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  1. Ya, 15's would be a lot easier, but I can get a pair of SA-18s for 400 bucks, where as a pair of SA-15's is almost 600 bucks. Kinda thinking of just making a 10-11 ft^3 box with a 12" Sonotube 22" long which would bring me to 31.86 hz roughly and a much smaller box vs the ported, and calling it a day. lol
  2. I was close then, with 10ft3 net. Thanks. Only way ima get bigger than 10ft3 is with aero ports, it seems.
  3. There isn't any specs for SA-18s on the sundown page. I looked.
  4. Alright, so I failed to check if my 2nd row seats moved forward, which they did and I was able to move them forward about 5" and still leaving enough room for my kids to sit in the seats, with enough room to move around. So I got room for 38"wide 30" high ( leaves a clearance of 6" from the roof) and 30" deep. With WinISD and a box calc, I came up with 38Wx28.5Hx29D with a port of 36.5Wx5Hx35L with .75 wood thickness and a double baffle on top, according to this calc it is 10.07ft3 with 182.50 in2 at 32.53hz at 2ohms and 2k rms. According to WinISD that is a group delay of under 30ms at 26hz and Rear port AV of 46 ft/s peak at 28hz but leaves me with transfer off the charts at 6.6db at 43.93hz. Any of you pros got anything feedback? tips, changes etc? I am really wanting these 2 SA-18s d4s cause I can get a pair for 400 bucks, Was even thinking maybe aero ports if this type of port wasn't going to work.
  5. Joe X, how could I apply this to my previous post you commented on earlier for 2 sa 18s? While I figured 200in2 for port area you here mention 80in2 per driver? if I was to lower my port area how much of a difference would the 80in2 per be to 100in2? I could manage a box size for 2 sa 18s in 38X30X26 giving me 9.95ft3 net with a port of 36.5w 4.5H 32L giving me roughly 164.25in2 port area would that work on 1k rms per driver?
  6. Ya, I'm not sure these specs listed for the SA-18s are correct on the woofersetc page selling them, because the SA-15's have the same specs on the Sundown webpage with the difference of the 15s being 750 watts and the 18s being 600, and I'm sure the 18s need more box space then the 15s would, I would assume anyways. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Wall isn't really an option, I have kids that sit in the back row seating. I know you're good with boxes, do you think there is any possible way other than a wall to fit 2 SA-18s in 38" width, 30ish" height, 26" depth? Or am I trying to fit the impossible back there? I currently have a Zv4 15 back there, wanted something with a little more kick to it. I'm not sure if I could get away with a smaller box? I don't plan on maxing them out in watts, if needed I would run the recommended 600 watts rms. I should mention I haven't bought the 18's yet so if it isn't possible to fit them perhaps SA-15's? my reason behind the lower series Sundowns is less watts required to power them. I have an Alpine MRP2000D that is roughly 2k rms at 2ohms. I am open to suggestions that would exceed my current ZV4 15". Any feed back is appreciated. 38Lx30Hx26D would get me roughly 7.72 ft3 with 200 in2 at 35hz after displacement, perhaps that might work? according to WoofersETC these are the specs for the subs ( not sure if they are accurate ) RE (ohms): 4.61 FS (Hz): 34.88 Vas (L): 54.69 Qes: 0.72 Qms: 6.52 Qts: 0.65 Le (mH): 3.39 BL (NA): 21.76 Mms (Grams): 338 Cms (uM/N): 61.42 Sens (1w/1m): 86.81 Cutout Diameter: TBA Mounting Depth: TBA Overall Diameter w/ Gasket: TBA Displacement: 0.17ft^3 RMS: 600 Watts Recommended Box Specs (Sealed): 3ft^3 (Yields F3 of 41Hz) Recommended Box Specs (Ported): 4ft^3 (Tune to 35Hz, Yields F3 of 28Hz) 19.0mm xmax
  8. Looking for some help on a box specs/design for 2 D4 SA-18's I seen some other posts on enclosures for SA-18's but nothing to the wattage etc I will be running. Or anything recent. I have room for 38" width - up to 35" height* - 25" depth. I will be running only about 1-1.2k rms to each sub at 2ohms and I listen to a lot of rap and decaf type of music and some rock. I am looking at around 32hz tuning with the subs up and port back kinda style I been looking around for specs on these subs and seem to find more different numbers than anything as to the FT^3 needed for an enclosure etc, so I'm not sure as to what the actual specs are, and I have contacted sundown several times without a single reply. Based on what I have found online, I came up with 38wX34hX25d with a port width of 36.5", 5.5" height and 42.5" length at roughly 9.12ft3 after displacement at around 32hz with 200in2 port area. Does this look like it would work or am I completely off? Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.
  9. I'm looking for a bass knob for a SCV-3000D you have any of those playing around?
  10. any ideas then? specs listed for size are ideal for being able to get it to fit into my trunk and avoid a inside build.. The only thing I can think of would be to do a slot port instead of trying to do rounds. I'll try some more stuff on this app on my cell, Im not a box maker so just tossing ideas out hopen someone that knows what they are doing slaps me upside the heads says this is how its done lol I seen a few cut sheet designs but they would require in trunk builds which I am trying to avoid..
  11. any ideas then? specs listed for size are ideal for being able to get it to fit into my trunk and avoid a inside build..
  12. I was thinking perhaps in that case 2 8"x14" aero ports in the specs of the box I listed then instead.. reasoning for the 15" height is because my of my trunk as I don't want to have to build the box in my trunk and 15" would allow me to slip it in. I'm not sure the program I used is accurate why I came here asking around so how does 15" H x 33" W x 25" D with a 2 -8" x 14" aero ports sound for 2 x12s v2 d4s on 3k daily sound?
  13. SCV-3000D at 1 ohm on decent electrical to power it. So about 3k daily
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