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  1. I agree Brandon is a great guy very knowledgeable. Yes very busy. -Shane
  2. We have got it all tuned up with our SMD Tools and making a video ASAP. 2) Skar Audio EVL-65 D4 on a Skar Audio SK-M5001D tuned right so impressed. -Shane
  3. Here are some photos of the recent collaboration we did with the legend Brandon Buck over at Audio Anarchy! This is a quarter wave T-Line tuned around 30hz that was specifically made to fit in the back of Devin's 1990 Jeep Cherokee that he just recently finished restoring! This T-Line blew everyone away at Skar Audio once we got it wired up! Its insanely loud, hits lows, and sounds great while playing any genre of music! The top of the enclosure has bed liner on it so items can be placed on top of it and they won't We would like to give a huge shoutout to Brandon once again for always supporting Skar Audio! If you are in need of an awesome enclosure make sure to give him a call!! Let the pics begin! Videos of this T-Line in action will be coming soon! Full specs: (2) Skar Audio EVL-65 D4's 6.5" Subwoofers (1) Skar Audio SK-M5001D Monoblock (4) Skar Audio TX525 5.25" Coaxial Speakers (1) Skar Audio SK-M4004D 4-Channel (1) Pioneer DEH-X7800BHS - Devin
  4. The RP Series is the amp i would recommend this over the LP Series. The LP Series tends to get hot and does less power @ 1 ohm. -Shane
  5. Being that you have 4) VVX-12v3 D4 if you did 2 on 1 amp it would be @ 1 or 4 ohm i would not suggest that. Maybe put 1 amp on 1 sub i would recommend this. -Shane
  6. These specs are per subwoofer: Volume: 4.00 ft^3 Port area: 55 Port length: 27" Tuned at 33 Hz These numbers do not include displacement of the subwoofer, bracing, and port. - Devin
  7. The SK is built for competition where the RP is built more for your daily driver (but it can still be used in competition) Both are great amps and sound great! - Devin
  8. CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO GO DIRECTLY TO OUR BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS!!! (1) VD-10 D2 + RP-350.1D only $129.99 (2) VD-10 D4 + LP-1000.1D only $199.99 (2) IX-12 D4 + LP-1000.1Dv2 only $189.99 (2) IX-8 D4 + RP-350.1D only $149.99 LP-1000.1Dv2 Monoblock Amplifier only $119.99 (4) SK65 coaxial speakers + RP-75.4AB only $159.99 (2) RPX46 + (2) RPX68 + RP-75.4AB only $149.99 BUY (2) IX SERIES SUBWOOFERS GET (1) FOR FREE!!!
  9. Hey everyone! Here is another addition to our Free Air Demo videos. This video is on the 900 Watt RMS ZVX-8 8" SPL subwoofer! Enjoy! WWW.SKARAUDIO.COM
  10. Hey everyone! Here is another installment of our slow-mo free air play videos. This one features our VVX-12v3 subwoofer! This subwoofer is a D2 and we have it wired at 1 ohm powered by a Skar Audio SKv2-1500.1D. We are using a 40Hz test tone as well. Hope you enjoy! -Skar Audio WWW.SKARAUDIO.COM
  11. Who likes watching subwoofers in slow motion?? We do!! Here is an unboxing and free air play video of the Skar Audio EVL-65 6.5" Subwoofer! Get your EVL-65 today for only $79.99! Enjoy! - Skar Audio WWW.SKARAUDIO.COM
  12. Always impressing and getting to the shows, awesome to see Will!