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  1. If someone could come find all these damn rattles I would appreciate it
  2. Careful there are people who will build boxes for 100-150 then there are those who start at 500 so be sure to do your research
  3. Generally it’s a two part epoxy that holds the slugs together. you can pull it apart while magnetized though not fun it can be done grind off the remaining glue and use ideally an aluminum shim to put back together thw ferrite is quite brittle just a warning
  4. It’s an industry term for the battery industry along with watt hours
  5. What are you running with the systems how much amperage is being pulled by the system
  6. I’m down let me finish the build and my attempt at sq
  7. Damn man you turned into a whiny little girl
  8. Just my pee brain with a thought you said all you hear are all your rattles so why not attack that issue first and then move forward
  9. So I’ve been wondering this are you the same fishchris from years ago that Steve helped out
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