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  1. Right on dude. I will most definetly check into them. What group size battery should I go with? I was thinking of picking up an Odyssey AGM seems like no one sells XS power anymore. The last one I had died on me and swole.
  2. I think your misunderstanding what im saying. Im not doubting you. Im just wating to make sure the battery and alternator will not fail for whatever reason. Basically was asking for a confirmation on the reliability issue. This is my daily and wifes aswell. And she cannot be stranded in the heat due to health issues. Thank you for your time.
  3. Ok. And this would be reliable? Im saying you know how our trucks are with the amp clamp and voltage regulator. Im still trying to wrap my head around what gm has done to the charging system.
  4. Just got my system setup and running then ruined the factory alt. Its rattling like crazy. Prob brushes gone bad. Id like to run a second alternator for reliability reasons but i could be talked out of that. Factory is 150 amp. 750w amp. I clamped with just lights/ ac runing 65amps. Havent done the big three. And the batt is new. Factory sized interstate led.
  5. Ok well thats not so bad I guess. My silverado has a crappy bass attenuation. I dont really have a need for more then two extra channels either. And a regular LOC wont do as i could just use the speaker inputs on the amp.
  6. Lookin for one cheap and used. I'm in the DFW area. Been checking local listings and they go cheap and quicker then i can get to them. Thanks
  7. Looking into used newish Memphis 4 channel amps. Are they any good?
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