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  1. ya sure? i'll let it go for $1500 OBO...
  2. buy my 99 bmw wagon, it's unique and can get loud
  3. there's that unreliability again. chrysler's are not known for their longevity
  4. sure it's possible, anything is really. however, you might be better off if this is just gonna be a trailer queen. Early new beetles are absolute shit for reliability, and notoriously difficult to work on. may not be worth the investment. unless you just wanna sit in your driveway and beat on it.
  5. bmwking

    Box for 2 sundown SA 8s

    rated power to subs, 35hz tune (roughly)
  6. just get a decent sub that can work in a sealed box, put that on it's own amp and above your speaker box if that's what you want. the sealed enclosures tend to be more suited for sq which is ultimately what you're asking for. sq over spl. there's a guy on here that did something similar, i'll see if i can find his build log looked through 25+ pages of build logs and it didnt stand out. i know it was an older ford (i think) truck with a shell on the back and he had a bunch of stuff back there. mostly budget stuff but he was super happy with it
  7. bmwking

    2 vfl8d4 box tuning

    my understanding is that the 2" will give you port noise like mad, see how long you have to go with the 3" and consider doing an elbow. hopefully it doesnt suck up too much space internally.
  8. bmwking

    PPI ICE7000.1d reliable amp?

    @ $200 that's a killer price
  9. bmwking

    PPI ICE7000.1d reliable amp?

    and dang, that PPI dyno was a surprise!
  10. bmwking

    PPI ICE7000.1d reliable amp?

    and just saw this, congrats bud. should sound great (i hope lol)
  11. bmwking

    PPI ICE7000.1d reliable amp?

    the 4480 has been the black sheep of AB's line, doesn't do anything close to rated from what i've read. which is a shame. honestly other than the upper VFL line stuff, i probably wouldnt roll the dice on another AB amp. totally would on a wolfram 2400 tho:
  12. bmwking

    PPI ICE7000.1d reliable amp?

    eh i'd stay away from it, the low end (if not all) PPI stuff is trash nowadays. personally, i have one of these beating the hell out of 2 xfl 12s right now. according to the amp dyno is only does about 1.8k rms but it's definitely putting in work for me. also, bigD did a dyno drag with a budget orion and a soundstream, the soundstream does about 2500w rms dynamic
  13. bmwking

    Xfl 12 under rear seat of 97 Silverado

    if those 4 6.5s are in a ported box to spec, you're gonna be surprised!
  14. bmwking

    Xfl 12 under rear seat of 97 Silverado

    the xd 8s would probably work out fine, just make sure you have enough room for the port area. that's beyond my knowledge, but i'm sure someone on here could come up with a good design for you