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  1. What I can tell you is comparing apples to apples dc has always been louder in the testing I have done and seen
  2. Your asking an impossible question build and test them both
  3. Oh I got this one so the airspace of your box acts as part of the suspension of the subwoofer dc subs are built with a lighter suspension less spiders basically and because of this they can perform as designed with a smaller box. The problem you may run into is if you don’t listen and put them into a larger box the sub may jump the gap unload or you make break something
  4. ABS will work just fine and easier to work with but 20-22ga I believe is what I’ve used in the past
  5. will77530

    Re Help!

    Hmm probably a non fire and s’mores but let’s be honest boo you fucked up and keep changing your story
  6. will77530

    Re Help!

    Have you contacted the manufacturer for recommended box specs
  7. hey people can message you on here that’s nifty

  8. What I need is the goddamn recommended enclosure size! 

    1. will77530


      But do you live in a mobile home though you never answered 

  9. 3/4 mdf,double baffle,1 1/2" nails.,Tite bond wood glue,2" screws

  10. When I said properly,I meant glued, fastened,air tight,braced,square,ext,Alice

  11. will77530

    Re Help!

    It being the wrong size makes it built improperly air space is the most critical part of building a box pumpkin
  12. will77530


    Do you live in a mobile home?
  13. will77530


    Oh no boo boo I don’t do that for people
  14. will77530


    They aren’t centered I guarantee that shit looks like a bad boob job
  15. will77530


    Now by my half ass attempt at math your box is simple wrong too small not enough port just really a bad design sorry pal chin up