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  1. Pics of setup would help and mechman posted a video a while back about how those alts need to be grounded a specific way so may not be bullshit
  2. 2 degrees from the right 180 degrees from the left flip her upside down and shove it right up your pooper
  3. Why not pay someone to do the paint correction and have it ceramic coated
  4. Wife got a blazer that never moves so I covered the jams with painters tape doesn’t seem like it’s doneanything to the paint but it’s not in the best shape honestly
  5. Oh booboo you know these gonna get wrapped and have some stitching and what not
  6. If it was me I would be around 1 cube sealed and 2.5 ported
  7. From my experience with dc subs your box is too big remember dc subs like small boxes
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