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  1. Do electrical 1st. 320 amp Mechman alternator. DC Level 5 12. Does this have rear AC at 3rd row seat? If so use to cool amps in a custom box.
  2. I am still kicking it here in Westerville! Jeep Commander still going strong on the SQ side. Looking at a new Gladiator now or the new Bronco Badlands edition.
  3. could this be it? https://www.amazon.com/Dorman-45601-Molding-Clip/dp/B0049EB6XS/ref=sr_1_23?dchild=1&keywords=dorman+radio+clip&qid=1604233141&sr=8-23
  4. Morel has a speaker what you are looking for. Check out Parts Express.
  5. avoid non marine grade under hood they will loosen up over time from the heat. Use adhesive kind it waterproofs connection also.
  6. JL Audio W3, DC Audio, Sundown, RF.
  7. Loud vrs cheap = Distortion, Class D build.
  8. If you are going for a true sound go with a DSP. It has so much you can do with it.
  9. SMD Tool Map has members that have tools to help in setting gains etc.
  10. Look at PSI that what the motor and basket look like. A recon for sure. Maybe Platform 2
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