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  1. so they make reasonable power but i wonder how it sounds?
  2. My 4th order from the Coupe DeVille kept me warm for HOURS when i burnt it lol. That was a huge box!
  3. problem solved Alberta! Another thing that i find frustrating is the amount of gates on lease roads, getting in and out of your grader 100 times is a pain in the neck! I also use my champion/volvo integrated elevator haha
  4. Alberta is bad for this too. I see all the rich oil wife's literally jumping to get into the husbands truck or they have stepping stools on ropes hahaha. wish i snapped a pic of that one...
  5. Just wondering if these are good quality? Anyone have experience with these speakers? i read though the manual and i cant find anything about the different tweeter levels on the crossovers. Got both sets for 100 bucks, (or 80 usd) not bad for speakers rated for around 120 watts i think.
  6. Hey everyone! i have this old sub in my collection and i'm going to build a box for it in my truck, but i cannot for the life of me find the specs, after days of frustrating googles i can only find subs with the the 12 spoke basket. anyone have any info on this fella? is it the same specs as the 12 spoke?
  7. Cool! Not bad if your doing a side by side or something, Its so cheap if it got ruined it wouldn't even matter just throw in another haha
  8. i agree some of the brutus line amps wont put out suggested power, i wasnt super impressed with the BRX3016.1D BigDWiz ran on his amp dyno but it put out almost 2k certified and 3k dynamic. not bad for a $260 amp in my opinion. i guess it depends what your doing too
  9. you can strap some brutus amps together too, I'd take the Hifonics just because i can make more power with wayyy less budget.
  10. I was cleaning out my room and found this, brought me back to Coupe DeVille days haha
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