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  1. hey man i really appreciate the modelling! so this is what I was basing my enclosure off of, being that he modelled the sub in winisd and then set about finding the best size enclosure and tuning. youll see the info i went for in post #3 https://www.the12volt.com/installbay/forum_posts.asp?tid=137330 It was kind of my base map ykno? does his info make sense to you?
  2. out the front of the speakers. think of them as 2 way diaphragms, creating a sound wave off the front and rear of the cone. you have your port pumping directly into the cab for the rear wave and the front wave being dispersed in the bed of the truck to no one. you're still getting output but nowhere near what you could be if you had both subs and port in your cabin.
  3. @Antheny916 Do posts in the Subs/Enclosures sub not get posted to the recent topics list anymore?  or is it something wrong on my end?

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      Should be working now! :)

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      Thanks, you're a champ!

  4. Hey all! Long time no post! Hope you're all doing as well as possible, I've been lurking in my off time trying to keep up on the goings on around here. I sold my Forester back in september after having my full build installed for only a few months (at least I got to enjoy it for a little bit), and bought a 2015 Mini Cooper S. Such a night and day difference in level of quality and power, I might not have awd anymore but it's already faster than my hopped up Forester was! Plus it's a 6 speed manual Oh and the wife decided she wanted to move in October so we got the house ready for sale a
  5. Hey man, kinda just checking in. Any progress on the build? How's life? you hanging in there?
  6. or even an under rated 5k that's also 0.5 ohm stable I know a guy with one for sale...
  7. for sure man, just let me know
  8. I mean I'm open to offers for sure, but I'd like to get close to $550 shipped. and yeah the WFO45.1 (the one im selling) does 5700 rms @ 1 ohm certified. and it's 0.5 ohm stable too Also, I think he had space constraints too
  9. @nickgoose I'm currently selling a synergy audio (korean board) WFO45.1 does 5700 rms certified @ 1 ohm and is 0.5 ohm stable. I'm asking for $550 shipped, it's minty. I can link you to the sale page if you're interested.
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