard models first, then made it out of plastic after test fitting the cardboard. Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia L8SE My idea was to attempt to aim the mid a lil more "on axis" rather than having the mids aimed directly at my ankles lol. Also i wanted to attempt to turn the doors metal inner chamber into a sort of sealed enclouse so it was treated with Second Skin and all gaps were covered. Sadly i havent gotten to the midrange and tweet for this system yet. Thats gonna take some glassing, which i havent tried yet. But i have a L4SE set and a L1ProR2 set.
  5. Heres the mids going in the stock location, made my own speaker adapters for the dash speakers and there door speakers. Hybrid Audio Technologies L6SE. Comparing stock speakers to my L6SE
  6. 2014 Ram 1500. Hybrid Audio Technologies L2SE replacing stock dash speakers, used stock wiring at first so i used some adapters and quick release connectors also, but now i ran my own wire.
  7. Thanks man. Ive had it for a couple years now and this is the first time ive ever turned it on. Im so glad it came on and worked the first try lol. I got bad luck with stuff like that. I think its killing my battery quick lol my ignition is really sluggish now, i have to turn the ignition twice. Gonna try to put the battery on a trickle charge for now till i upgrade electrical.
  8. Couple vids, not sure how long they'll stay up. Dont have any royalty free stuff lol
  9. Im not sure if ur being sarcastic or not lol but the box is as big as i wanted to go, shits huge to me. Inverted would just be rediculous and too much goin on for me. I didnt want it to look too crazy. Shitty part is i think i mightve hooked up the second sub with the wrong polarity SMFH. I bumps but not like a 15 should and theres barely any air coming out of the port. Gonna try to fix it while im on the road.
  10. Forgot to take pics tonight after it was all installed and wired up and playing. It was 11pm when i finally got to hear some real BASS and i couldnt turn it up much so i ended it there for the night. Ill take some pics and vids tomorrow in the day light. Heres some teaser pics of how it'll look, just no subs yet in this pic. These are pics from the boxes build log when i test fitted the box. Be back tomorrow night with more updates. Pretty fkn happy to hear some actual bass.
  11. Big boy is wired up. I need to upgrade my battery situation ASAP. Before this thing kills it. Those two extra speaker terminals are for something called "Feedback circuit" i forgot to account for that when wiring so i went without it. The manual says its fine to not use it, but when used its supposed to enhance cone control and damping factor. Ill try to use it when i make the final box. The 80PRS was clean at max volume (62). I set it at 2.5 overlap for now. Probabaly shouldve kept it at 0 until i upgrade batteries. But oh well. Ill just keep any eye on voltage, maybe jimmyrig my SMD VM-1 just to watch it better.
  12. Linear Power 4.1HVS old school beast amp. Moved the taps from 8ohm to the 4ohm taps. My final load should be 4ohm becuase im using Two DVC 4ohm subs. I had to swap out the negative speaker terminals (5-way binding posts) because if you look close you can see that the holes are alot smaller than the positive terminals holes. But as i post this.....i just realized i didnt have to swap it because im using banana plugs, which wont be using that specific holes lol oh well.
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