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  1. has anyone put dual Skar evl12 in 2014-2018 Silverado crew cab?

  2. Hi Papaslim, Thanks for the question! I would stick with the VVX-10v3's and when you are ready; I'd recommend the upgrade to the RP-3500.1D on the existing subwoofer setup. Having proper space for the (3) 10's and increasing the power (which they can handle!), you will notice the results better than potentially choking (2) EVL-15's with improper air space. Please feel free to drop back in and let us know how the build is going, thanks for running Skar Audio! -Kevin S.
  3. If you follow college football you know exactly who Artavis Scott is! The Clemson wide receiver contacted us wanting to do simple but clean install in his car and we set out to do exactly that! Here's a list of everything that went in: 2 Skar Audio VVX-10v3's 1 Skar Audio RP-1500.1D 1 Skar Audio RP-75.4AB 1 Pair of Skar Audio TX65C Component speakers 1 Pair of Skar Audio TX65 Component speakers Here are some shots from the build enjoy! See you later stock door speakers! TX65C Woofer mounted up front! TX65 Coaxial mounted in the rear door! On to the enclosure build! We got to play with out brand new CNC router on this build. The outcome was great! Cutting out the Clemson logo! Mounted the RP-1500.1D and RP-75.4AB behind the back seat! The VVX-10v3's looking great in there new home. Added a trim pannel to keep everything looking clean! And the build is all done! Artavis loved it and was stoked to finally have a good system in his car! - Devin
  4. Hey everyone! I am looking for some new builds to feature on our social media platforms. If you want to be featured email some hi-res photos of your build with Skar Audio products to [email protected] with a detailed list of what you are running as well as your name and what vehicle you have! - Devin
  5. The frequency is 50-250hz Also make sure the EVL-65's are in some type of enclosure, they are a subwoofer not a mid bass driver. They aren't designed to run in an open environment just a FYI! Im running two EVL-65's in a T-Line in my Jeep and they play 30-100+ but thats also because they are in a T-line. - Devin
  6. I personally put a pair on my parents patio last week and they sound great! - Devin
  7. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that the EVL-12 D4's are back in stock! The EVL-12 D2's as well as EVL-15 D2's and D4's should be back in stock in the following weeks! >> www.skaraudio.com << - Devin
  8. Perfect for your shop, home, or business! The Skar Audio AWX65 Indoor/Outdoor speakers! Each speaker is 4 ohms with a RMS power rating of 80 watts! They are weather proof, so they can be put in any environment! For more info visit the link below! >> https://www.skaraudio.com/collections/indoor-outdoor-speakers << - Devin
  9. Remember to send all your photos of your Skar Audio setups to [email protected] with a list of all the Skar Audio products you are running in your setup! - Devin
  10. Some pics of Keefe's setup! If you are interested in being featured on Skar Audio's official Facebook page, email photos of your setup and a list of what you are running to [email protected]! - Devin
  11. They are back in stock and ready to ship now DBK! - Devin
  12. The wait is finally over! Over the weekend we received the largest shipment of RP amplifiers ever! Every model including the RP-2000.1D, RP-800.1D, and RP-75.4AB are all stocked and ready to be shipped to your doorstep! Order your RP amplifier today! >> www.skaraudio.com/collections/rp-series << RP-2000.1D RP-800.1D RP-75.4AB ALL ORDERS OVER $100 RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING!!! www.skaraudio.com - Devin
  13. That would work as well because you could run them at 1 OHM since you have the 2 DDX-15 D2's. We have the RP-1500.1D amps in stock and ready to ship! - Cuba R.
  14. Hey, man I just wanted to reach out to you about this. We are indeed still out of stock on these but we are expecting them any day now. We've been trying to keep on top of the situation. Rest assured that if you have one on back order with us, it will be filled as soon as we get them in. If you want to know for sure when we have them; try going to our web site (www.skaraudio.com) and going to the product page. There you'll see the option to be notified when we get them back in. You'll get an email the day that they are back in our warehouse. I hope this helps. - Cuba R.
  15. Hey everyone! Here is our latest amplifier dyno video! We are making our way through the SKv2 line. Next up is the SKv2-200.4D and then on to our bigger mono amps! Enjoy! - Devin
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