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  1. lol hey i didnt want to sound like i was criticizing or anything, but yeah that thing needs a good cleanin
  2. probably low on the list, but make sure you give it a good vacuum while you have most of the interior out, will give a new sense of pride knowing you got to clean areas that you normally cant
  3. if you don't make your own, knukonceptz krystals are damn fine for the price http://www.knukonceptz.com/mobile-audio/rca-cables/krystal-rca-kables/
  4. that rockville was dyno'd on a full fledged smd dyno. the video is on the 2nd page of my amp guts thread that i posted a link to
  5. if the vfl hybrid is anything like the 4408, i wouldnt do it. the 4408 has been proven to underperform.
  6. So, when my CT Sounds AT200.4 went down i needed something to fill the void but still be powerful and I didn't want to drop a lot of coin on it since it was meant ot be temporary while the CT got reparied. I actually bought a rockville, this one actually: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0728K1GD4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and man... I couldn't have been happier with it! that thing has a ton of power and range for a 4 channel. It was so good that I don't hesitate recommending it, it was a champ. I even did an amp guts post about it, with a dyno vid on the 2nd page: im telling ya man, that thing absolutely screams, in my opinion for the price it cannot be beat
  7. don't watch it too close, good ol forum jesus up there resurrected a 9 year old thread
  8. ferndale here, never been to a comp. maybe this year ill check one out, never really been a number chaser, but mildly curious to see what i can do
  9. ah yeah i failed to notice you're in florida, good call on just doing a battery delete. i would get in contact ith their customer service and make sure you have the right idea about the differences between the RSV vs the PWR, just to make double sure. and if they're saying you can drop it in to supplement an agm, i wouldn't worry about removing any of your AGMs if you don't want to.
  10. you could always stain the face and do a nice complementary color paint on the body, really class that joint up!
  11. how much power are you planning on running? if you're just sticking with the setup in your signature, you can completely eliminate all the agm in your system and run just the lithium under the hood (providing you get word from XS that it's suitable for under hood temps) also, don't get the RSV-S5. get the PWR-S5. the PWR is much better suited to audio demands. RSV would be great for electric vehicles (go-carts) or mobile homes as it isnt designed to have a very high burst output. as for the isolators, they aren't 100% the best idea, but they can work, provided you find one that matches your max amperage output from the back, ie if you're pulling 300 amps, get a 300+ amp isolator. I'd ask XS whether or not you can run agm and the titan8s together, but they rate the S5 batteries @ 12V, if they are truly resting @ 13V i honestly wouldn't worry about using both the lithium and your under hood agm on the same circuit w/o an isolator. the agm will be a draw (of about 0.5V) but as soon as your alt starts charging it's going to kick the lithium back up to it's highest charge capacity. basically the agm isn't going to kill your lithium or vice versa. it's not going to degrade the lithiums life expectancy either, it sees the agm as something that needs juice, it feeds it, then when the agm is resting, the lithium rests, and waits for the next recharge.
  12. man, i definitely ran some legacy stuff back in the days of being dirt poor and still wanting some bump. never had a big issue with it, did what i wanted. used to love some American Pro Bass Machine stuff too lol. thankfully it means making a collection wall of stuff i used in my youth is dummy cheap lol
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