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  1. Because I know how this jackass is I am attempting on making it so he can change out the “baffle” for different equipment
  2. I’m telling you I’ll wrap the pillars in fur and you’ll get all the bitches
  3. Now this is one of them times where if you got to ask you shouldn’t do it pitting three times rated to a sub and not knowing how to design an enclosure that accounts for the extra power isn’t going to go well and if someone designs you one and you blow the subs you’ll blame that guy and not your ignorance toodles
  4. Well I guess it’s time to start cutting. maybe if this fag gets some love in here I’ll post some pics
  5. Still losing on the internet and that is the only place that matters
  6. I just want you to know your link failed and you should feel bad
  7. Have you ever watched gay porn it sounds like they having a great time just saying
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