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  1. That's the impression I was under. I've seen some builds with smaller tweeters in the A-pillers and super tweets in the doors, I was just curious, like I said I couldn't find any information on this topic so I wasnt sure if it was something that could work properly even if it was tuned right.
  2. Hello everyone. My question is short one, Does it make any sense running a super tweeter and a 1 inch silk tweeter in the same system? I have tried looking this question up multiple times and I cant seem to find any information on this topic. Would they End up cancelling each other out? If you had the super tweeter crossed over at a lower frequency could you hear the smaller tweeter hitting the higher frequency over the super tweeter or vice versa. I havent seen anything that says you couldn't and I havent seen anything that says you should. What is everyone elses thoughts or opinions on this??
  3. I also was thinking of running just two loudspeakers in my center console. Can anyone point me in the right direction when it comes to what to look for? I'm new when it comes to pro audio so I'm not to sure what to look for.
  4. I never thought of that. I do plan in the future running 4 mids and 4 tweets on separate amps. Thank you for your response.
  5. Thank you! I have an general idea of how tuning a active setup is, But I'm definitely gonna look and read more into setting the crossover frequencys and everything before I start tuning. Im more then 100% sure I'm gonna go with the Crescendo Pwx's and FT1 tweeters, Does anyone have any secrets or things I should know about them before I purchase them? Is there any brands in the general price range that are better?
  6. Hello Guys, First time Posting, (I did try searching the forums but couldnt really find an answer. So forgive me if this is a noobish question haha) So I have 2001 Chevy Tahoe that I'm slowly in the process of Upgrading, Well one of the first things I wanna do is upgrade the front stage, In the pass I've just used Coaxials and passive setups. I decided this time around I wanna go more towards a Active setup. Which leads me to my Question. Am i able to run a active front stage (a Single Mid bass and a single super tweet in both doors) using only a 4 channel amp as long as it has a built in-crossover? I know it might not offer the best as far as fine tuning goes compared to running a separate amp for tweets and Mids, But if it has a built in crossover... theoretically I should be okay? Also I will be running the rears off just the headunit. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in Advanced Guys!
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