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  1. I’m just curious what people pay for shit and what they get out of it
  2. For those of you that pay to have work how much did you pay and for what post some pics also state if there’s something you would have paid more for to have a bit different
  3. May get the box back for the wife’s car next month then I got to get her shit done before she castrates me
  4. I have lorex around the house picture is decent problem is I got the wire free ones and the batteries suck
  5. I’m just glad they fit sorry I didn’t use proper fasteners I thought factory would be ok
  6. So I bought some Lorex solar cameras expecting them to last like my ring door bell well that was a fucking joke I get maybe two weeks from them. so the plan is to add solar panels to em ideally I need a micro usb pigtail that would simplify my project like no other yea I can get some cheap chargers and cut them up but I’m lazy i can also buy just the connectors and solder what I need but I don’t want to do that either because then I have to buy wire that I will never use again I’ve looked on the googles and only found chiner shit with large minimums so help a brother out
  7. Indeed I do I think they are the bestest ive sold them for 10 years and owner is good friend of mine
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