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  1. i see a number on the gasket around the basket, 1498. looks like a FI/AA magnet but not 100%
  2. I also vote for a FI subwoofer. I loved the output of mine even though i wasn't feeding it the watts it could take. Plus its made in the usa so whats not to love?
  3. I bought a grand total 3 of them. All different brands, all under 300 dollars and none of them worked. First one didn't even power on, second one the touch screen refused to work and third one worked for about 10 minutes. The fuse kept popping, the rca's had no output and could barely get any radio stations in. All of them had good reviews. Don't waste your time or money. Just get a older kenwood for the same price with a 6.2" screen and decent bluetooth capability. your going to tear your hair out on some of those ridiculously confusing menus trying to configure your settings.
  4. 2 ohm series parallel, its going to be in a daily driver so lots of play time. @CrackFactory I'm a bit worried about reliability, but i heard they do make decent power. Do they still get really hot and burn up? i seen a few videos about them but it was a while ago
  5. turns out amps are not as bulletproof as i thought also made this cause i was bored. 0.89 cubic feet and hit 25 hertz pretty damn nice too. JL 12w1v2-4's
  6. Hey everyone, I recently ordered two atomic apocalypse 8" dual 2 ohm and i'm on the hunt for a amp that can do 2-3k. The subs are rated 1500-2500 watts, but i think i'd be more comfortable with 1000-1500 watts a piece. I'd like to keep it under $400 bucks since shipping brutal to bring anything across the border. What do you guys think?
  7. I have a Kenwood KAC-929, but it looks like early 2000's
  8. Howdy everyone, I just picked up two JL 12w1v2-4's and i want to make a isobaric 6th order bandpass box. I'm trying to save space but still want bass. I'll be putting 250 watts to each sub from an alpine mrp-m500 amp. What do you guys think?
  9. problem solved Alberta! Another thing that i find frustrating is the amount of gates on lease roads, getting in and out of your grader 100 times is a pain in the neck! I also use my champion/volvo integrated elevator haha
  10. Alberta is bad for this too. I see all the rich oil wife's literally jumping to get into the husbands truck or they have stepping stools on ropes hahaha. wish i snapped a pic of that one...
  11. I was cleaning out my room and found this, brought me back to Coupe DeVille days haha
  12. Elderado? Awesome car choice! nothing is as classy like a old cadillac.
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