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  1. SMD Tool Map has members that have tools to help in setting gains etc.
  2. Great Company!! Welcome!
  3. all these recommendations but no price limits. Hell go Pyle Pro.
  4. Use MDF with wood veneer over it. Use solid 1.5 white ash. No plywood needed.
  5. A upgrade in music files would help first. mp3 suck. Look at wave file or flac spend the money on higher capacity sd card. The pioneer P99RS loves wave files. Sony is getting bad rap right now.
  6. There are replacement 1 ohm for Bose 901 but they are not a 8 inch. Good luck on tracking down a 1ohm 8 inch driver. What vehicle you have? What speaker is installed now? Is it a true 8 inch or a 6.5? Are these stock speakers installed now?
  7. It is showing that your truck can have 3.5 indash speakers. There is where you need to start to get your soundstage in front of you. Look at a quality 3 inch fullrange speaker. Hertz Milles, Audio Physics, Brax etc. Maybe do tweeters on A pillars also. Madison Sound is good for raw speakers. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/
  8. Look at PSI that what the motor and basket look like. A recon for sure. Maybe Platform 2
  9. sun roof drain clog. Use air pressure to clear debis out. then a stream of warm water to clear tub.
  10. BF Goodrich Rugged Trail are great in snow and wet roads on my 2nd set for jeep.
  11. Twisted Sounds is out of business now.
  12. JL Audio ZR 8 inch Midbass.
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