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  1. send me $7k, I'll make sure you get a good amp that does everything you want it to
  2. @Second Skin just an fyi when trying to order damp pro in the free shipping usps boxes (didnt try on anything else) it forces you to add the $10 roller and won't let you undo it. probably just a site error, but it'd be worth fixing. keep up the great work/product!
  3. i feel like rear fill may come in handy in a minivan where you're likely to have rear passengers. right?
  4. i mean they've had a discord for several months now, as for this minimized version, in the last week or two i think that i've noticed.
  5. the ones with the sounds that come out tend to be the best
  6. i think this kid needs to read up on Occam's razor
  7. so before you go mickey mousing stuff together, why not just get a plate amp? it's $50 cheaper than what you have listed and it's designed to work off 120v home voltage. it's in your power range too. https://www.parts-express.com/b-52-actpro-18s-subwoofer-plate-amp-700w--299-2371
  8. for sure, i understand where you're coming from. worth an hour of your time to install them, check that the seatbelts are still in a good spot with the new raised lower section and see how you feel about it. i dont think much would change in terms of crash results, and being a machinist, im sure you could work up something really secure to make sure the seat was just as secure as the factory mount.
  9. that's bs. 8s can get low, nasty, and windy in the right enclosure. they typically require less airspace too. OP are you not keen on raising the seat because of cost of the pre made brackets? if so, see how the pre mades actually do the seat lift. chances are you could get 2 pieces of 3" box steel and raise the lower part of the seat yourself. fwiw 4 8s in the right ported box would be musical and loud on good power.
  10. what're the dimensions of the box you have designed? with and without port
  11. what are you trying to tune to?
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