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  1. Thats the key with these, making the perfect fit before the compression. I fkd up by using a unibit instead of the right size drill bit. I was scared of how the drill shot thru the metal panel once the drillbit bit into the metal. If my window was down, it wouldve shattered lol. The unibit doesnt have a spiral thread so it doesnt shoot thru like a spear once it bites in, like a normal drill it will.
  2. Yah an epoxy made specifically for bonding metals would probably be way better than CA, but thats all i had on hand. Not even sure if the CA helped really lol it couldve just been the reinstall of a new rivetnut that worked better the second time around.
  3. 06RTCharger

    Looking for song title.

    Cant hear shit lol but the syllable rapping i can kinna hear sounds like Tech9. Idk if that helps or anything.
  4. I drilled the lose ones out and reinstalled a new one into the same hole with some CA glue between the sheet metal and rivetnut. It held fine now. I was able to tighten it enough to be secure. But i didnt try to really torgue it down, just tight enough to secure it.
  5. I think the only question u gotta figure out is if the 3.5mm to rca is gonna be "highlevel" and if it is, then is it ok to use highlevel rcas as input to the amp? Usually rcas are lowlevel, so im not sure how that affects the amp if ur rca input is highlevel. Then you wanna figure out if the amp can accept one pair of rca and have it feed all channels of the amp still. If not, you'll have to do a bunch of spliting rcas. You could do 3.5mm to LRrca, then split L and split R, then use one pair of L&R for ur sub channel input/ the remaining L&R you can split again so that u have two L and two R.inputs for your four speakers. Thats if ur using a 5 channel amp. you could even use a 4 channel amp if u wanted. Channel 1&2 for all four speakers by wiring pairs of them in parallel or series(just pay attention to final ohm load). Then bridge channels 3&4 for ur sub. Noob myself so take my ideas lightly lol.
  6. Oh a reman is a head, i thought u were saying do an engine swap with a reman. Lol. Yah maybe that would be best, just replace the heads.
  7. The truck doesnt run tho and hasnt ran in almost a year i think. I could get remove the heads and take them into a shop to test it?
  8. I will definatly try to pay better attention to torque ratings if i do this lol dont wanna snap any more bolt heads off.
  9. Damn. Alright. Thanks man
  10. Lol engine swap???? Nah thats wayyyyy over my head, im just thinking i can replace a few things that are just simple. Think i will try to tackle this. Just feel hesistant, havent even changed my own oil before or simple things like that. BUT i guess i can say i did some mechanic work when i swapped my alt lol.
  11. A few hundred is alright, alot better than couple thousand for labor only. Is that an expensive thing to do, having the heads resurfaced?
  12. So i wouldnt need special mechanical knowledge or special tools. Pretty much just a breakdown/disaaemble, clean, replace gaskets and re asemble? I dont have to pull the whole engine out right.
  13. Nothing special. Its was just meant to be a AtoB kinna work/beach truck. I know the suspension is all worn too so rides rough but i just want it to be driveable atleast.
  14. Is that way over my head? To replace gaskets. I know its time consuming with all the disassembly and reassembly, but is there any special knowledge and tools needed to complete a job like that? Shop says labor is almost 2k, gaskets is like $100 lol, im thinking i can save my bros truck and save a ton of money if i do it myself. Im just unsure how technical of a job it is and if theres special sensor tools or gauges ect that would be needed. I know it would make more sense to use the s10forum site but im comfortable here and know ill get some input here. Back story on the truck, i heard my bro got his GED so that same morning i went on craigslist and scooped up the most dencent lookin cheap truck i could find to get him as a present for "graduating". I had noooooo clue about mechanics, it started fine. and i didnt see it smoking during the test drive. I was stoked and so was my bro when i handed him the keys. Couple days later it over heats, oil on the driveway, freeze plugs were leaking and engine mounts were worn out causig the motor to shift and bang the radiator hose causing more coolant leakage. Paid to have those fixed and the shop didnt replace ALL the freeze plugs so then the ones they left started leaking and over heated again. Took it in so they could do it right this time and the head gasket blew after they replaced the freeze plugs. They told us its not worth it to fix all that becuase the labor alone would cost more than the truck is worth. BUT this truck already got a lil sentimental value being i got it for him and its his first vehicle. I feel like diving into that would expand my mechanical noob knowledge if it worked out. Is it worth it and possible for me??? For the sentimental value. Its been sitting forever already but i just cant dump it, besides his value for it, i put a bunch $$ into it already.
  15. They patrol this area often, alot of break ins still. Theres lots of trees and places to hide easily around here, cops just drive by, maybe shine their spot light a bit. This Flir is what the cops should carry so they can patrol this area, theyed catch alot more people lurking around houses.