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  1. So return the lugs and get ones that fit?
  2. See if you have continuity between the power and chassis of the amp then disconnect the power see if it’s still there and keep going until you see if it’s just the amp or something external
  3. I think we will be too far apart so I won’t insult you
  4. Goods are all ready going up wveryone is noticing the decrease in gas prices but haven’t heard anyone talk about how the prices in grocery stores have steadily been going up
  5. I just had cigars delivered to my job and this may be the best thing to come of this pandemic
  6. This thread for me has been quite informative so today at werk i done learned that a coworkers neighbor has passed from the rona he did have underlying conditions but the shit still real out there stay safe y’all
  7. Most places here have shit down im fortunate to be in the defense industry and wife works in the medical industry so both of those be essential
  8. I think it’s been blown out of proportion but my wife works for the local hospital which has been a bit crazy and has a family member that got the Rona
  9. Update for myself job sent out letters for us to print and keep in our cars showing our ummmm expendableness no I mean essentialness so I got that going for me
  10. That’s not the shops fault and it’s not my business but spending money on audio isn’t the smartest move right now imo who knows how long this bullshit will last and if you will have a job or not. sounds like you are still working so be thankful for that and give the shop a chance once they are cleared to open back up I’m sure they will make it right
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