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  1. Wow really? My Chargers headliner came out thru the passenger rear door.
  2. Best SQ System

    Mosconi amps the AS line, or Zero line. Linear Power amps. Zapco Z-LX line of amps. There are many more brands that will be mentioned, but thats the three i considered. I went with mosconi for the front stage and oldschool linear power for the subs. Front stage speakers....Morel, Focal, Hertz, Blues(Linear power), Hybrid Audio Technologies, Illusion Audio. Thats all i can think of, there are many more brands im sure. I went with Hybrid Audio Technologies Legatia SE 8in, 4in and Legatia L1 Pro R2 tweeters. Sub Stage I just went with Hybrid audio because they had 15s and they look sleak and a lil unique with the reversed surround, gloss black cone. Im not too sure what other SQ type subs there are. I know Blues has subs up to 10s i think. Illusion has 12s. Not sure about others. SQ Headunits could be the Pioneer 80prs or p99rs. Sony RSX-GS9. There are some oldschool ones too but thats a whole different issue. Processors you can check out Mosconi dsp pros the 6to8 or the 8to12. Also they have the Aerospace dsp in the same 6/8 or 8/12 configurations. Another dsp to check out would be the Rockford Fosgage 3sixty.3. Also check out Audio Control, they have good quality equipment and alot of tuning equipment, good processors. As everyone will tell you, its all about the install and tune when u want SQ. You could make the best SQ equipment sound like shit with a shitty install and horrible tune or vise versa Seems like you know that already, so ill stop with that. I started buying equipment for my SQ build on 7/31/2016 lol. First piece was a high output alternator from mechman. Been ordering things since then. Ordered more shit yesturday too and still need more stuff lol. Mostly supplies type stuff. The biggest hangup i have is getting the extra time/daylight. I only have one car, so i cant have it in pieces for much longer than a day. Make sure you have the right tools too. Have fun with ur build man. When u get it started, create a Build Log in the “members rides and builds” area of the forum.
  3. I bought two. One to leave mounted in the table. One to leave mounted on the plunge base. I bought a different brand tho, from lowes.
  4. Best 6.5 component Door speakers

    Check out the Digital Designs AW6.5, ive heard good things about those, strong midbass and gets loud and clear. Specs says it handles 120-360 watts.
  5. ** RCA's **

    Never tried, but i seen some complaints about the fitment of the Knu Krystal rcas. Another brand u can check out besides the one already mentioned is Stinger. If you like spending money, check out their 9000 series rcas, fkrs are beautiful. Cant go wrong with some SMD equipment either, specially for those prices.
  6. Head unit recommendations

    Look for sales. Some guys find the 80prs for under $200. Kenwoods too are good for basics, i hooked one up in my brothers truck with the phone call mic and stuff, pretty cool. I think it was around $140 or something like that but i went to a local shop that probably jacked the price up. Also i think kenwoods are known for usually having a clean output signal at max volume.
  7. New H.U.

    80prs mounted deeper than stock mounts, soundmanCA Ipad slider kit custom fitted to ur dash piece. Just like how Steve did for Bradito’s yota. So sick, wish i could do that.
  8. Skar equpiment looks pretty good for the prices. You could get ur subs, mids&highs, and both amps from them. Link up at the top of the forum.
  9. Finally had some good time off from work. Been doing some sound deadening. Full interior, pulled everything except the actual shifter and the dashboard. Ill be adding to the build log a lil bit in a couple days. 

    1. 06RTCharger


      Heres a lil peep 



    2. 06RTCharger


      Some Bstock snuck into my damp pro 80sqft case smh. Could see through to the silver foil when i peeled the waxpaper off. So far it was only on two sheet that i noticed. I can deal with a few mishaps, but if theres a bunch more ill ask them about it. 




  10. Door mute and mute wires

    Hooked everything up to make sure the HU turns on with the key and make sure all steering wheel controls work. Everything works. From the PAC module im only using the red acc wire, connecting the red from PAC to the Red on my pioneer and it works, didnt need to find a oem fuse box spot or oem wire to splice into. Even tho the car doesnt have a ACC wire pin on the stock harness, i guess the stock HU turned on with a data/computer wire. only part doesnt work is the illumination/dimming. I dont know if the pioneer even has the dim capability. It lights up fine tho, just doesnt dim when i dim the interior lights. So i yanked those wires too. Lol harness is all slim.
  11. Door mute and mute wires

    Yah for my 06 charger, i yanked it already lol.
  12. Door mute and mute wires

    Will i have any issues if i dont use any of the mute wires? Like door chime issue or something like that?
  13. Does anyone actually use those mute wires? Whats the reasoning for wanting to mute ur system when the doors open? I understand muting for phone calls but this headunit doesnt have phone call setups like the kenwoods with the mic and all that. Im thinking i wont even hook those up because i cant think of a reason i would want the sustem to mute. I can just turn the shit down if its too loud. Or just use the ATT button on the remote control. Any reason i should use it??
  14. EAGLES🏆 Moneyline 💰

    1. fosgatefan821


      Was a good game,lol. 

    2. Broke_Audio_Addict


      Did it make up for what you lost on bitcoin?

    3. 06RTCharger


      I havent lost yet in bitcoin lol, its still going. But damn its droppin in value like crazy. 

  15. Thats where Doug from soundmanca got those dick glitters lmao