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  1. The drivers themselves are shielded:) and yeah, sturdy as hell lol
  2. Hey all, figured this would be the best sub to post this in, but I'm super excited with how these turned out and wanted to share. Just finished building a custom desktop setup to replace my partially failed altec lansings. Parts list is as follows: 2 x 14" 4" x 4" steel square tube 4 x 4" x 4" 14ga flat plate for end caps (hooray for garage welding!) 2 x 3" and 2 2" hole saw holes 32 x 6-32 standard pc mounting screw holes drilled, tapped 4 x HiVi B2S 2" full range aluminum drivers https://www.parts-express.com/hivi-b2s-2-shielded-aluminum-driver--297-432 4 x HiVi B3N 3" full range aluminum drivers https://www.parts-express.com/hivi-b3n-3-aluminum-driver-round-frame--297-428 SecondSkin damp pro lining full interior of each gloss white spray paint! powered by an ORB Audio Booster https://www.orbaudio.com/products/booster-mini-amplifier?variant=36958510593 DC M3-8 filling in sub duties in a too small, wrong port, low power enclosure before I finally do it right. Anyway, I wasn't sure I'd be happy with the outcome so I didn't take any build pics, I know I know what good am I?! but here's a couple pics and a vid (the video doesn't really do them justice, in person they're loud, clear AF, and the midbass actually impacts your chest, it's amazing):
  3. bmwking

    Skar ZVX 8 ..Opinions???

    for my money, id pre order this bad boy: $139 https://www.ctsounds.com/products/meso-8-d2
  4. bmwking

    Old skool,new skool?

    can you post a pic of it? I havent seen a 2k XD before
  5. looks great! wont be as cushy as an airbag to smash your face into tho...
  6. mufucka bout to be setting lap records at laguna seca n shit!
  7. yep, just make sure you have them perfectly phase matched too, which isnt too tough, just takes work.
  8. continuing to bump your thread here won't magically make them do so
  9. 2k rms @ 1 ohm would be perfect for the XFLs, in the proper sized ported box youll soon want to start upgrading mids and highs again Lots out there with that power in a good price range too
  10. and you may want to upgrade your sub amp, the XFLs take 1k rms each, reliably. I have mine on 1800rms+ and they're begging for more
  11. copy that, the XFLs is what I have experience with so that works out. btw are you just dropping into the current enclosure or have you decided to go ported?
  12. bmwking

    Old skool,new skool?

    the XD 15 is 700rms, the XFL 15 is 1000rms, other than that, the XFL has a cast basket, a stronger/larger motor structure, higher sensitivity
  13. fyi youre linking to the XFLs not the VFLs, hopefully that's what you actually wanted to do
  14. I've been running AB for a few years now, gotta say I love em. My box might be a little too big for my XFLs tho, when i have windows down or a door open i can smell them being overworked. that being said, i beat the piss out of them regularly/daily and have been nothing but happy or impressed by them. The VFL line should be more than adequate in terms of power handling, response, and loud. I've see nothing but great things from VFLs when powered/tuned properly. I'm having trouble finding any info on the VFL 10 tho, do you have a link you could point to?