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  1. the maximum measures that I have been able to take are 50 cms in height 50 in depth it is 100cm of length
  2. then another thing the width of the door is 9cm correct? but then the length how much it is because I have not understood him in the scheme that you have done me
  3. thanks thousand joe x, puttroppo as depth it is length it doesn't have anything to do with it the box if you can modify her/it modify her/it only in height because the measures that I have written are the external measures I have forgotten to write him/it.
  4. the car is here this, the amplifier is a steg qmos 310.2
  5. my car is a Fiat stung of 2003 the measures are 1 meter length 50 height it is 40 depths
  6. I am him Italian it is I don't know how to speak the English it is I write through translator
  7. hi all, I would like a help for my subwoofer box for my 2 magnat xtc1500. I would like to make a box with the door help me ....? Thiele-Small parameters are: fs 30hz, Vas 116l, Qts 0.26, Impurity 4ohm, Power in rms: 750w
  8. hi to all I have purchased a subwoofer powertech from 12" thumbs it doubles spool from 350w rmses from 4 ohms I would want to make him a playpen with the door, the parameters of the subwoofer. Fs: 24hz Qtses: 0.443 Qmses: 8.483 Vases: 103.4l Xmaxes: 11.8mm efficiency 1W/1m: 89.0db Sd: 0.0526m2 King: 4.35 ohms it doubles spool from 4 ohms 350 watts rms
  9. the door as I must assemble her/it excuse me xk there is they are that long and that short two of it, in the photo put me the numbers so I understand better
  10. how height we are instead on the 50cm the width 100cm it is the depth 40cm
  11. vehicle:fiat punto 2003 music:hip hop,rap,house and music with low equipment: subwoofer mac audio stx 12 reference, amplifier: Audio system f2 500
  12. Hi all, I would like to make a box for a subwoofer with port. I tried many programs, but none of this, I ask for help to you who are much more experienced than me. expect your answers.
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