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  1. 2 6.5s will be louder than one obv. what about sundown X 6.5s? only needs .25-.33 cu ft per sub
  2. @Antheny916 Do posts in the Subs/Enclosures sub not get posted to the recent topics list anymore?  or is it something wrong on my end?

    1. Antheny916


      Should be working now! :)

    2. bmwking


      Thanks, you're a champ!

  3. Better warranty than Singer's lifetime one? weird... I'd still go Singer. I've had a few of his alternators now and for less than common vehicles. Each time he's bought back the old, used alts and given me a few hundred as credit towards the next one. Plus his customer service is top of the game.
  4. when using a DD1 on a 4 channel amp you want to hook the positive lead to the positive of channel 1 and the negative to the negative terminal of channel 2, effectively bridging the 2 channels to the DD1, that way you won't have a disparity between them, itll allow you to set them both equally to your max clean volume. as far as the other equipment you're running (maestro, dsr1) I don't have any experience with those, hopefully someone who does can chime in
  5. i've found when setting at the amp it makes it easier to put the DD1 leads in the speaker outputs and actually tighten the output terminals down to hold the leads in place. just my $0.02 that frees up your hands to adjust gain and volume on the HU without losing your output
  6. try reversing the wires on one side of the box, Hook positive to positive and negative to negative on one side of the box, and positive to negative and negative to positive on the other side of the box. many times with a bandpass enclosure of this sort it will increase output by putting the woofers in a push-pull configuration. also be aware that the amplifier you are using is a home theater amplifier and is sending a full range signal to your woofer, not a properly crossed over bass only signal. for best results try to find a subwoofer amplifier (search for a plate style home theater subwoofer amplifier) to get the best out of your subs. also also, this enclosure is not going to be the best choice for a home theater setup, but if it makes you happy, have fun with it
  7. don't watch it too close, good ol forum jesus up there resurrected a 9 year old thread
  8. @Antheny916  figured you'd want a heads up that some chinese spammer hit the site

  9. can i get a white secondskin sticker tossed in on that order? prettty please?
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