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  1. Its about finding a balance.... to which I have yet to find. It made it a couple of weeks of abuse. But unfortunately I broke another windshield. This one is attributed to the roof skin/ windshield frame separating from the windshield support. All of the factory pinch welds broke loose. As a result, the roof was able to flex again, even though the support and the brace were solid. The plan at this point is to reweld the 2 pieces together. Maybe add some bracing on the frame. If we can keep the frame from moving, then the rest of the car is pretty much solid enough.
  2. The version of Bambi is by DJSNT, you can find it on his website And the doors were wrapped in vinyl
  3. Alright now that the Slamology crunch is over with (I slept a total of 10 hours the week before slam....) and I've had some time to get caught up. UPDATE TIME: At TDH I managed to rip a hole in the floor of the Galant. To no surprise, it was right where I mounted the stripper pole. After pulling the stripper pole out, I went to give David's girlfriend a demo. In the 30 seconds of play time, shattered another windshield, ripped the roof in 2 places, and shredded an alternator belt.... just peachy. The trans tunnel was super jacked, so we welded in a new mounting plate and added a new mount at the roof. In the process, David welded the cracks in the roof. The new windshield got put in the Wednesday before slam and now all that was left was the interior. (Sorry but I dont have many pics of this install process. Time was short so we worked as much as we could.) The XXR wheels that were sent did not fit. So I went on a limb and tried out JNC. I went with JNC 034s in 18x9 wrapped in a 225/40. The rears ended up needing a 3mm spacer to clear the shock, but overall the wheels fit really well and look fantastic. They held up great to the rough Ohio and Indiana roads, and so far, I love them. Given that the car would be at slam, we decided it was sorta appropriate that it looks as good as it sounds. That being said, we dyed the dash and center console black, reupholstered the carpet to black, wrapped the door panels, and installed LEDs in the box. Overall, this build has come together nice. Im still in the process of trying to get another amp. Im saving my money up to get ahead on some debt (yay college). I hope to have the second vital power in by the end of the summer. I'll keep you guys updated as she progresses.
  4. Updating this with our recent endeavors: We took the system to NSPL World Finals at scored 158.0 dB kick, 155.2 sealed. Took 2nd and 1st in those two categories! After that win we knew we could do better. We removed the Vital Power and D7500s lent by our teammate and began designing the system for some upgrades. Knowing we were limited on funds, we then focused on increasing the efficiency of the set up. Using the D3100s, we set her up on one SQ2200. Managed to get her up to 153.5 dB kick clamping 1964 watts at the 2Loud show in October, taking home 2 1st places. The highest we got her too was at the Ruckus show in November with 153.8 dB, taking 2nd. The car went of for a MAACO-ver. With some new decals she turn out great! We got the opportunity to pick up 2 Vital Power 700.1s. These ended up being the 18v model and our car was not set up for it... we decided to send it anyways. With the 2 Vitals, we were wired at 0.25 ohms each. Running on just the 1 D5100s and 2 D3400s, we saw voltage drop into the low 9s... As a result, we managed to clamp just over 9k watts out of both amps. (not surprising considering their 18v amps running at 9v). Despite that, we managed to get her up to 159.6 dB kick at the 2Loud show in April, taking home 2 1sts. Now that we were huddling that 160, we tested everything we could to get that score up. When I mean everything, I mean everything. Moving seats, box, adjusting vents, taping surrounds etc. We did some tweaking of the port and took her to the TDH show. After making our runs, the score DROPPED to 158.2 dB. Despite that, we took first and second in the 2 categories we competed in. We realized when testing, we failed to test the peak again. We had expected the peak frequency to go up, but it actually went down. Thus, we burped at 5 hz too high. We believe the frequency shift could be attributed to the the window bracket breaking. After some tweaking of the port we got her to 160.38 dB unofficially. We took her to the Collinsville show and got her too 160.1 dB officially, taking 1st in both categories and loudest no wall in show. Now begins the process of trying to get the electrical up to par. We have a 200 amp alternator ready to go on the car and plan to run 18V. As for the battery bank, we plan on running a couple banks of caps. To assist these, we looked into 16v batteries. The ultimate limiting factor would be budget. We are still mostly student funded, so we dont necessarily have 2k+ laying around for a proper battery bank. That being said. We are in the process of developing our own battery from 26650s lithium cells. You read that right. 5 26650 batteries in series would work on an 18V system. With enough banks we could potentially have enough reserve for a quick 5 second burp. We found a vendor selling 160 batteries for really cheap. We're going to do some testing on these to see if they will work for our application. Our goal for this season is to get the car to 160+ sealed, and 162+ kick. With some changes to the port and the upgraded electrical, am more than confident we can do just that. I'll definitely try to keep this updated and let you know how it goes!
  5. Cue the TDH show: Leaving the show, I ended up on a flat tire (not even half a mile from the venue). Turns out I had cracked a wheel Waited 1 hour for a tow, first tow truck driver shows up and say "no, I cant do that. You're too low." Well Sh*t, 1.5 hours next driver shows up, get towed. Hopped on craigslist, found a set of stock steelies, met the guy in the afternoon Sunday and just made the last 3 hours of the show. This made it the 3rd XXR 521 that I've cracked. After pulling off the rear set, turns out another one was crack, just still held air. So that makes 4 total. They are making it right by replacing the wheels with a different style. But jesus, AAA is the only reason Im not broke from tows lol. *note, the first 2 cracked up front, so camber didnt play into those. And yes, I know, Im an idiot for running cheap wheels on a heavy bass car. If the new set give me trouble, I'll switch to steelies. I'd rather be loud than look cool lol
  6. Some more updates. With final exams coming up I havent had time to much... Stripper pole is in! Made a huge difference in the windshield flexing. Successfully made it through the TDH show without breaking a window! (First audio show I've been to that I didnt break a window lmao). 1 week prior to the TDH show, my Ohio 300amp alt finally gave out. After 1 year and some change of abuse, it burnt up. Im not sure if it was due to the belt slipping, but the belt slippage got way worse towards the end of its life. After breaking 2 belts, it was time to let her go. I drove up Thursday before the show to see what we could do. David and I sought out a new plan so I could make it to the TDH show. The plan initially was to put one Mechman 370amp alt up front. I had already deleted power steering and AC to make way for at least 2-3 alts up front, but didnt anticipate having to do that for a little while. Sizing up the 370: After jokingly saying, "There's plenty of room for another alt, we just cant do it in time," David had a "Hold my beer" moment. Sure enough the alt bracket for 2 started. In 5 hours, the new bracket was built: Test fitting with the original belt. We used the stock tensioner in between the alts. The belt would need to be about 2 inches longer. Given that it was a 5 rib, we had to order it in. For the time being, I used a 6 rib, cut down to a 5 rib just to get me up to Fredericksburg, where I had ordered a new belt in. I stayed up through the night cutting wires, installing the regulator relays, and painted the bracket. Finished product: I plan replacing the fuse block, it got a tad hot and the plexi melted a little. That was me just being a plain idiot lol. And yes, I need to clean up the engine bay. Once I get everything confirmed in its right place and what not, I'll go back through can clean her up. Over all though, I was VERY impressed with the 370s. At idle I am holding better voltage than the Ohio. I can demo while at idle and still hold about the 13s. PLUS they're not self exciting, so no more running on battery at stop lights or having to rev up to charge. Under full load and about 2k rpms, I stay steady at 14.2-14.1V. Just means now im gonna have to more power I was very concerned that the car would stall when these are under full load. And I was almost right in my fears. I rev up to about 3k, bass hits, rpms drop to 1k, then slowly creep back up. And thats almost foot to the floor. The poor little 2.4L isnt gonna be too happy when I get that second VP 700.1.
  7. Some more updates.... We got the car ready for the 2Loud Show in Blacksburg, VA. Didnt really have much time to mess around with testing, just got the doors tuned right, and ran with it. Let me say this... The doors sound absolutely fantastic. Great balance between mids and highs, and mid bass that'll shake your clothes from the trunk of the car. The only issue is that, it mayyyyyyy have overpowered the bass a little. Just means im set up nicely for when I up te power. That being said, I broke windshield #3.... \ We thought the roof was braced enough, but evidently it still moves a metric sh!t ton. So back to the drawing board on that one lol. Im thinking Im going to have to go stripper pole...
  8. Ok ok lol, been working 3 days straight on this and 2 other builds for my tralmates. 2.5 hours of sleep since Friday lol buuuuuut some progress was made on the doors. Due to my lack of experience in fiberglass work, I turned the reins over to David for these and took the position of Camera boy. 6 DS18 Pro mids, 2 DS18 310 tweeters, 1 DS18 horn.... Per door. Should be decent
  9. Yeah I kinda got tired of redo-ing set ups, figured this should hold me over for a while lls. I plan on swapping subs and running more power eventually, might be as early as the next month or so, we'll see.
  10. UPDATES: New roof has been installed thanks to the help from Berger over at dB Designs. Now we have to do is brace it to make sure it wont tear again lol. The video below goes over just how the destruction was…. https://www.facebook.com/2LoudVT/videos/1250166218371718/ Berger and I have been putting in some work on finishing up the car, and hopefully get her ready for this season. Next up is finishing the front face of the wall. We fiber glassed the sides to finally seal her off. Once those get body worked and wrapped, it’ll be on to finishing the port. We got started on door panels. And as always, went a liiiiiiiiittle ambitious. For these, we plan to fit 6 8” DS18 PRO-X8.4BM mids, 2 DS18 PRO-TW310 tweeters, and 1 DS18 PRO-DR450…. per door. The 8s will be ran on a DS18 FR6000.1 and the tweets/ horns will be ran on 2 DS18 EXL-2.4ka2 2 channels. So roughly around 4500 watts to the speakers, and 500 or so on the tweeters and horns. I’ll end up putting the mids on a separate volume knob to ensure it wont completely over power the bass. The goal here was to build the doors up so they could support a louder system when I eventually upgrade subs and amps. Speaking of upgrades, we started working on the alt bracket. Initially I had anticipated just losing the power steering. But after we saw how much we could fit there, it snowballed. AC and power steering are now deleted. I’ll eventually mod it to have electric hydraulic power steering, but for now its just nothing. In their place will sit Mechman 370 amp alts. That’ll put me with around 1400 amps of charging. In addition, I’ll be adding 2 more D3100s, one on each side of the wall. Its not much, but I figure 4 D7500s, 2 D3100s, and 1 D3400 should hold a decent amount of power.
  11. Hello! Could I please change my name to "SolerTuned" Thank you
  12. Had a chance to get the car to the Ruckus show this past weekend. Scored 158.2dB, still on the one Vital Power. After 2 days of demoing, the vibrations were too much. Ended up with a hole in the roof about half the width of the windshield. Also took out windshield #2. The only way to fix this is to grab another roof off another galant and weld it in with better bracing. I hope to get her fixed soon, as Im hoping to go up in power by the turn of the next year.
  13. Thanks guys! Here's the result after mounting and wiring all the subs. Wires are tucked out of sight and the front subs off mounted opposite. This is so the magnets arent too close to the port.
  14. Roof is in the process of getting re-welded. I boogered it pretty bad. The roof brace had to be cut out and a new one is being made to put in its place. For now the car sits at DB Designs to get it rewelded. She'll be done by this weekend for the Ruckus show. In the meantime, got the interior trim panels in. Went with a blue that was fairly close to my amp. I think it definitely turned out good.
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