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  1. Shit one hell of a prize! Count me in. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/garage/vehicle/3072-chevy-blazer-ls/
  2. This is what i worked on this weekend. Water pump, fan clutch, and all coolant hoses 2 heater core hoses upper and lower radiator hoses and water pump bypass hose. O yea and the thermostat metal pipe because the stock one was rusted to hell and back
  3. Can anyone tell me how to post more than 20 pictures on my build log? Do i need a uninterupted build log?
  4. Well after i ran all new wire for my highs amp and 0 gauge for future 4kw amp upgrade i did [email protected] on dash and a [email protected] in kick i used a Audio Control idustrial tester Model SA-3050A. For just running a 1000w amp im ok with that. Originaly i was tunning my box to 32hz but ended up around 35hz. Im planning on building a wall in the future so im going to rebuild the box i just built it to have some thump in the trunk. But i have a couple questions why is it that all the other build in the members build log have the red dot beside the name of there build like whenever your looking through the list of all the builds? Question number 2 why is it that i can only post 20 pictures to my build log or do i need a uninterupted build log? Qustion number 3 And i posted it under the member rides and builds is this the correct place? Question number 4 Whenever i entered the sotm my name was highlighted any reason for that?
  5. I was just curious to know how old this amp is im just guessing around 2003-4 but idk ive only been in the car audio thing for a couple years.
  6. Do you thing mechman are more reliable when it comes to a daily driver?
  7. NorCal SPL congrats man you earned it! Hopefully one day i can get on your level and play with the big boys but for now its baby steps!
  8. This is my build log for my 1999 Chevy Blazer. I have had this blazer for three years and i have loved it since the day i got it. Some people would say shes a pos but dammit she is MY POS! I have had the Memphis MOJO 15"s for three years and just now go around to throwing them in. The reason behind the whole 3 years with no bass is im a firm believer in making vehicles mechanicaly sound before even touching the audio portion. The blazer has 213k miles on it but runs like a top. I have replaced the front end from top to bottom, new fuel pump, all new injectors, add a-leaf on the rear end, Magniflow exhaust with turn down and just got new rims and tires. Now time for the juicy part! Blazer Build 2x Memphis M3 Mojo 15" Subwoofers Enclosure: Ported, No wall but is on the list, Inside Cft 9.28ft, Vent 0.9769ft, Outside 11.22ft Kenwood Excelon Double Din Radio Model: DDX392 Sub Amp: Memphis 16-MCD1000 Audio Control Epicenter-Concert Series Dash Speakers: Memphis 4x6" 15-MCX462 Front doors: Memphis 6.5" 15-MCC6A Component set Rear doors: Memphis 6.5" 15-MCX620 Coaxial set High Amp: Kicker DX 200.4 Alternator: Stinger 270 amp output w/ 0 gauge BIG 3 M.E.S.A: 3x RCA's, 0 gauge wiring kit, 2x 0/4 gauge distribution blocks Hushmat sound deadening Under hood battery: NAPA 12v Alarm: 2-way Viper alarm and keyless start system Model: 5806V Future upgrades Memphis Mojo 16-MCD4kw ALREADY HAVE! NEED MORE POWA! Memphis 6.5" 15-MCCA6A Component set in kick panel ALREADY HAVE! 3x Memphis 16-MCX4.75 HAVE NOT PURCHASED YET :-( Until i learn how to post pictures from photo bucket onto the forum here is the link to my build log on photobucket ps ive spent atleast 10+hrs trying to fingure this bitch out :-/ http://s304.photobucket.com/user/bradleydilworth/library/Truck%20Build?sort=2&page=1 The blazer Foose rims! Unboxing Think it looks allot better and also raised it 2" Box Build Built a simple box just for now until i can get enough money for batteries, isolating relay, wire, back up camera, and sound deadening the whole vehicle. Then will be building a wall after the back seats. Made these to cover the mechanic access whole and used insert rivets to mount them. Sound deadened Never heard the Memphis Mojo Mids and highs so i thought i would try them out! Templates for dash speaker pods fiberglassed Sanded down and bondoed When its all said and done its all worth it. Viper alarm and keyless start system Stinger 270 amp Alternator w/ BIG 3 0 gauge
  9. Need to make a build log here on SMD or a garage. Thanks for the help well here is the link to my garage http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/garage/vehicle/3072-chevy-blazer-ls/
  10. Hey Chode let me get that nom I already posted my build log link is it not working and that's why I didn't get nominated?
  11. That's what's up man I'm doing a blazer build myself just very slowly haha its my daily and takes allot of time patience and money but it's one step at a time keep it up bro looking good!
  12. Pretty sick impala just shows you that it's all about what you do with your ride not how much your payments are each month anyone can buy a car ;-) nice work
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