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  1. Yes, but in the mean time come out to Slamology and check out the new version!
  2. - I can't see the attachment. What is it?
  3. -Sure we are working on 10" and 15" baskets now. Not sure when they will be ready. - Must just be bad timing, we only come out with a new model every 3 to 4 years, so you must be just that lucky. I believe at this time we still have a few of the old ones we can build, so we might could build you a matching set. Just check and see!
  4. - The New IA30.1 is in stock and shipping as of the middle of last week. We've been getting asked about it since we showed it off at Slamology. It's a 4000 Watt RMS amplifier at 1 ohm at less than a foot long and comes with all of the things you'd normally see from SplitForce amplifiers. Will get some more info and picture up soon. Feel free to ask any questions.
  5. It's the next driver up the line's parts.
  6. - We have alot of them. XS - is an additional spider - higher FS, more control, abuse, etc UL - is a lead wire upgrade - this takes you to a DR level lead wire DC - direct connect - preference only LCU - flat wound coil - upgrade you to round wire to flat wire (DR coil) That is the most popular ones..
  7. - Glad you guys like them. We just starting shipping them a few weeks ago!
  8. FYI to all the IA fans, we started shipping this model last week. Similar to an IA20.1, but less power and is 3" shorter. Comes with a nice price of $549 as well. Any questions..... Thanks, Nick
  9. - Send Tricia and email [email protected] and we will see if we can help. - Thanks for the feedback!
  10. -Thank you. We have a Dyno as well, so we will get some numbers up soon. - Yes, sir! - Yes, sir! Best of the best.
  11. - Thanks! Glad to know you like them!
  12. - Thanks, they will be on the way. - What do you think? For the money they are great. I like the look and feel of the cord will see how it does when I go running but just from looking at it, it looks good. Haven't tried talking on it yet but I will, the only thing I was hoping for was more bass but like I said for the money they sound great. - Thank you for the feedback. - Thanks for the review. We are confident these are the best you can get for the price!
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