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  1. It is showing that your truck can have 3.5 indash speakers. There is where you need to start to get your soundstage in front of you. Look at a quality 3 inch fullrange speaker. Hertz Milles, Audio Physics, Brax etc. Maybe do tweeters on A pillars also. Madison Sound is good for raw speakers. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/
  2. Look at PSI that what the motor and basket look like. A recon for sure. Maybe Platform 2
  3. sun roof drain clog. Use air pressure to clear debis out. then a stream of warm water to clear tub.
  4. BF Goodrich Rugged Trail are great in snow and wet roads on my 2nd set for jeep.
  5. Twisted Sounds is out of business now.
  6. JL Audio ZR 8 inch Midbass.
  7. use single 4 channel turn gains down on tweeter section.
  8. you running these passive or active? What are your tweeters crossover points?
  9. You looking for Sound Quality? Focal,Hertz,Audison,Scan Speak,Morel,Sintori,JL Audio, etc. No pro comps mentioned.
  10. Those are the real deal. Alot of fake Hertz coming from overseas not through Amazon. For the price cannot beat without warranty through Hertz. Amazon has good deals but go through them for issues dont contact Electromedia.(Hertz)
  11. AudioQuest makes great products. http://www.audioquest.com/sig_bananas_spades/500-series-banana-gold
  12. ADC makes a nice home hi fi EQ. May find one on fleabay for good price.
  13. Finals is where the shit starts. 2014 Finals Judges were texting scores to other SQ judges after judging cars. The Organization said mishaps are going to happen. lol WTF!! At finals no mishaps should happen. SQ is all product based on scoring. If HATS sponsor finals then alot of HATS cars finish good. Don't compete anymore its fixed.
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