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  1. Building a subwoofer

    need to zip tie the leads to the binding post platforms and put some power to it this weekend and make sure it works, but everything went pretty easy in terms of assembly. joined a custom sub building facebook forum that ive been asking questions in and getting really good answers. I am proud to say that its perfectly centered with zero coil rub or noise when i push on it. so thats promising! it's pretty cool to take just a bunch of parts and finish with a decent looking sub!
  2. Building a subwoofer

    speaking of progress 😁
  3. yeah, I'm a fan of that! thanks!
  4. As the title says. With this little beast I'm making I want to put it in the best box to really help it shine and get an idea of what it's capable of. I'm assuming all the T/S specs change or go out the window with a frankensub, so what would be the best way to get close to figuring out what i should do? since I'm making a 10" with a ct sounds Meso 12" motor, should i just figure out the best enclosure for a meso 10" and 12" and then split the difference? Forgive my dumbs, I'm still learning Pics for... well because i'm already in love with this thing and you should be too haha
  5. Best part about working construction in Mi?  Snow days!

    1. rocking.that.eclipse


      where you at in michigan? I'm over in the area that 94 always has pileups.... lol


    2. bmwking


      ah yeah youre in the mid/west end.  I'm working in grosse pointe.  94 out here is just a parking lot all day every day due to the 75 closure.

  6. gonna direct connect my home built 10
  7. hot sauce

    lol @ your buddy with the hiccups and @ "and the cauhlina eepahs" shit wouldnt let you touch your lips together to say carolina reapers 😂
  8. Building a subwoofer

    bet you guys thought i gave up on this huh? nope, just taking my sweet ass time because life. got my cone, basket, triple joint ring, and glue in today. just waiting on my coil, spider, and possibly some terminals (havent decided if i want to direct connect or not) here's progress: gonna be a pretty beast 10 i hope
  9. consider going lithium, if you dont go name brand you can get a 70ah bank for about $500 to your door
  10. haha thats Margaret! found her in someones trash one day, next to a tupperware storage bin full of 70s porn mags. that was a good day! btw the painting is a signed Larry Quackenbush from 1961. found him on an artist registry once, but not this painting. it is an original too, not a print. gotta keep my work space ballin!
  11. Advice on which of my 2 amps to use for my Subs

    fwiw doug soundman has a 13w7 on a ctsounds team7k the next question to ask yourself, hows your electrical?