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  1. Alright cool. I'll post some pics of the amp rack once finished. And thanks for the quick reply man
  2. Okay to make this quick I recently bought two cooling fans for an amp rack. I just need to make sure I'm installing the wires correctly. It has one black, one red, and one blue wire. Are these ground, power, and remote wire? Or do I have it all wrong? Thank you
  3. My suggestion would be is to do what will make you happy. I know for a fact people always get "use" to their old system and end up upgrading trying to always get more deebeez. If you enjoy competing with the 12 keep the twelves. If you want to gain more experience and learn them build a new box and go with the 15's. You can't go wrong
  4. I've noticed with mine facing back you can "feel" the lows better, and they sound louder and read higher dbs. But problem is trunk rattle with mine, I fixed a bunch of it, just need to do the lid now. For you'd id just mess around with the position and find what you think sounds best. Trial and error my friend
  5. Post some pics of the box after you get it done so we can see the good work. Let us know how it sounds
  6. Looks good man nice and clean. How do they sound facing forward? It's hard for me to decide if I should face em front or back in my car..
  7. Those look awesome. I'll be ordering some m3 8" next week for a truck build. Can't wait to see them perform
  8. i run PG to and know for a fact they can take a beating. if budget is a problem the Q1-750 soundqubed amp would be geat.
  9. ive always had good experience with ledglow.com, not sure what the application is for but maybe you can find what youre looking for on there.
  10. okay awesome thanks for the replies, ill look around a bit more on different brands but ive also heard good things about qmat. i drive a 96 ford taurus so there is only rattle by the back 5x7s, the trunk lid, and whole low bumper/back end that rattles, its a pretty solid car, but the bass does shake the rust off. ha
  11. so i've been thinking about sound deadner for the trunk of my car, im worried about if the placement of where i would want the deadner to be would be effective or not(trunk lid and under the sub box to stop the gas tank from rattling. would these places work? i recently ordered a bigger amp and with the smaller one i use to have the rattle on the outside of the car was horrible but on the inside you couldnt hear to much unless it was a higher hz tone. ive been thinking about getting the Qmat from soundqubed the 16 ft2 stuff. would this be enough? and would it be highly effective? i hear sound deadner increases deebeez is this true? thanks for the help, recommendations are appreciated
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