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  1. Hello SMD fam, First of all, I'm a newbie, so please go easy on me. I don't have people around me that are into car audio, and it's very hard for me to listen different setups, so I'm not even exactly sure what I like the most. I used to own Alpine Type R, and now I've RF P3 12. I've had no other experiences with other setups/brands until now. I'm trying to get demo's and put them in my memory bank. I've been looking people selling their setups on CL or other platforms, and I'm asking them to do a demo for me for a small fee, $20-50 whatever So finally today, I had a chance to listen one of the top SPL brands out there (8" [email protected]), I liked it a lot, I was even considering to order mine with 10" but!, then he demo'd me his JBL W12GTI MkII setup (12" [email protected]), WOW, the depth of the bass, clarity, I almost cried, I'm not joking. In my experience, this "one of the top SPL brand" I mentioned above, was shaking everything in the car, but it wasn't that pleasant on the ear, it felt rough. On the other hand, W12GTI wasn't shaking physically as much, but it was giving me goosebumps, somehow it felt smoother, and it sounded incredible. I realized now that I'm more of an SQ person than SPL. Now, here is the bad part, W12GTI is discontinued (I could find used ones, but very rare) , and I also want to know if there are even better alternatives (especially me having so little experience). I've been doing some research, people mentioned these models below for similar sound signature: SSA Icon Fi Q Do guys think I'd have similar results with these? Do you have other recommendations? Thank you so much! Below is only for potential questions I might receive ================================================================================================================================ -I listen mostly Rap and Hip Hop in the car (I would also enjoy rebassed or decaf style songs time to time, if I had decent setup) -My wished budged for the Sub is $200-$350, I can go up, if I know what I'm getting (I'm also looking for used subs, and I'm aware that W12GTI was quite expensive ) -My car is Mustang, so I can fit just 1 sub, with no or minimal electrical improvement -10" or 12" is what I'm looking for -I think 32hz - 35 hz is what I need, I think.... -My current Amp is rated 700W @4 ohms and 1000W @2 ohms (I wish to keep it for now) ================================================================================================================================
  2. Same here, I also missed your reply. Thanks for the input. I think I'll have to change my sub and the box completely. I won't be able to fit a box that is tuned to 32-35 hz in my trunk, so I'll have to go for a smaller sub.
  3. Thank you for your answer! Mine is probably 120db max Anyone else think low freq. tuned boxes are easier on the ears and more tolerable?
  4. Hello SMD family, Newbie here, but ironically I'm finally starting have some ear issues thanks to my sub. I've read and heard that low tuned boxes (ie: 32HZ) has less discomfort on the ear vs. higher tuned boxes (mine is 42HZ at the moment). Can somebody confirm if this is the case please? Is it true that you can tolerate lower tuned boxes more in terms of hearing? (my question is for daily listening levels, not for 160 db competitive system of course ) Thank you!
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