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  1. when you do the 2nd baffle, are you doing it full coverage and then using a flush bit on your router to make the port opening and sub hole? that'd be a good ideer
  2. not mark, but no. per american bass's website the XO1244 requires 1.75-2 cu ft per sub for a ported box. simple math makes that 3.5-4 cu ft per pair. with 800w rms and a 35hz tune, this is a quick simple box idea: https://subbox.pro/en/design/?bt=2&bw=812.8&bh=381&bv=110.4&mt=19&fp=1&sq=2&ss=12&cd=276.9&md=149.9&sv=3.7&so=-76.2&sd=25.4&sb=14&sn=XO1244&pt=4&pq=1&rf=35&pd=198.63&pw=2&pa=309.7&pp=100
  3. i feel like i can smell that guy with the furry ears. looks legit otherwise!
  4. can i get a white secondskin sticker tossed in on that order? prettty please?
  5. the best place to get the 38120s is that link i sent you, especially considering the bulk discounts they have. you can get custom made buss bars and holders/packs from guys on the facebook forum, or you can make one yourself.
  6. also, the 38120s you can run a bank of 40 cells (about $400) and it is a solid and stiff enough bank to hold for ~10k
  7. smaller cells than the typical 66160 cells. all the big name brands (limitless, JY, Wolfram, etc) use 66160 cells in their prebuilt batteries. it's infinitely cheaper to buy your own and buss them together. 66160s have higher aHratings than 38120s typically. but both are good in car audio. 38120s for example work well in mixed battery situations, like say you have an AGM under the hood for starting the car, you can add a bank of 38120s to supplement in the back without running into any drain issues. 66160s tend to like higher charge voltages, think like 15V, and they store at higher voltages than 38120s. if you add a bank of 66160s they will be constantly on a drain from your under hood agm. so you can either add a BMS to them to keep them all topped up and balanced, or keep them on a completely separate charge circuit. Join the DIY Lithium group on facebook, they have frequent group buys, deals, and a lot of other options on there to choose from. feel free to ask questions too, a lot of the guys there are super knowledgeable and helpful, but just be ready to deal with typical facebook snark 38120 - https://batteryhookup.com/products/4-headway-38120-hp-3-2v-8ah-lifepo4-lithium-batteries-25c-200a-super-cells 66160 - https://www.amazon.com/1pcs-Yinlong-2-3V-66160-Battery/dp/B07P51WZ2Z
  8. if you're happy with what you have, stick with it. one advantage to lithium is weight savings vs agm. personally, i say lithium because it holds a stiffer voltage, rests higher, and outputs more consistently with less degradation of voltage compared to traditional lead-acid. but that's just my $0.02 I love my winston cells and 38120s
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