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  1. OK.... appreciate it very much for your time and help. I would love to explain my situation about this subwoofer and where do i live. I am from Croatia and i did google a lot and i did find some connections on facebook from closest place which is Italy, btw this kind of sub doesnt exist in Croatia so i am forced to buy it from another country and guess what.... last night i did got an answer that this kind of sub is not available in Italy anymore (what an unlucky person i am ) . So now i need to find some other country where i can buy it from and who knows how much its gone cost me shipping and custom (border) payment. One more time thx for your help, when im gone find a solution for my self i will be back and ask again for your all help. Regards!
  2. Ok i`m back with a very slow replay, got to do some real life stuff i am really sorry. Dimensions im gone give you are the max so my trunk can fit it. Here is some noobish pic on pdf file i have uploaded and you gone see my dimensions in "cm" cos i dont know how to do it in inches sorry. https://mega.nz/#!NYZyRA6T!MTOsN1t6DoJT9pIdRHb2BQkOt7XK05okx87DFIF6354 If gaven link above doesnt work you can check the pic here also : http://imgur.com/J3OIbyD There are only 3 dimensions and if you cant see them clearly i can type it here : 98cm 56cm 46cm Tyvm in advance !
  3. yes of course buddy i`m gone post dims tomorrow cos its midnight now, thx btw if this car can fit 18 inch sub i believe my golf 6 can also lol http://cs408226.vk.me/v408226653/36d2/GYOYyqVc1OE.jpg https://f-a.d-cd.net/e8edd84s-960.jpg https://58.img.avito.st/1280x960/1691065958.jpg but of course maybe someone of you knows much better then me and it seems you are talking about bigger box then this one so it can sound louder ( hope i`m not wrong ) lol
  4. Since someone replayed to me i would love to ask someone with more experience cos i am in a doubt between 2 subs : 1- X-18 D2 - Sundown Audio 18" Dual 2-Ohm X-Series Subwoofer 2- DC Audio Level 4 m2 18 Inch Subwoofer I really dont know which one should i chose , so if anyone can give me an adivce im gone be very thankful.... cheers
  5. i dont know about max dimensions im gone use, i just want to be fit in vw golf 6. Ty in advance!
  6. Hi there, is anyone able to help me about box design for : DC Audio Level 4 m2 18 Inch Subwoofer ported box ?I am trying for months but i simply cant find anything outside so i believe this web page is the only one where people can help me about it. I am going to be very thankful if anyone gives me a positive replay. Regards!
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