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  1. will77530

    Bass Knob Dc 1.2k

    Pics of setup
  2. will77530

    Xfl coil is almost black

    Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke
  3. Jesus you’ve lost your mind again
  4. will77530

    Xfl coil is almost black

    Many coils are dyed
  5. Fuck it I don’t remember your still a vagine
  6. I feel like I vaguely remember this story and it was Cody that did the fucking?
  7. You’d love dc if you wasn’t such a vagine
  8. I run dc *shrugs*
  9. Thought sundown built their higher shit in house and just lower shit was Chinese?
  10. No it doesn’t damn near same thing as taken some wood screws and mounting computer speakers to your pillar
  11. The all thread you screwed through a tea cup into your pillar young lady
  12. will77530

    is my system on par?

    Horrible rip it out and start over completely wrong