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  1. does anyone know how loud zv5s can get and the sound quality for 2 12s?
  2. Makes sense. So since they're rated 2k rms I'm sure they won't break or at least i hope, every time i go to comps something breaks so ill find out this spring.
  3. alright sweet i don't think I'm gonna beat them to much in the beginning because they're expensive as f*** but i don't want to baby them either, my systems gonna be complete once i get these in I'm hoping they'll bring me close to 150, either way if i hit that or not idc its more of a demo car then a spl car
  4. I bought 2 sundown zv5 subs and I'm Just curious, lets say I'm giving my sundown subs 2k rms to each but i don't break them in and the sub fails is this covered under warranty? because I'm technically not over powering them
  5. how to gain more dbs?

    So I went to a competition yesterday and my car hits 144.0 at 37s hz and i hit 140-142 ish on music what can i do to gain dbs I'm thinking about inverting my subwoofers to gain a little more room in my box since exocontralto said that my box was a little to small for my subs, I'm also gonna try to push my box all the way back in my truck. what else could i do to try and bring my dbs up to 150? i somehow need to find a way to get my moonroof to stop shaking because it flexes 2 inches causing me top lose sound pressure
  6. subwoofer surround folding

    Thank you guys for the help ill set my ssf to help stop my subwoofers from unloading, btw just curious what do you think of my setup from the photos I've posted?
  7. subwoofer surround folding

    its turned all the way down to 10
  8. subwoofer surround folding

    What should I put the ssf too? 25ish?
  9. subwoofer surround folding

    yeah ill post a few for you
  10. subwoofer surround folding

    http://i844.photobucket.com/albums/ab6/Nathan_Boutot/Mobile%20Uploads/20160821_140009_zpshezdl2q7.jpg http://i844.photobucket.com/albums/ab6/Nathan_Boutot/Mobile%20Uploads/20160821_140029_zpsgniga0ro.jpg http://s844.photobucket.com/user/Nathan_Boutot/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20160821_140026_zps5jq9egcs.jpg.html
  11. What causes one of my 2 subwoofers surround to fold? At a really low frequency around 25-28hz my right subwoofer folds and makes a weird sound box is tuned to 33 hz and the subwoofers fs is 28.3 i know its well below where I should be playing but only one subwoofers does it.
  12. Does anyone know if the crescendo audio contralto 12s have a natural stink to them? When ever i play them they always start to smell, Im giving them about 4k on a bc3500d @.5 ohms and after a half hour of playing without fail they start to smell its not a pleasant smell other wise i wouldn't be asking. btw they are only warm to the touch when they start to smell and it usually happens only on decaf and bass boosted music. and I'm positive they are not being clipped i set the gains with the dd1
  13. can i hit 150db?