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  1. I have some photos i would like to remove from my vehicle in my garage. I click on the options button on the photo i wish to remove and click edit and the window that pops up is the uploading window. ITS DRIVING ME NUTTS! I know its probably something simple i just need some guidance.
  2. That's what's up man I'm doing a blazer build myself just very slowly haha its my daily and takes allot of time patience and money but it's one step at a time keep it up bro looking good!
  3. My name is Bradley. Hail to the bass gods. I found this forum from Steve's YouTube channel which my boss showed me. I work part time at a car audio shop mostly for the learning experience always love learning new things. I work full time in the Air Force.
  4. When someone tries to touch my radio. Are you driving then no you can't listen to your bs playlist.
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