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  1. I recently bought a few amps from our member Mike4068. He was excellent with shipping, Communication, Packaging was top notch with lots of bubble wrap and foam and everything was in working order when i received just as he said. I would have no issues buying something from him again.
  2. MB Quart OA1000.1 with a matching OA800.4, still use the 4 channel to this day but i sold my oa1000.1 to a buddy who didnt know anything and wired his subs to 0.25 ohms and burnt it up
  3. turns out amps are not as bulletproof as i thought also made this cause i was bored. 0.89 cubic feet and hit 25 hertz pretty damn nice too. JL 12w1v2-4's
  4. problem solved Alberta! Another thing that i find frustrating is the amount of gates on lease roads, getting in and out of your grader 100 times is a pain in the neck! I also use my champion/volvo integrated elevator haha
  5. Alberta is bad for this too. I see all the rich oil wife's literally jumping to get into the husbands truck or they have stepping stools on ropes hahaha. wish i snapped a pic of that one...
  6. I was cleaning out my room and found this, brought me back to Coupe DeVille days haha
  7. Elderado? Awesome car choice! nothing is as classy like a old cadillac.
  8. my 6000 pound car (now maybe 6400 with system) makes about 220 of the finest horsepower from 1974, around 230 ish torques and its a big block, i could tell you how much easier it would be to make huge horsepower and run whatever the fucks and go from 0-60 in x OR i could say my car is not a race car and will be ourtran by a ford focus. just keepin it real with the one wheel peel!
  9. ohhhh what is that? 8 inches? cute...... try canada bud. you dont even know eh
  10. didnt they have those crossfire 350's? eeeeeeewwwwwwwww What rolex needs is a car like mine. LEAD SLED. 8.2L of wonderful slowness. 6000 pounds of holy fuck coming down the strip Edit: im comfortable saying i would run a decent 30 some odd seconds at like, 80 mph
  11. Find Mark Fukada's yellow blazer.... was what got me into audio when i was 14 155 in 1992? damn.
  12. thats a lug.... and on the other side of the battery is a bolt on connector.... solid mechanical connection 10/10
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