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  1. You right but why repeat what someone has already said when you don’t listen dont be an askhole ya Nancy edit for the lulz i do give reason why it won’t work pull yer head out your anus and read all the words Toodles
  2. It’s not a head unit problem the dd1 is finicky sometimes try setting everything through your amps booboo
  3. Well the man telling you it’s a bad idea but you won’t listen you probably the same type of jackass that’s going to burn up coils because they see different power then blame the manufacturer because of your dumbassery fucking kids
  4. I have always had issues pluggin rcas directly into my dd1 so I just do it through the amp
  5. Soon is quite a fucking exaggeration isn’t it maybe sometime in 2020
  6. That would be a negative rubber ducky literally took me years for him to get this
  7. Thanks im excited to see them lit up and playing hope they look and sound decent 100% finished
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