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  1. Headlight dimming

    I wasn't sure if there was anything else i could do just wanted to ask the guys that know this stuff a lil better than i do. I thought i had done everything that i could but wanted to make sure. Thanks for all the advice from you guys. You guys are the reason i like this forum so much. All questions are answered quick so i can get my stuff done.
  2. Headlight dimming

    I went out and and ran a 50 hz note for about 1 minute and watched the volt gauge and it did end up dropping as low as 11.9 but on actual music i was dropping only in the the low 13 so i try Do you like bas by Dj magic mike and got it at 12.5 was the lowest that i saw. I am using a singer digital volt gauge.
  3. Headlight dimming

    I just contacted singer and waiting for a reply from them on the vehicle alt. I thought the same thing about the voltage holding and the 5.0k should be pulling a lot more juice than what it seems to be. I am going to wait until singer gets with me. Thanks for the advice. Also about the alt ground I did not do that I grounded the motor to the header panel and then the battery to the header panel. Do you think I should run a ground off of one the alt bolts to the strut tower or to where?
  4. I have an 09 Chevy Aveo5 with a Hifonics 2400.1 BRX on 2 Dc level 4's holding at about 13.6 volts on a good bass line and my headlights still dim. I am curious what else I can do to stop them from dimming. I am running a factory battery up front with 2 d3400 in the back all 1/0 wire ofc. Big 3 upgrade. Just not sure what else I need to do to stop the dimming. I have not been able to locate a h/o alt for the car yet so I haven't done that the reason for have the extra batteries. Any help will be appreciated thank you.
  5. Hifonics amp with 2 dvc 1 ohm level 4's

    Thanks I thought it was the same thing but just wanted to make sure this is the first time using an amp like this.
  6. Hifonics amp with 2 dvc 1 ohm level 4's

    I am curious as to running these in parallel in the box or should I use the 2 inputs on the amp to do it? Which one is more efficient or better SQ. Any input appreciated and or has anyone used this set up. The hifonics amp is the 2400.1 BRX. Thanks in advance.
  7. Dc Level 4 m2 with hifonics 2400.1d ( BRX)

    Thanks may just go with 2 of the level 4's and go with the Dc amp as well so it is all matched
  8. Dc Level 4 m2 with hifonics 2400.1d ( BRX)

    Thanks for all the recommendations guys I am going to look into the other amps recommended and such. Speaking of the other amps I was looking at the DC 3.5k and running the gain lower so I don't hit it as hard just in case I go up to more than one of these level 4's or go to a level 5. Do we know if the 3.5k will handle 2 level 4's or 2 level 5's? I plan on getting a tahe or suburban and trying to take it as far as my bank account will allow me.
  9. Dc Level 4 m2 with hifonics 2400.1d ( BRX)

    also the gain is set at 61.4 volts out of the speaker connections at 2.4 ohms. That should put it at about 1600 watts at 2 ohms. Havent tested it yet but will real soon
  10. Dc Level 4 m2 with hifonics 2400.1d ( BRX)

    I took it back up to 2 ohms and set the gain with a DMM not sure if that is anywhere near correct but it is what I have read and learned how to do it. I plan on getting the dd1 soon. Any amp recommendations that is .5 ohm stable that will push that sub the way it should be pushed?
  11. Dc Level 4 m2 with hifonics 2400.1d ( BRX)

    I brought it up to 3/4 just out of distortion. When I heard the distortion I back it off until I could not hear it anymore. I didn't just set it at 3/4 just because. The thing that I am not getting is the wattage out of the amp at 2 ohm but I plan on taking it back to 2 ohms. I am trying to find out how to get the wattage out of the amp that I am supposed before I trying to taking it back due to a issue.
  12. Dc Level 4 m2 with hifonics 2400.1d ( BRX)

    I was thinking about bringing it back up to 2 ohms cause it is is a DVC 1 ohm sub so I cant get to 1 ohm I get either 2 ohm or .5 at the amp im at .8. And yes I am at 3/4 on the gain and I did another clamp test just now and I was getting 46.5 volts and 26.5 amp on the positive speaker wire. That is only like 1225 watts I should definitely be getting a lot better than that imo.
  13. Ok guys I have the amp and sub as stated above. I am curious I have this wired down to .5 ohms and seems to be hitting really hard on 3/4 gain. Not sure is I am hurting the sub or amp. I had it at 2 ohms but I didn't sound any different than my kicker 1000.1 and according to a clamp test I was only getting like 700 watts out of the amp at 2 ohms and it is rated for 1600. What do you guys think I should do? rewire the sub back to 2 ohms or leave it at .5 and cut the gain back some more or just keep beating on it. On another note I am getting an odd smell not sure if it is the voice coil or the box. Speaker is just over month old and was being used on the kicker 1000.1 for the whole month at about 900 watts according to clamp test so I am sure it is broken in by now. I am also running a 1.8 cubic foot bot tuned at 40 hz its a audio enhancer bought the same time the speaker was put in. I would do a custom box but don't really have too much more space since I have a little car. Wiring is all 0 gauge NVX and XS power OFC. Holding between 13.5 and 14.8 volts at the amp so I don't think power is the issue. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated and any .02.
  14. Smurf Turd Chevrolet

    Smurf Turd Chevrolet
  15. Name: Smurf Turd Chevrolet (2009) Date Added: ÚTE_ADDED% Owner: jlr0412jdr1024 Short Description: I have a pioneer avic-x940bt With a Brx 640.4 on the highs and mids and a Brx 2400.1d on a Dc Audio Level 4 in a ported bax tuned at 40hz View Vehicle