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  1. or even an under rated 5k that's also 0.5 ohm stable I know a guy with one for sale...
  2. for sure man, just let me know
  3. I mean I'm open to offers for sure, but I'd like to get close to $550 shipped. and yeah the WFO45.1 (the one im selling) does 5700 rms @ 1 ohm certified. and it's 0.5 ohm stable too Also, I think he had space constraints too
  4. @nickgoose I'm currently selling a synergy audio (korean board) WFO45.1 does 5700 rms certified @ 1 ohm and is 0.5 ohm stable. I'm asking for $550 shipped, it's minty. I can link you to the sale page if you're interested.
  5. make sure your alt belt is tight, that's the most common thing to make an alt not charge high. kind of like a warning sign. and really check it, go out and tighten it if need be, have about 5mm of flex in the belt if it's adjustable. beyond that, just wait to hear back from Mike. He's a fuckin champ at customer service plus you have a lifetime warranty on the alternator against non cosmetic defects.
  6. because you slathered it in wood glue, it won't be a weak point so good call there. and everything mr. Gigawatts said is correct, you should be GTG
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