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  1. I got the suv because I had a kid and needed more room...also was to fit more subs in the back lol! Well come to find out the alt is buried behind all kind of shit and the biggest alternator I can get is at 240 or (if mecman still makes the 270) the 270. Needless to say I was very upset
  2. Wish I could do more alts, I'd deff get even just one 370 mecman, but it's a nissan murano and just cannot fit anything larger than the 240 or 270 mecman. I have a large budget 20k for all equipment and install. would 2 limitless lithium 100 amp hours be easier on the alt?
  3. May go lithium, will have an xs batery charger to top off and maintain them on the regular, just wondering if it will be enuff for the 9k and 2 DC 175.4s
  4. Well splitting hairs but .7 will be 2 fi team 18"s
  5. Ok, here we go again how many xs d7500s should I get to power a DC9k and 2 dc 175.4s. Getting 6 of them but that's 600 lbs lol... really the weight isnt a big deal i just dont want to torture my amps with too little juice. Bigest alt I can find is a 240 mecman. I know the alt runs the amps after the cars on but a 240 is my only option...or get a new vehicle lol
  6. Team fi 18" a scv 4000 2 yellow tops in back and one in front. Box is 8 cubes with 2 18" pr's tuned to 25
  7. What are the added benefit's "besides not burning down my car" to adding a bigger alt. Like the extra 140 amps I would get by running a mechman 270 hairpin alt, vs my stock 130 "lol"... would I be getting cleaner lows, louder lows, windier lows.? Will I even notice the difference in my lows? Lmao... I like the lows?
  8. So, I lost my DD one CD a while back I got on their website and ordered the USB drive that has the test tracks on it. problem is that it did not come with any paperwork so I do not know which Tracks are witch. I have searched online and come up with nothing can someone please point me in the correct direction or if somebody has the tracklist maby they can take the time to post it up. I May be mistaken but, I think the USB drive has more tracks than the DD1's CD did. so the track list in the dd1 Manuel is of no use. help please
  9. My murano has a vvcs system it senses the current thru the negative lead comming off the front battery and charges the car acording to what is needed so it's usually at 13.3 in front and 13.1 in back at amp the lowest I monitored it to drop to was 11.9 ...when I saw that I shut her down lol and I don't let her go below 12...BUT if I unplug the vvcs my stock alt stays at 14.4 front and 14.2 at amp the lowest I've monitored it to drop to was low 13's upper 12's at a reasonablely loud volume ...I just don't like seeing it Get low like that so I'm being kina conservative with playing right now when I get my mechands I'm probably going to get the external voltage regulator and set it on 15.0
  10. Yea I have 2 yellow tops and a 130 stock alt but I'm going to up grade to 2 d31's by xs and a mechman 270 hopefully soon..in the meantime, I don't play anything full tilt lol I don't even have the team yet but I am throwing enclosure ideas around . any responce are more than welcome/helpfull
  11. For a team fi 18 Amp scv 4000 Mechman 270...soon Lol Trying to stay musical. Box 22h-22d-43w= 10 cubes Port 6w-20t-40L around 2 cubes So around 8 cubes tuned to 30 ish hz 120 square in port area Would this port work or would it be a dissaster? lol I'm open to any suggestions on port size and legth...or even designs criticism welcome ... it's going in a nissan murano if that helps also
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