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  1. I'm wanting to buy hdc3.1 motors let me know what you got and price shipped to 37914
  2. Also coming in mail this week 2 more hdc315 d2 and two more cadence d2500m amps so looking at wall with 4 15s and 10k power can we say bye bye windshield lol
  3. Picked up some Rockford t142 mids today for 10 bucks crazy price on some killer midrange
  4. This is my first build log. So here's the list of what I have so far 2 hdc315, 2 cadence zrs d2500m amps, 2 cadence d1004, 4 soundqubed 6.5 pro mids, 2 soundqubed pro tweets, and 4 generic sas style 8in mids. Still to come 2 more hdc315 for a total of 4, batteries either kinetik or xs power, Either 2 nvx or fosgate carbon hybrid 10 farad caps, more sound deadening, mechman alt, and a crap ton of wire. I'm not a noob but not a pro either. Feel free to chime in and give helpful advice or even helpful criticism. My goal is loud and low and maybe a few competitions locally. If you wanna follow me on my journey that cool if you don't that's cool too
  5. Compared side by side with my xs power ofc it is same size and looks like same thread count
  6. I got offered a 500ft spool of 1/0 cca for 250 is this a good deal and with that much cca and being able to do multiple multiple runs of it would it offset the dreaded issue with resistance that everyone says cca has vrs ofc
  7. 4ft 10 in long 25in tall and 24in deep it can go taller but would like to stay below 30 inch tall. Would this be enough for 4 hdc315 to tune around 32
  8. Thanks for the reply and the pics in the words of G.I.JOE now I know and knowing is half the battle.
  9. I've heard the term motor shifted referring to a blown sub what does this term refer to? My guess would be that the motor and basket came apart and shifted binding the coil But not really sure
  10. That's xs power 0 awg and I already have that connecting the two batteries but was trying to figure out if I should do a second big3 set up on the second battery as well
  11. I'm running a 98 c1500 pickup. it had a second battery tray from the factory that I'm now adding a second battery to. Would I benefit from running a big 3 set up on my second under the hood battery as well or is the original big 3 kit on my main battery enough?
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