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  1. It is a diversion to get the government and the people away from the Russian investigation. Trump knows that his term is very short. And Pence is also on the firing line.
  2. Yes what crossovers you looking at?
  3. The Hertz HSK XL are great speakers. The Milles even better.
  4. The XL are way better then the HSK. I run Hertz here. Watch the internet sales a lot of Unauthorized dealers. Hertz told me there are 0 Internets sales from other dealers. No warranty if bought from internet besides Hertz themselves. Cal Hertz they may have some of last years stock on sale. They will go overboard to help you.
  5. That price should have copper chassis. Love it though!!
  6. Just because sub says 3500 watts you can throw a good 2000 watt amp at it and shake the foundation with the right box. 250 or higher amp alternator will work. The bigger the better.
  7. Image Dynamics no longer in business. Budget SQ system look at Dayton Audio Subs from Parts Express. Amplifier for bass does not matter (no Boss etc though) look at some used equipment on the Sound Quality Classifieds on FB for a good used amp. I would look at a 1000 watt amp or higher for sub you need plenty of headroom.
  8. Avoid 1/4 shank to much bit chatter and wobble. Use 1/2 shank for smooth wobble free cuts. I use Forrest City and Amana,CMT for my bits. You will find that all these car audio fabrication sites will charge outrageous prices for there shitty bits. Avoid Harbor Freight there carbide is junk very poor quality and very brittle.
  9. XS Power batteries like a certain charge voltage. Check with XS Power for a list they have of capable chargers
  10. universal to pioneer.
  11. Why have a soundstage on the rear deck? Put soundstage on the front dash,a pillars, doors,kicks anywhere but back deck. Dont say it is rearfill it isnt fill at all.
  12. iphone

    Headunit will give you more tuning options then just a iphone. Not a fan of Android or IPhone for source unit. Lacks the ability to tweek audio.
  13. RVinyl on Amazon has computer to cut tint for any vehicle have them cut the cheapest tint then use that as your pattern for the expensive tint. Cheapest is usually 39.00 for whole vehicle including back window.
  14. Ohio here hell with there laws. 5%on whole vehicle except front. Police have set in Jeep here to listen to sq system and have said nothing about tint. All about the vehicle also.