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  1. Thanks butter cup it would be nice to finish this stage but this town sucks so if any one wants to mail me some 3/4” plexi say 10.75x13 I’d appreciate
  2. Use smaller wire? if the manufacturer has their terminal sized for a specific wire size do you really think your going to see a difference using a tad bigger wire?
  3. Well here’s the general idea for the lay out basically mirror it to the other side and see what kinda trouble I’ll get in
  4. will77530

    Sound deadening for sub - in my RZR

    Anything you do to stiffen up the panel will help
  5. will77530


    Pumpkin that’s how the manufacturer of said battery packaged it sonic just put a sticker on the box
  6. will77530

    Crossfire C7 3k Amp Dyno Test

    Can some one post the numbers for my lazy ass
  7. Yea no snow but we wouldn’t have been able to buy a house down there
  8. Hate this place with a passion but it is what it is Bay Area has gotten too expensive
  9. Getting all of the odds and ends finished up before final assembly would be be a bit easier if I had my last piece of plexi but of course Reno is a shit hole and doesn’t have anything lol
  10. Your amplifier is drawing amperage than your electrical system can provide solution can be a larger battery can be adding. A real capacitor basically giving you a bit more storage for when your alt can’t keep up or upgrade your alt so it can keep up with your current demand
  11. That’s easy peasy no reason for me to do it