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  1. Where are the subwoofers built and do they use USA voice coils ? (I've been told every sub-woofer except the I series is built in house).
  2. What the consensus ? (what tuning did you use, did it hit all ranges or lowend only ?). I want the details (sundown employee told me to look into a modified Zv4 so what do you think of yours ?)
  3. To be fair I came on the "sundown audio" forum to get specific advice from sundown owners and vendors. Thats not exactly what I got or is it my fault (whats the point of a sundown audio forum when non sundown audio users are giving non sundown suggestions and can't go into specifics ?). If thats annoying then go to another board
  4. My last subwoofer/amplifier where sundown and my next amplifier is most likely going to be sundown. I don't have to stick with them but I wanted to give them a fair chance and see if they could offer me what I was looking for since i've been impressed with my previous sundown products
  5. So any sundown series with the SPL cone would be similar to subs like the havoc and fi q12 ? (well rounded and efficient ?). I'm basically trying to find out if Sundown can give me what i'm looking for or do I need to switch brands to get what im looking for (good output across all spectrums )
  6. I''m saying I want HDC level output but with better sound quality (I have no plans to buy any HDC subwoofers). I'm using it as an example of the output I'm looking for That makes sense. Where the people complaining about the X series either using the wrong cone or setting there boxs too low ? Reason I ask is because bryan of sundown said the SPL cone would make it sound higher on music frequencies (40-60hz) if I switched to the SPL cone instead of stock (SPL cone likes tuning in the mid 30s) Would a sundown amplifier offer good sound ? Recommendations of brands ?
  7. In regards to sloppy bass i've been told that subs like the HDC3 are peaky and not very tight at all regardless of a good box (I don't want that at all ). I also don't want something thats a lowend monster (for example I was looking at the X series but was told buy a sundown employee that its a lowend monster that falls out in output early in the upper bass frequencys). I want something that can hit the whole spectrum (30-80hz) versus a lowend monster that mostly hits 25-40hz. I'm wondering if sundown has something simliar to the havoc/fi Q (something none peaky that hits all spectrum). I've heard to the SA series is great at this but not sure on the others (X series and up on SSA store keeps telling me "low frequency only, SPL cone if you want higher frequencies").
  8. Sorry if I used the wrong terminology (i'm still relatively new to this). I'm looking for crazy output (in exaggerated terms, possible heart murmur, rattling a cash register at a gas station) while sounding good at normal listening volumes. I basically want the output of something like a pair of hdc3s or a single HDC4 (mid 140s or higher) but don't want the sloppy bass that comes with it My last subwoofer was a sundown and my future amp next month might be one as well. I was wondering if sundown has a subwoofer that would hit all bass frequency's well ( I don't want a lowend monster that fizzles in the mid to upper bass range).
  9. I was originally eyeballing a 2K amplifier but now i'm debating moving to 3K (I will be running a Singer 275A alternator, XS D3400 rated for 2,500 watt systems, and big three wiring). Does sundown make a subwoofer that's more SQ orientated ? (well rounded on all ranges). Examples are SSA, Ascendant, Fi.....ect (subwoofers that hit all ranges hard, 30 to 80hz). I have about 5.5-6 cubes to play with in the trunk so i'm looking at either dual 12s or a single 15
  10. Is the Zv4 well rounded ? I was looking at the X series but a dealer told me that it murders the lows but doesn't offer much in the midbass area (40-60hz) which would result in a huge cutoff from my components to substage. If the Zv4 is more well rounded then that would be good (my previous sub was sundown and I wouldn't mind staying with them if the price isn't too bad).
  11. Plan on running a Singer 270A with big three wiring. The stock location on my 2005 civic is a Group 51 tray but there's enough free space around it to fit the D3400 battery. Most people just bend the stock tabs down and it fits perfect but is this a good idea ? (can I simply replace the stock OEM battery tray for a fair price ?). Also Im currently running this amp kit http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_68352_T-Spec-V8-0RAK.html on the stock battery terminals. Is this necessarily a bad thing ?
  12. I'm getting a 270A alternator, XS D3400 battery under the hood and big three wiring along with a proper 2K amp. What options does sundown have for 2,000 watts as a daily driver ? I did some research and it seems like anything above the SA series is a lowend monster which I can't pull off (don't have dedicated mids so the cuttoff will be too large). Does sundown offer anything (possibly custom) that I can use as a daily driver in the 2,000 watt range ?
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