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  1. There really aren't any without buttons of some kind, The Alpine Halo 9 is close but there are buttons on the bottom of the screen. Kenwood same , buttons on the bottom, Sony XAV-AX5000 is very popular at the moment but it too has buttons at the bottom.
  2. sorry that was me, the forum noob on ryans account. back on topic though compustar is great, love the ability to upgrade a client later n features with just reprograming and changing remote kits.
  3. This is why Ive been wanting to try compustar myself, but I really dont feel like messing with the crap.. PS: you should of brought back your old name I didnt know how, because it was a used name. If you can change it i wouldnt mind, if not im all good with this one as well.
  4. At the point when I replied to the other fella, I wasn't speaking about your issue any longer, I was clarifying the tardiness of my post
  5. Top post on this page from my phone is 5pm today. You are making an assumption without knowing
  6. I prefer Compustar product myself. I use and install them everyday. Love the support love the product and the reliability. Pretty much the best stuff out there imo and they have something for everyone, you just don't have 50 variations of the same thing is all.
  7. Actually yes there were, I started my post when I left work and it had one page, when I got home I just continued my post without refreshing or whatnot.
  8. The fact that you listen to sub 30hz music mainly but you have drivers that don't really like playing low frequencies makes a box a little tough to do correctly. Then you have an amp that can potentially fold the cones of cvr subs. Soooo you need normally one kinda box because you like lows, then another kinda box because you have more power then you need. Then you have a vehicle that doesn't wanna play those frequencies either. Someone is going to chime in with a low tuned box with lots of cubic feet of space. Your truck likes 39-41 hz though. So you'll need to decide which means more to you, playing lows and having a lot less output, or it being relatively loud
  9. There were additions to the thread while I was typing on my phone
  10. The answer is still your source. If you still have whine the source is the culprit. If it does go away taking the Rca off the deck and doing an iPod into the amps, it's a defacto answer. Noise is probably one of the easiest things to track down and eliminate.
  11. The forum will need, power you are using, car it's installed in, and like stated above, what your dimensions are.
  12. If you have a limited budget, why not look into some great sounding efficient Drivers. Hertz, focal, illusion audio , even the Rockford line or is wood excelon can be made to sound pretty good. Most of this is going to depend more on your installation. If you buy a 40 dollar or 40,000 dollar comp set and it's installed "janky" you aren't getting what you paid for either way.
  13. hello lbox, dont remember ya, but its been quiet a while its hard for me to remember much of anyone lol.
  14. I just signed up again, been busy at AI working alot, dont know the reason for my banning if i was banned or if i simply forgot my password for my old account, i tried a couple times over the years past to get into it but didnt know for sure what was up. I still do this stuff for a living and have lots of fun doing it.
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