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  1. Just a rundown of my system real quick. Stock alternator, big 3 up front, 0 gauge ran to behind back seats to a shurikan 600. From the 600 there is 0 gauge ran to a Rockford fosgate punch 1000.1 and a Rockford fosgate punch 600.4. Sub is a Sundown x15 and my kids and highs consist of 4 Crescendo pwx 6.5s up front and 2 in rear and the front also has 2 Crescnedo super tweeters. When I turn my input level up on my 4 channel there's a hissing noise that gets louder with turning it up and gets loud when rpm increase. Super stumped because I'm not sure why and I've checked grounds over 1000 times and RCA runs are separated. Any help? And headunits is a pioneer appradio 3 ran to a DB drive eualizer I'm not sure of the mode.
  2. I do design my own and have been really successful with them so far. Last enclosure was for a PSi platform 3 and metered 140.5 @ 29 hz on half wattage of what the sub should be getting. But that was in a ported box and I really like the way it sounded just wasnt loud enough. Im just not as familiar with a 4th design to make it sound exactly what im looking for.
  3. Well i have built a 4th order for 2 15s before and i just wasnt as satisfied with the output as i was with another ported box built for the same subs.. im not completely agsinst 4th orders but i believe thats going to be the smartest and most logical thing to do. What ratio? 3 or 4:1? instead of the VS series ive now decided to run the VC series NVX
  4. may change my mind about the 6 NVX VS series.. idk what i want to run.. no more than $150 per sub.. decision is tough
  5. Looking to get some outside opinions on box type and design. I'm going to be running 6 NVX VS 15 on two Rockford Fosgate Punch 1000s (for now two, three later) and looking for opinions on what type of box to build. A 4th order is an option ive considered but I dont want to do a bandpass.. i want to do ported. Anyone have any ideas of how I can properly design a box for 6 15s in a ported box? Box is going in an Avalanche bed. Rough but close dimensions are like 49x19x50 i think. Not looking for someone to design the mathematics but simply throw ideas out on best way to place the subs and port for a ported box design! Looking to tune around 30 hz.. not looking for spl meter but simply murder lows. Thanks in advance!
  6. 140 db PSi Platform 3 1500 watts

    1. bmwking


      280 db Funky pup 50 watts

  7. Thanks it does help! the amps are strappable but I read somewhere that strapped amps were mainly for a single sub setup.. is this true?
  8. Having some questions on a dual amp setup.. I'm wanting to run 2 Soundstream ta1.3000d on 2 PSi platform 3 15. The amps are rated: 3000 rms @ .5 ohm 2500 rms @ 1 ohm Subs are the dual 2 ohm direct connect PSi 15s rated at 3000 watts rms. I've never personally installed two amps before so my question is how would i run the rca's and then how to wire the voice coils to the amps? Any help is appreciated!
  9. Looking to upgrade my system.. currently have 2 15" Rockford P3s with a 1500 watt sundown. I plan on getting 2 more subs so ill have 4 RF P3D2-15's. I'll need another amp as well so there will be 2 1500 watt sundown audio's. The dimensions for the midgate replacement are 53 1/2" long by 21 1/2" tall. It can be however deep is needed i don't use my bed. If someone can design me a box design that would allow me to get pretty loud it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  10. Thanks so much! I'll post links to the video after
  11. I need a box design for 2 rockford fosgate p3s. The would be best to be 48 inches wide, 18 inches tall, and the maximum depth is 3 foot but can be deeper if necessary. The port has to be in the middle would be best 6.5 inches wide and 16 inches tall because of my previous box. I will be running a rockford 1200 watt prime amp. [url=http://s1300.photobucket.com/user/mpposton2/media/Subs/20150415_160828_zpsfdbaejp1.jpg.html]
  12. Im willing to build any box design that will give the p3s proper justice. The box can go up to 3 feet deep possibly a little more if necessary but i doubt that. I will post pictures trying the method ASAP
  13. Actually the port width is 6.5 inches wide.. wider than i thought but can be changed if necessary. 48 inches is the perfect width because it was perfect width in the last box i built. Since the box will be in my covered bed the depth can be however deep it needs to be, size is not an issue. I cannot include pics for some reason but theyre in my avalanche midgate with the subs out the outside and the port in the middle.
  14. I have 2 RF P3D2-15 in a 2004 avalanche midgate that are currently on a free air setup with my bed acting as a huge box. I have tried using a program to design my ported box but it failed miserably and sounded terrible so i threw it out. Now I need professional help, I already have around a 4" wide (may be wider not 100% sure ) 16" tall square hole cut for the port from the old box that i could use but I need the depth, width, port length, etc.. does anyone have a diagram they could give me or some tips? And the perfect height was also 18" so if that could also be a set factor that'd be great. Would like it tuned to the low 30s. Any help is appreciated thanks!
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