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  1. I have ran this end bypass for 2+ years now with no problems. Guys I need some input on your experience have you ever put an ampmeter on the alternator cable to see if it actually is outputting high output? I have a 2004 honda civic and cannot get past 80 amps (fully tilt on 2 digital designs m2bs strapped at 1 ohm) on my 240 mechman. Maybe Honda also has a limiting amperage the alternator can put out as well?
  2. These same guys run their dds until their voltmeter are so low that the voltmeter doesn't even read a number it just days LO under 9 volts the amps just get warm that's it lol
  3. I have a friend who runs 6 digital design m4s on quarter ohm daily on music. Everyone locally confirms that anything between m1b and m4s can run quarter ohm and weak electrical. Who else out there knows more about these amps running at such low impedance? Are these amps really that indestructible lol
  4. I currently have a 240 amp alternator 2 31 size batteries and 2 dd m2b amplifiers I have 2 12 inch massive audio hippos 2 ohm wired on the 2 dds (strapped) at half ohm 0.25 each amp which by the way take it like a champ they do not even get warm same with the subs. However I dip to 10.5 to 11 volts I was deciding on either selling the hippos for crossfire c7s 12s (switching to 1 ohm strapped) or keeping the quarter ohm setup dd amps are tanks! They will take quarter ohm all day daily on music I have friends who get away with this all the time but only with dd because they hardly sweat weak electrical (was nervous at first when wired to quarter lol)
  5. Not sure what to do since the guy says loud boxes don't have to be big. Should I demand a new box?
  6. Here are some pics of the box along with some measurement I noted http://m.imgur.com/6t36apJ,Pv50JmA,lvub2kl,OwO26eB,QBlSavv
  7. Lol What do you guys think about this? I wish I knew how to post pictures on here to show you guys
  8. This is a hippo 12 xl 2000 watts rms each and this is a ported enclosure tuned to 34 hz
  9. Equipment : 240 amp alternator, crossfire xs 4k, 2 12 massive audio hippos (2 ohm)(wired at 0.5 ohm), 2 31 group size batteries. (all this in a 2004 honda civic) I have a guy who builds boxes and is very good at it with a satisfaction guaranteed for the box for the owner. He builds boxes specific to the owners vehicle. However the box he made for me is around 2.5 cubic feet total volume I know he can fit a bigger box in there, the trunk space isn't the biggest, however I know the box is too small for the subs and there is space for a bigger box is this a situation where I should fit the biggest box in as I can? He says a bigger box will lose output in my case and gave me the example that the loud boxes domt have to be big. What do you guys think? Should I demand a new box?
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