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  1. Brz,2400 hifonics since different owners not sure same as there were but seems to do OK, wondered notice there were options on spider, medium, medium stiff etc. Looking to see tune around 32 Hz 6 cu box, 1 6" port, sure be short, assume suggest a least 6 cu ft net. Are these a little more for strength, sorry new to your products and just holding off, reviewed more but like the easier ability to actually talk to maker or techs that DC offers.
  2. Missed it, put me in the hospital Monday and do not do pay pal. Maybe next sale, still need a lv 4 18 2
  3. 4"sLv 4 18 if possible, 24x25.5x21 Estimate Box size area adjustable not built yet. 2 6” 6.1 cu ft. if my math is right Net with sub is estimated around 5.83 c. ft. which may or may not need to be adjusted. Precision Aero port 6” aero port the other options would be old 3 - 4” ports no 8” ports locally or not sure where to look for them anyways. I have no software and not sure if Torres actually works as some reviews mentioned issue with the port calculations. (Town of 6000 really not crap here.) I have one new unused aero port other need a ring to extended it and can reuse it but believe son had it around 12.5-12.7 not sure if it would be tuned right or length needed to work well with your sub. New to DC line but I like a brand that hits well and one can actually speak to a person and or tech at the company. Not as easy these days on some lines, but that I guess is just my own preference. Hifonics requires a 240 A fuse not sure if 2400 watts or not - aero ports or would I need more net or less box? Please 4” actually seems to have more port area, but who knows if my math is right these days.
  4. Hifonics Brz 2400 2 6" Precision Port Aero ports work on 15 and or a 18 Lv, shop said not as well in sealed
  5. Ever tried a couple 6" aero ports on 15 or 18 L 4? Just thought maybe it cut down on box enough to fit and still hit. Called they suggested porting vs. sealing them, see most people seem to port them guess to get full or more output. ??
  6. , but dumb torres seems off. 7.97 Gross about where we estimate with space
  7. I actually was looking after talking to a Lv 4 15, box with one 6" port port area might be little small with around 37.68 replace SXX 15 I sold, Brutus 2400 seem to much for sub. Net was around 3.28 guess a little big
  8. I had got offered enough and sold my RE SXX 15", looking for a replacement sub and seen a lot of good subs and builds, but leaning towards a DC. Just checking if I had something like a 26.865 x 24.75 x 21 (6.66 gr and net 5.56) with 5 x 4 " round ports 20" long roughly would be a good build. I usually would have box built but over the years had good and bad experiences even at a shops. If I do this myself I a least know the size is right. I use to have a pickup with 2 Kicker Competition 18s on two Soundstream Reference 1000 and tried up to 4 12s loud but for myself not to my liking Plus I like the sound of the larger subs. Guess some of the kids look at me when I have a little bass now that I am older, but I enjoy doing it as much as I still can. There are a lot of cool subs these days but found a lot of sub’s recommended subs specs are more of their net specs. There all great subs but the box ends up being 8 sq. ft. or more. I read through here and from what I got I believe this might work power Hifonics 2400 0 gauge and as far as electronics the system seems to stay in the 13s in town on the freeway or driving for the most part there seems to be enough power as have done this that way for a couple years with no issues on dropping amperage to low. I do use an extra battery in the trunk to support system. I think this is a great site and you guys have a lot of advantages with this level of direct contacts, and boy how the industry has grown since the 70s. Thanks and any help or direction is always appreciated, excuse any mistakes as I have not really use this site before. What affect would the XL option have? 15" might work, told my gross box from SXX is to big at 3.79 1 x 6" port if I have to make a new box just looking at both options, or SSA Xcon 15 just not as familiar with that brand.
  9. I guess I should of waited to redo my port but been tired of waiting from being ill, we are mounting a Sundown SA-15 D2 in a 3.55 cu ft box, over cut the port was going to cut it 3.5x15.5, but cut it 3.75x15.5 about 58.125 port opening and close to a 31.27 long port on 17x17x27 box which puts port closer to the woofer. Before I assembled it thought I would ask as its more like 16.37 per ft. Son thought he seen dual 15s with a 120 opening. I am quiting and trying to find a response before I keep going. Believe they usually suggest something like 15-16 which not off to much, but it is a little over 16 now wondered what you would think?
  10. I need their address as well in Sacramento, CA. Curious how this works, if you turn up bass boost would that not change the output from receiver to the amp? I use a eq as deck had adjustments in areas where now I can adjust where the tones are adjusted, Soundstream EQ adjustments them selves are adjustable within each range. Not so worried about the highs, but the bass adjustment. I guess on a deck you would check the deck's amp's outputs, but I do not use the receiver's speaker outputs. Guess this still allows some kind of idea of when the deck amp's clips just was not sure if RCA would were the same. Old school to long so trying to update my info equipment since my son is into stereos now. No offense think its great someone is doing something for the car stereo field on good tools. Maybe do like I use to do when manually adjusting gains and turn up bass before adjusting amps. Tried multi meter, but readings seem to fluctuate. Only way to learn for me is to ask.
  11. I like these changed out from L7s better all around, says on specs the fs changes when played a while & the TS specs are on only 5 minutes break in, would lower fs mean they sound lower as they loosen up? Any ideas on port opening see a lot of openings around 50 for each 15 or more, wondered if that is how they get the extra air flow in the cabs by larger opening and longer port. I for now have them in their own 3.6 box. I was not sure how accurate winISD is, but the tuning is 33.5 if this software is accurate, I’ve done my own install, but have not built a ported box yet. Been working on and off on car stereos since 71 first old Craig power play 8 track. I mostly used sealed boxes until now guess they seem to handle sub changes better or a least that was my opinion at that time. While using this software it does not show a lot of change on lower end at lower tuning which is why I questioned its accuracy, but it does show the peak of subs dropped compared to higher 35 Hz tuning. I have a limited budget so I modified box we had to fit these subs. Why tuning is what it is there very solid US Commercial MDF3/4, well builder had a little bit longer port then it was suppose to be but with change of subs this might be ok for them. Could anyone recommend a reasonable box design software? This might be dumb to those that do ported boxes, but on this woofer’s TS specs including some others, not all companies list Z or SD on TS specs wondered why? Glad SMD has Sundown specs since I could find nothing on their site, or a least none on SA subs. I am curious about port opens being larger as my son got into this and really wants to do the hair trick. Guess I am more old school on this, but with a open mind hoping to learn. Also enjoyed the Psyph Morrison referral we got off SMD. His bass notes flow well on subs, cool stuff. Box now has a 3.625 x 15.5 x 19.755 length port at 3.55 put 3.63 since we covered L7 hole and best estimate of that 3/4" removal inside of the box. Not sure why they still call these sq woofer solar baric as first ones I thought worked in small boxes where the current recommended 3.5 ported box is more average these days for 15s. Just a thought, seemed curious to me, anyway any ideas please be gentle I am trying to figure what now these days is actually a science of its own. What do most of you use these days for a good sealant to seal box?
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