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  1. New member here. Would like to do a quick intro & hopefully add some value to the forum. Just getting back into CA after being completely out of the scene since the early 90's (it's a shame most of our CA magazines are gone). Here are a few high volume, highly recommended shops in San Jose, CA that I've been to personally. Probably some folks you'd want to do business with. Yelp reviews are mixed, but that's to be expected to some degree. AMS Car Stereo Focal / Alpine Dealer (408) 248-1111 Yelp Reviews Audio Design Mike's the Owner - Been in the industry a long time. Told me he's a high-level audio judge of sorts. Don't remember exact affiliation. Hertz / Audison / Kicker / Phoenix Gold Dealer (408) 241-4300 Yelp Reviews All Pro Audio (408) 244-5577 Yelp Reviews
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