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  1. Here is how we wired the back up camera. We took the camera RCA cord and used a RCA Y splitter. And connected one to the back up RCA on the head unit and the other to the A/V on the head unit. We connect the camera ground to the radio ground. You also need to run a wire to the reverse light up to the head units back up wire. Now we connected the camera power, to a illmanation swiitch now to a source that stays hot like the battery "NOT ACC". You can now view the back up camera while driving forward. By just turning the head unit on A/V. And the camera will automatically still come on when you put it in reverse. By using a switch it keeps the camera from all ways drawing power.
  2. We have the Pioneer AVH-X4600BT hooked up to the PAC TR-7 video bypass. We was thinking of purchasing a Boyo back-up camera. My question is how to get the camera to come on automatically when the car is in reverse? Are will the camera always been on till you change the source?
  3. Oh. I did go with a Gate's belt, that was 7/8" smaller than stock.
  4. I was able to put the alternator in Saturday. All went well and seems to be doing good.
  5. I have talked with Brain @ Meckman. (A) is ground ( is Positive © is for testing only (D) is to be connected to (1) (E) is not to be used (2) is to to be bolted on top of ( Take the (white wire) from OEM stock wiring harness and tie it back and don't use it. Thanks again Brain
  6. I need help wiring the 7771240. I have a 2000 Ford v6 Mustang. I have some picture's that I have labeled. I have five questions. [A] Is (A) grounded to the battery (-)? Is ( going to 250a fuse then battery (+)? [C] What connects to ©? [D] Do I connect (1) to (D)? [E] Do I connect (2) to (E)?
  7. Will the sub need rear bracing? Weighing in at around 150lbs 16" deep, puts a lot of pressure on the front ring.
  8. Ok. We have chosen the Meckman 240 alternator. And as per Meckman I will be taking out the isolator.
  9. Thanks a lot guys. I have put a lot of time and money into this car, And I still consider myself to be a newbe. I try not to just throw something toghter. On a side note, I did make a relay for the remote wire thanks to these forums.
  10. No real big reason for the isolator. But for $45 thought it was worth trying. May keep me from being stranded.
  11. Thanks again. I could try a 200 anl fuse. It's mostly just to protect the 1/0 power wire. Low size fuse is always better, if you can get by with it.
  12. Thanks. The SMD voltmeter for the rear amplifiers are starting to show low voltage. I can't seem to find the amplifiers draw voltage.
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