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  1. That's the impression I was under. I've seen some builds with smaller tweeters in the A-pillers and super tweets in the doors, I was just curious, like I said I couldn't find any information on this topic so I wasnt sure if it was something that could work properly even if it was tuned right.
  2. Hello everyone. My question is short one, Does it make any sense running a super tweeter and a 1 inch silk tweeter in the same system? I have tried looking this question up multiple times and I cant seem to find any information on this topic. Would they End up cancelling each other out? If you had the super tweeter crossed over at a lower frequency could you hear the smaller tweeter hitting the higher frequency over the super tweeter or vice versa. I havent seen anything that says you couldn't and I havent seen anything that says you should. What is everyone elses thoughts or opinions on this??
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