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  1. Stinger High10 getting installed in jeep Gladiator Mojave.  Audio Control Amps. JL Subs, Audi Dynamics speakers.

  2. Out with the Commander in with a New Jeep Mojave.  Now for a SQ System.

    1. Kyblack76


      Been loving my Damore amps, i know,,, i know, class D, but, my mic/testing shows KILLER band width. Loving my Satori Egyptian mids also,..... Hope you and yours have been well mate. Been a while. 


    2. Soccerballzs


      Looking at those amps here for Jeep. Small footprint better filtering of amp. Doing great here,

  3. I am still kicking it here in Westerville! Jeep Commander still going strong on the SQ side. Looking at a new Gladiator now or the new Bronco Badlands edition.
  4. SMD Tool Map has members that have tools to help in setting gains etc.
  5. Look at PSI that what the motor and basket look like. A recon for sure. Maybe Platform 2
  6. Bought myself a S&W MP Shield 9mm for my birthday.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Soccerballzs


      Nice conceal carry firearm.

    3. Keith77


      Have on too. Great choice

    4. Karkov


      nice buy and happy birthday

  7. you are using a 3 Sixty 3 for sub plus a Audio Control Epicenter? If so lose the AC Epicenter and see if it stops. I would only run the 3 Sixty 3. Do away with unwanted fixtures.
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