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  1. Ive went with the sa-18s, i think they will better suit my listening needs i appreciate the input
  2. I guess your right, either way its going to be a learning experience for me i havent been into car audio very long, so i dont fully understand the concepts behind every design. But i have to start somewhere, was just looking for someone to guide me in the right direction. Glad you were so willing to help man, cant wait till i have years of experience so i can talk down to the new guys and make them second guess there hobby choices
  3. So is there not a ratio - tuning combo that will allow the x series to play a wider bandwidth than just 20-40? And does the same concept aply to the sa's? I appreciate your patience and help with my current situation.
  4. Ok, im not really familiar with 4th orders so I don't want to build and tune in a way that's going to give me a steep drop off or a short bandwidth for my daily driver, maybe the sa's are the way to go, i want to move air but also be musical, not limited to decaf or slowed music
  5. Im doing a 4th order c pillar wall in my 99 tahoe, subs will be ran on a DC 5k, This is my daily driver but i also I compete regularly so im having trouble choosing what to use in my build Im wanting something that will give me the best numbers but also be good for demos and hair tricks, not sure how the bandwidth would play out with the Xs if i tuned to the mid-high 40s if it would play well as my daily or not, or how it would do on the meter. Thought the sa may be better spl wise but not sure on air movement/hair tricks, Could also do interchangeable ports on the wall. So witch would give
  6. Took over a month to hear from them on the 1500.1 giveaway. Guy seems busy but did come around, and it was free so couldn't complain haha
  7. I got an email that i won this but i havent herd anything since, was told to send address for shipping, hopefully they got my email, not sure where else to ask or send it
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