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  1. Dude. No homo, but you look great! Whatever you're doing diet/fitness wise, you're killing it. Also, only cause I know so little about lifts, does this affect the geometry of the driveshaft or anything like that? Or does that only really happen with extreme lifts?
  2. i bought 25ft cables for my 18ft runs(should've measured first ). Knuconceptz Krystals. Had the 2 channel and 4 channel. had a decent amount coiled up before the amps, no issues ever. You'll be good as long as you run em correctly (away from any power cables etc)
  3. Is your alternator from a reputable builder? (Singer, Mechman, CES, etc.) also, is it your headlights dimming or your interior lights? if it's ever so slight as you say, it's nothing to worry about really. And switching your headlights and interior/exterior lights to LED bulbs will alleviate the issue (almost guaranteed). If it is just your headlights, going LED or HID will completely solve your problem.
  4. do they have other legacy updates? sometimes you cant update to the newest without one of the updates in between. i'd see if you can find the files for like a 2.0 and 5.0 update, try to apply them in order (oldest to newest) and see if that helps
  5. i have an 05 XT, i have my old setup from my bmw in there currently. consists of 2 AB XFL 1244s in a 4.8cu ft box tuned to 37hz. thats all just chucked in there. i see no reason you couldn't do 4 12s. box would have to be custom obv. the stupid upper strut mounts protrude stupid far into the cargo area as far as alt goes, I'm going with a singer 240a. if you dont have a turbo he can probably get a large case hairpin to fit.
  6. so i know i'm late to the party but i figure i'd drop my 2/100ths of a dollar. I've personally had these on 200rms and they sounded amazing (when tuned with a dd1 to ensure clean signal obv): https://www.ctsounds.com/collections/meso-series-speakers/products/meso-6-5-comp They do have a 3 way setup that people on their fb page have been raving about too for $210: https://www.ctsounds.com/collections/meso-series-speakers/products/meso-6-5-3way-comp might be worth a shot I have a set of these on headunit power in the wifes car and they sound good for what it is (may not be what you want but hey options n shit): https://www.ctsounds.com/collections/strato-series-speakers/products/strato-6-5-pa-comp and finally, the hybrid setup i'm running right now, where my midbass moves my leg hair consists of meso 25mm tweeters in the stock sail panel ( i split up a set of the 5 1/4 components, used the midbass in my rear doors, then used the crossover and tweeters in the front doors) paired with these because of the power i'll be running to them: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0039QC6KE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 now those lanzars are literally the heaviest 6.5 mid i've ever held, i had to fab 1.5" spacers and trim my door panel just to get them to fit, but man they sound gooooooddd. punchy, thumpy, vocals are loud and up front, and i have the tweets turned down -3db on the x over.
  7. send me $7k, I'll make sure you get a good amp that does everything you want it to
  8. @Second Skin just an fyi when trying to order damp pro in the free shipping usps boxes (didnt try on anything else) it forces you to add the $10 roller and won't let you undo it. probably just a site error, but it'd be worth fixing. keep up the great work/product!
  9. i feel like rear fill may come in handy in a minivan where you're likely to have rear passengers. right?
  10. i mean they've had a discord for several months now, as for this minimized version, in the last week or two i think that i've noticed.
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