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  1. Hey everyone! Sorry for a long delay on updates. We've been doing some remodeling here at Skar Audio HQ and haven't been able to get to work on the Maserati! Here are some recent shots of how the doors are coming a long! - Devin
  2. Before rabit bit: After: Took about 3/16ths off each speaker hole! Did some test fitting on the door panel as well! - Devin
  3. We are trying not to use fiber glass on the doors. I have done the technique in the past but I don't think it would be the best for this application. - Shane
  4. Finishing up the mesh grill inserts and began bondo work!! BONDO TIME!!! We are using Evercoat Rage Gold! - Devin
  5. Small update on the build! Almost ready for some bondo so they will start taking shape soon! - Devin
  6. Shane got a decent amount of work done today on the doors! They are starting to resemble something and it is looking pretty sweet! - Devin
  7. Update from today! Once again a crazy day at the office so Shane was only able to do a little bit more work on the doors but here are the pics from today! - Devin
  8. Got some new toys from Mobile Solutions today! Even though we were slammed with other things going on here at Skar Audio but we were able to get some work done on the door panel and try out the new tools! Today we were able to get some done on the grille shape as well as finish shaping the door panel! - Devin
  9. Hey everyone here's an update from today! We transferred the template to wood and started getting it shaped! Here's kind of the the idea we are going for on each door! Time for the router! More photos tomorrow with a little more action! - Devin
  10. Hey everyone, It has been ages since we built the Skar Audio Escalade so we are in well need of a new show/company vehicle so we decided to do it big, and by big we mean doing a 2017 Maserati Ghibli. The plan is to have a lot of power, a lot of bass, and a lot of mids/highs all in a very very clean and modern build that sounds amazing! So far this is the list of what we will be running! (Products may change or be added throughout the build) Bass: (2) Skar Audio ZVX-12v2's (2) Skar Audio SKv2-2500.1D's (strapped) Mids/Highs: (4) Sets of Skar Audio SPX-525C's (2) Skar Audio SKv2-100.4AB's Power: We plan on running XS Power batteries but have not decided on the exact models! We are definitely leaning towards lithium but are still looking at our options! Wiring: Stinger 1/0 power/ground Stinger 9000 series RCA's Stinger Speaker Wire Pac AP4-CH1 Here are some shots of the 2017 Maserati Ghibli! Let the door panel build begin! We plan on putting a pair of SPX-525C component speakers in each door making it (4) sets total in the vehicle! LET THE CUTTING BEGIN!!! ? Thats a wrap for today! Check back for updates on Monday! - Devin
  11. The frequency is 50-250hz Also make sure the EVL-65's are in some type of enclosure, they are a subwoofer not a mid bass driver. They aren't designed to run in an open environment just a FYI! Im running two EVL-65's in a T-Line in my Jeep and they play 30-100+ but thats also because they are in a T-line. - Devin
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