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  1. A 100 watt alternator is weak. The electrical of your car at max is probably 100 amps. Upgrade to one bigger then 200 amps. 100 watt is a joke to even install.
  2. The switching in class D causes noise in high frequencies. Class A/B has constant current going through transistors not causing switching distortion in high frequencies.
  3. There are cheap Class D and Quality Class D.
  4. SMD Tool Map has members that have tools to help in setting gains etc.
  5. all these recommendations but no price limits. Hell go Pyle Pro.
  6. Use MDF with wood veneer over it. Use solid 1.5 white ash. No plywood needed.
  7. A upgrade in music files would help first. mp3 suck. Look at wave file or flac spend the money on higher capacity sd card. The pioneer P99RS loves wave files. Sony is getting bad rap right now.
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