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  1. because you slathered it in wood glue, it won't be a weak point so good call there. and everything mr. Gigawatts said is correct, you should be GTG
  2. honestly, use your 4 channel to amp the factory speakers first, a lot of factory speakers are under powered. the lowest price is free. then if you decide you hate it you can upgrade then. my money would be on the Hertz or the alpines tho for the price points.
  3. Better warranty than Singer's lifetime one? weird... I'd still go Singer. I've had a few of his alternators now and for less than common vehicles. Each time he's bought back the old, used alts and given me a few hundred as credit towards the next one. Plus his customer service is top of the game.
  4. @Antheny916  figured you'd want a heads up that some chinese spammer hit the site

  5. so, my garage thread just got deleted but the problem still persists?  did we piss someone off?

    1. Antheny916


      Not sure about that thread but the garage should be working now.

    2. bmwking


      @antheny916 yep just checked, works again!  thanks!

  6. kinda preferred the old chatbox ?  just my $0.02

    1. Antheny916


      Yeah same. I changed it back! :)

  7. Best part about working construction in Mi?  Snow days!

    1. rocking.that.eclipse


      where you at in michigan? I'm over in the area that 94 always has pileups.... lol


    2. bmwking


      ah yeah youre in the mid/west end.  I'm working in grosse pointe.  94 out here is just a parking lot all day every day due to the 75 closure.

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