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  1. Zvx 12 v2 on the way and going in my s10 xtreme small build but should sound nice! pics soon.
  2. Needing a bigger amp to power a DC lvl 3 15 Currently have the pioneer 8601 Looking at the pioneer 9601 because it's 1200 RMS at around 200.00 Also looking at the DC 1.2K but it's almost twice the price. Been away from car audio for a long time. Any input would be great. Pros and cons of either over the other? Things like that. Thanks in advance!
  3. What I have... 2002 GMC Yukon No third row. Pioneer DEH-X8600BS head unit Pioneer DEH-8601 monoblock amp Prefab ground shaker slot ported 3.7cf box Single kicker 15" CVR DVC 4OHM This sub is rated at 500rms The amp is @ a 2 OHM load @ 500watts rms This sub slams pretty good, but it's over powered and not quite doing it for me. I have an extra pioneer DEH-8601 amp BNIB Have been looking at replacing my kicker with a DC Audio lvl 3 15 DVC 2 OHM and running my current amp at 1 OHM @ 800watts in my current prefab box. Eventually, adding another DC sub for two total in a custom box running both pioneer amps @ 1 OHM Should I notice much of a difference between the single kicker at 500 watts compared to the new DC @ 800watts? Thanks in advance.
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